You2Toys Heavy Diamond Anal Plug

One of the simplest, most widely available products for pleasuring your posterior are butt plugs. They come in all shapes, sizes, materials and colours, so anyone looking for one is almost guaranteed to find one that tickles their fancy. One of the most recent ones to tickle mine is the You2Toys Heavy Diamond Anal Plug from Orion.

If there’s one thing in this world I will never tire of it’ll be putting stuff up my butt. I absolutely adore anal play in almost all its forms. I’ve even declared that I prefer anal penetration over vaginal in the past. The very fact that my crazy responsive G & A Spots are located in the vagina should tell you what a bold statement that was to make. But, I stand by it, and all this plug has done is reinforce those lovely buttly feelings.

First, I’m gonna hit you with the obligatory packaging whinge. Why on earth does the model have her tits out on the box? A butt shot is totally reasonable, and there is one on there, but it’s been relegated to a side panel to make room for the bewbs on the front. Laughably, the model isn’t even holding or displaying the plug in any way, she’s just got ‘em out. Ugh, I don’t get it at all.

But that packaging is now in the bin, and what I’m left with is a jewel among butt toys.

If you’re a beginner to anal play, it’s good to know that small, slow and steady is the way forward. Many recommend starting with a pinkie finger and working your way through the other digits until you’re ready for something a bit bigger. The Fella and I have been at anal for years so I constantly have to remind myself when writing reviews that what may seem tiny to me will be massive to someone else. Just like what seems massive to me will be someone else’s idea of weeny.

So, by my standards, the You2Toys Heavy Diamond Anal Plug would be one for players just making the move from beginner to intermediate. At 4” from the tip of the rosebud bulb to the point on the gem that adorns the base, it cuts an impressive size when held in the palm of your hand. That gem is crystal clear and sparkles like the pavilion of a brilliant cut diamond. It stands out beautifully against the gorgeous matte black of the aluminium plug.

Rosebud, or teardrop, plugs are my favourite shape. The pointed tip helps with insertion, and with this plug the graduated widening to 5” followed by the abrupt pop of it settling inside me feels fantastic. The natural coldness of metal makes it feel bigger than it is and I love that. If you prefer a less jarring sensation you can always sit your plug in a bowl of warm water first.

With the You2Toys Heavy Diamond Butt Plug, the pleasantness doesn’t stop at the lovely feeling of being penetrated and filled. Not only do you have the weight of it pulling down on your anal sphincter, but you also have the delights offered by the neck of the piece. In many butt plugs the neck is short and smooth, but not here.

Here you get almost an inch and a half, and along that stem there are three chubby rings. They don’t lessen the effectiveness of the neck and base for keeping the plug anal safe, but they do feel incredibly nice when twisted and thrust in and out. The Fella thrusts for a while then pulls the plug out until the bulb stretches my opening before plunging it back in, and I thank him loudly for it every time.

Another fab thing about this shape plug is that keeping it in during vigorous sex isn’t hard work. The base stops it from being sucked in, and the difference in size between the neck and blub stops it being pushed out. The weight feels amazing when knocked about by a cock on the other side of the anterior wall. It makes everything feel tighter for both parties, too. Having it yanked out mid-orgasm creates those uncontrollable, leg shaking moments that I pretty much live for.

To keep the plug clean, I give mine a wash in a sink full of soapy water. I also use a toothbrush to ensure there isn’t any lube or body fluids around the edge of the gem. I use antibacterial sex toy cleaner too, as I do with all anal toys. Once it’s dry, I keep mine in a spare velvet bag I had lying around. If you want yours in a bag you’ll need to have your own cos there isn’t one supplied.

I’m super fond of this plug. It’s one of the nicest ones I have, with that pretty crystal and deep black finish. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend it, especially as the price is so reasonable. If you’d like to try one yourself, click on the banner below.

The You2Toys Heavy Diamond Anal Plug was sent to me by Orion in exchange for an honest review. This in no way influences my opinions, which are now, and will forever be, my own. No affiliate links have been used in this post.

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