You2Toys Diamond Silicone Plug

Does your butt love a bit of bling? Yeah, mine does too. A friend of mine recently said that she thinks sparkly based butt plugs are going out of fashion. I called bullshit with a lot more intensity than the situation called for. But when you have stuff like this little gem – the You2Toys Diamond Silicone Plug from Orion – in your toy cupboard, it’s hard not to get defensive of a trend that’s still going strong.

One of my favourite things about this plug is its base. So many plugs I see when browsing through online toy shops (which is something I spend an inordinate amount of time doing) have bases that I wouldn’t consider anal safe. Squishy rings that ain’t ever stopping full insertion. Round bases that are the same size of or smaller than the bulb. And the worst of the worst, bases that are only marginally bigger than the neck of the toy.

The You2Toys Diamond Silicone Plug has an oval base. A big, hulking oval base that measures up at 2” by 1.5”. That’s a whole 1.5” wider than the half inch neck and half an inch wider than the bulb. It offers the same level of safety as t-bar/anchor bases do, and thanks to the diamond cut cabochon fixed to it, it’s pretty while it does it.

Made of matte silicone, the plug itself is lovely. Though the box says it’s large, with a girth of just 4.5” and a length of just over 3.5” I’d consider this to be a beginner/intermediate plug A reasonable 2.5” of that is the bulb. The silicone has a seam that’s obvious to the eye, but the fingertips barely register it. And it’s a dust magnet, too, but what ya gonna do, eh?

As I said above, adorning the base is a very pretty clear plastic gem. If like me, you have big cheeks you are gonna get a bit of pinching and jabbing, but something else you’ll get is a much more obvious shiny plug base blinking from your butt. Big bums can smother smaller bases and obscure their gems, but this one is big enough to be seen without the Fella having to part my cheeks. And when he decides to spank directly over it I don’t tense up with worry that he’s gonna shove it all the way in. He did that once with a Julian Snelling plug and I nearly died when I had to push it out. The memory still haunts me, I swear to God.

Because the bulb is long, slender, and only slightly tapered, insertion of this plug is nice and easy. Plenty of water-based lube has it pretty much drawing itself in once initial penetration has happened. Once it’s inside it sits comfortably, though if I sit down it can nip a bit. Walking can chafe a little too, but that’s only if I wear it out and about. For me, it isn’t a long wear toy, it’s more for show and stimulation during play.

The gem is well fixed into the base, but fluids do get trapped in the minuscule gap, so keep an eye on that when you clean it. Soapy water works well, but I find toy cleaners work better. Still, expect it to cling to a bit of butt odour after use cos that’s what silicone toys do. There are cleaners out there that shift it, and boiling/bleaching does too, but with the acrylic gem in the base of this plug, the only one of those methods you can use is the cleaner.

If you’re worried about plugs going on a journey around your plumbing I’d definitely recommend you give this one a try. It’s body safe, easy to insert, comfortable, and lovely to look at. To pick one up, click the banner below and head on over to Orion. It’s as cheap as chips so would make a great budget-friendly addition to any toy box.

The You2Toys Diamond Silicone Plug was sent to me by Orion Versand in exchange for an honest review. This in no way influences my opinions, which are now, and will forever be, my own. No affiliate links have been used in this post.

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