ZackZack Cordless E-Stim Wand Massager

When I first spotted the ZackZack Cordless E-Stim Wand Massager on MEO’s website I got myself a bit overexcited. A wand that had the potential to vibrate and electrocute my clit to orgasm? Yes please!


As always, packaging is my first impression of a toy. I have to say that I was less than impressed with the box the ZackZack came in. It’s cheap and tacky looking, and there are no instructions printed anywere. I did spot some cautionary info but it was partially covered by an MEO sticker.


Inside of the box doesn’t fare much better in the info stakes. All you’ll find in there is a generic leaflet that acts as a catch-all for e-stim toys. I don’t think that’s good enough for something like this. Yeah, e-stim is perfectly safe when used correctly, but product specific, detailed info should be supplied every time.

Now that I’ve gotten that moan out of the way, I’ll tell you about the ZackZack itself.

I’m not entirely sure where my opinion lies when it comes to quality. The ZackZack is a mid-sized wand with an ABS plastic body, and a silicone and rubber head. It looks so fragile and breakable but is quite heavy, and that’s where my indecisiveness comes from. It has the weight of a good quality toy in the hand, but my eyes and fingertips tell a different story.


The Fella reckons it’s because the silver plastic ring around the top of the wand body looks like a pie foil and it’s giving the illusion of poor quality while in actual fact it is a pretty sturdy wand. But I dunno. The plastic feels thin and that ring really isn’t pretty, so I think I’ll just say it’s of middling quality.

Like I said, at approximately 10.5” in length, the ZackZack is a mid-sized wand. The handle tapers from 3.5” at the base to 5.25” at the top. A slender, rigid neck holds the 2” long head in place. I don’t love that neck. It’s plastic and ribbed, and that makes it a pain in the arse to clean. If this was a waterproof toy it wouldn’t be so bad, but it isn’t so care has to be taken not to get things too wet.


The head isn’t much better in the cleaning stakes either. Made mostly of silicone, two 8mm channels run around the entire head and in them sit conductive rubber rings. I didn’t initially give a thought to cleaning issues, just wiping and running a nail around the grooves. But then it came to our second playtime with it, and after rolling it on my leg while getting our toys ready I found dark patches on my jeans.


After closer inspection of the ZackZack I found that a mixture of old lube, body fluids and cleaning spray had gathered behind the rubber rings and was still wet a few days later. I’m not 100% sure if I did right or wrong, but I wriggled the silicone head right off the wand, revealing wires and copper loops. All of that was wet too, so after washing the silicone and loops, I gave the exposed head a wipe down and put it all back together.


Everything works fine, but like I said I’m not sure I was supposed to disassemble the thing. There’s no other way to thoroughly clean it, though, and the box has no instructions. I know this probably sounds like the whiniest review ever, but if I have to pull a toy apart to ensure it’s hygienic I’m gonna damn well mention it.

So, onto the interesting stuff.

The ZackZack is a cordless wand, which is something that always gives me a yay moment. The downside to that is it’s battery powered. Four AAA batteries are required to get this thing going. I rarely expect to get anything near the power I need to come from a battery powered toy, but this one surprised me.

Yep, as a vibrating wand, the ZackZack isn’t bad at all. The control panel is situated on the front of the handle, and the buttons are simple. One pair of arrowed buttons control the vibes, and the other pair control the intensity of the electrical output. They’re very sensitive, and little red lights show you which of the five intensities you’re currently on.


I really like using this wand as a vibe. There’s plenty of power, and there’s a decent rumble to the vibrations. The head is around 7” in circumference so isn’t so big it keeps escaping from between my labia, and it isn’t so small that it gets smothered by them. I can achieve reasonably pinpoint stimulation despite its drum-like shape and reaching orgasm with it isn’t ever a chore.

The Fella likes this as a regular wand too. It’s rumbly, but not so much that it causes him discomfort. The compact shape makes using it together pretty easy and we’ve slotted it into missionary, doggy and girl on top positions, and it gets regular outings as an enhancer to blow jobs.

Being happy with the vibes, I was eager to discover the e-stim aspect of the ZackZack. Five levels of intensity sounded promising, given that I get good results from a different brand of inexpensive e-stim products that operate on those pound coin sized cell batteries.


Well, I was one disappointed sub the day the Fella lay me down and started ‘zapping’ me with the ZackZack. Honest to god, the e-stim function is dreadful. I truly thought he was winding me up when he moved from my nipples to my feet and back up to my vulva. I accused him of either not making proper contact with the rings (both must be touching the skin to complete the connection) or not even having the thing switched on at all. He popped my blindfold onto my forehead and showed me that it was on level five. Level fucking five and I couldn’t feel a sodding thing.

When I wrapped my hand around it I could feel my muscles twitching, but it just felt like the mildest of pins and needles. I even tried different brands of batteries to see if that helped, but the ZackZack e-stim is indiscriminately crap. The Fella doesn’t like e-stim at all, even the mildest of prickles and he loses his shit, but even he said there wasn’t enough going on to bother him other than those pins and needles in his fingers.

I can’t recommend this toy to you, my lovely readers, because it’s rubbish. Even though I like it as a vibrating wand I wouldn’t even recommend it for that. I mean, you can get a fucking Doxy for £89 and the ZackZack will set you back €149 (£129). It’s battery powered, isn’t waterproof, feels a bit shoddy and the e-stim is rubbish.

If you’re super sensitive to e-stim it might still work for you, cos luckily for us we aren’t all the same. If that’s you, click the button below to go check it out.


The ZackZack Cordless E-Etim Wand Massager was sent to me by MEO in exchange for an honest review. This in no way influences my opinions, which are now, and will forever be, my own. Affiliate links have been used in this post.

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