Aslan Leather Nicki Minx Strap On Harness

When the lovely folk at Uberkinky gave me the opportunity to choose a harness for review, I opened the link with pursed lips and a critical eye. I have a harness that sings an irresistible siren song to the dark side of me, so I wondered if there would be anything there that would grab my attention. A quick look had the girly girl in me squealing with joy when I spotted the Aslan Leather Nicki Minx Strap-On Harness. I didn’t even realise Uberkinky stocked Aslan Leather strap-ons!

No sooner was it here than was it out of the bag and in my face. Yes, I did say I put the harness in my face. For me, the scent of leather is one of the most arousing scents there is, so I couldn’t resist a deep hit.

The first thing that struck me while I was snorting away was how soft the leather is. Most leather pieces, be they harness, restraints, or blindfold, are pretty stiff when new. It takes a good few uses to break them in. But the leather on the Nicki Minx is so fucking soft I nearly cried at the touch of it. Right there, unused in my hands, it felt like it had been with me for years. Totally unexpected and most appreciated!

It even looks like well-loved leather, too. You can see how soft it is just by the way it flops around. It’s only when you get your eyes a little closer that you can see it’s brand new and perfectly made.

The Minx harness is available in a few colours, but I had to have the pink one. Not just for when those girly moods come over me, but because it’s named after Nicki Minaj. The woman fascinates me, and my rotund self will always have a soft-spot for anyone who advocates big arses as vocally as she does.

Standing out against the dusky pink leather, the black stitching is even, tight and almost without flaws. You can see a little knotting where the threads end, but that just adds to its charm. Silver metal work in the form of studs, buckles, d-rings, and eyelets make the whole piece feel solid and hard wearing, and black lace corseting adds sexy detail to the back piece as well as making it uber adjustable.

One of the things that drew me to the Aslan Leather Nicki Minx was the sizing. Unlike many harnesses, which are usually one size fits all (it doesn’t and never will, industry peeps), the Minx is available in small and large. And I very much need the large! The two sizes measure up like this:

  • Small – lacing and side straps adjust to fit hips between 26-44 inches, which is approximately UK size 6-16
  • Large – lacing and side straps adjust to fit hips between 36-56 inches, which is approximately UK size 10 to 24

I’m not telling y’all my measurements because if I do I’ll have to kill you, but I will say that all I had to adjust to get a perfect fit was the buckle straps. The corseting is untouched, which does mean I have a weird coil bouncing around the small of my back while I get jiggy with the Fella. I could cut it off if I wanted to, but I prefer to keep all sizing options open to me.

Something that concerns me with all harnesses is the leg/butt straps. I have tree trunks for legs so I was worried that I might not be able to get the straps all the way up. I needn’t have stressed. The straps are adjustable via sliding rings and would accommodate a thigh up to 36 inches. Once it’s in place it doesn’t dig into my butt cheeks or try to twist, loosen, or piss me off in any way shape or form. It’s a large harness that really is made for large bodies, and that’s a beautiful thing.

with 4.7cm o-ring

The Nicki Minx harness comes with a 4.7cm rubber o-ring that’s interchangeable due to the three-point snap-out system. I’ve successfully used a 3.2cm ring up to a 5.7cm ring, the latter being a test only as I ain’t getting within a metre of the Fella wearing a fake dick as big as that. Bigger dildos do feel like they’re putting strain on the harness and I worry that it could start to sag, but like I said, that’s no big shakes for us as big dildos won’t ever happen.

with 3.2cm o-ring & 5.7cm o-ring

Once the Aslan Leather Nicki Minx Strap-On Harness is on my body and I’m ready to play, I feel empowered. It’s just so comfortable, so pretty and easy to get in and out of I love it. It’s even got a sliding panel to give a bit of extra comfort between the legs, and if you want in on the penetration action? It’s a split crotch design so you can spread ‘em and give your play partner all the access you or they want. The Fella loves this aspect, cos it means he can flip the switch at any given moment, and I go from forced top to relieved bottom in one quick wrestling move.

UPDATE: since publishing, Uberkinky have pointed out that the panel on the split straps is actually there to accommodate a second dildo or a butt plug so that the harness wearer can have a bit of extra fun. This never occurred to me, but now that I know it’ll be put to good use!

One thing I didn’t get was clitoral stimulation from the base of whatever dildo we use rocking against me. The ring was designed to be low slung for this exact purpose, but I have too much natural padding for that to work for me. One thing I did appreciate about the placement of the ring was that my belly didn’t get in the way as much. I felt like I had more control over the dildo, and that I also had more of its length to play with. I reckon that’s a win, for sure!

Cleaning leather is something many people worry about, and given that straps pass directly along the length of the vulva (if you have one of those, of course) it needs cleaning after every use. If I’ve worn knickers under it, I tend to just rub my harness over with a damp cloth that has very watered down, antibacterial toy cleaning spray on it. I do try to always have something on beneath it cos gunge! If I haven’t work knickers, I use leather cleaner, and will treat the harness with a leather conditioner every once in a while, or if I ever feel it’s getting a bit rough.

Always ensure leather is completely dry before storing it, especially if you’re putting it with other leather pieces. Mould spores are dickheads and they will fuck up your stuff if they get half a chance.

I truly adore this harness, and I’m extra sad that my Tantus Anaconda dildo has a handle. That would be a pairing made in heaven (or hell, if you’re the Fella). If you’d like to give it a shot, click the banner below and get yo’self over to Uberkinky.

The Aslan Leather Nicki Minx Strap-On Harness was sent to me by Uberkinky in exchange for an honest review. This in no way influences my opinions, which are now, and will forever be, my own. Some affiliate links have been used in this post.

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