Zado Leather & Metal Whip

If you’ve read my top suggestions for beginner’s bondage products, you’ll know that I have a basic scale for impact toys that works well for me: floggers, crops, then paddles, and moving on from beginner into more experienced territory, I’d add whips and canes too.


I’ve always found floggers to be pretty mild impact equipment, so you can probably imagine how slack jawed I was when the Zado Leather Whip (which is a flogger in my eyes) turned my opinions firmly on their heads.

We have a couple of Zado pieces lurking around our bondage wardrobe, and we really like each of them. They’re all so solid and well made, and this Leather Whip in particular is a beautiful piece of kit. While I go through phases of either being girly and wanting all the pink things, or minimalist and wanting clean whites, or (most often) gothy and wanting anything that’s covered in skulls, I’ll always have a soft spot for the tried and tested colour scheme of silver and black in the bondage box.

Whenever I see the Fella loading up our ‘tonight’s play’ box with products in that colour combo, I immediately understand that I’m not in for a playful session. I know to expect pain with my pleasure and, probably most importantly, I know that I won’t be calling him by his given name or any of the many pet names I have for him. I’ll be calling him Sir.

The Zado Leather Whip is definitely one that belongs in the ‘serious kit’ section. What you have is a solid, 4.75 inch long, heavy metal handle, complete with a 2.75 inch, knob style finial that makes me think bed every time I look at it. Hammered into that knob is a metal pin, and that keeps the leather wrist strap fixed firmly in place.


That strap is 9 inches in internal circumference, which means it does actually fit over the Fella’s hand and around his wrist. Many of our floggers have straps that are only big enough to wrap around his palm, so he’s pleased this one is wide enough to offer complete security because the whip is so heavy.


Adding to the weight of the metal handle are the 23 glorious inky black falls. Made from real leather, each one is a whopping 21 inches in length, and they feel absolutely amazing in use. Finishing off the piece – and keeping those fronds safely fixed to the handle – is a stunning, 5.75 by 1.5 inch braided leather knot. All of those features add up to one gorgeous whip, and call me sad, but I love sitting all by myself on the bed, just swishing it back and forth and watching the tips of the falls skimming the rug on the floor.

And oh my god, the smell! The scent of leather always gets my juices flowing, and it’s so potent on the Zado Leather Whip, I’ve been turned on every time I’ve walked past the bondage wardrobe since it went in there. The smell drifts out through the little gap between the doors and teases the life out of me, much to the Fella’s amusement.


In fact, he knows I like the scent of this whip so much, one of the first things he does at the start of play is get me all in place and cuffed up, and then he tickles my face with the tips. I take greedily deep breaths, and he swishes from my face to my nipples and back again until those intentional breaths become helpless pants.

I have to confess that the first time he hit me with the Zado Leather Whip, I screamed. It was a garbled scream, and not an unhappy one, but a scream it was all the same. With no prior warning that play was beginning, he’d taken it right across both of my breasts and I hadn’t been expecting it to be quite so intense. I have another heavy leather flogger but it’s never drawn such a dramatic reaction from me.


At first he thought he might have misjudged how much force he put behind the stroke, and then he asked if my period was due, making my boobs over sensitive, but it turns out it was just the way I react to the Zado Leather Whip.

I adore having it slashed across my butt and the backs of my thighs, and gentler strokes across my shoulders and upper back feel divine too. In fact, I love having it slashed anywhere except my feet. The Fella likes to hit my feet with it though, and that drives me fucking insane. I hate it, but he loves it, and I love that he loves it, but I hate that I feel that way, and GAH! So confusing.

With it being such a long piece, the Fella says he has to concentrate quite hard to make sure he hits the spots he’s aiming for, and he makes sure he’s mindful of wrap around too. We – and by ‘we’ I do mean ‘he’ – had a good laugh the time I was standing with my arms over my head and he struck my upper arm, not even considering the possibility that the ends of the falls were gonna snake around and crack me in the face.


Actually, it was funny, and if I’m honest, it was a little bit sexy too, especially when he wandered out from behind me to apologise *wink wink*.

As you can probably tell, we’re both huge fans of the Zado Leather Whip, and we’re determined to discover more of what Zado has to offer. If the whip sounds like something you’d like to try, you can get one here. Just prepare yourself for the packaging. Zado products are nearly always covered in boobs, lol.

Porny packaging alert!

The Zado Leather Whip was sent to me by Orion in exchange for an honest review. This in no way influences my opinions, which are now, and will forever be, my own. No affiliate links have been used in this post.


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