You2Toys Bendy Vibrators Review

A couple of months ago, Orion Versand launched a new line of vibrators under their well-known You2Toys brand. Comprising of five black silicone vibrators, all of them different in shape, the You2Toys Bendy Vibrators range looks slick and pretty. I was given the opportunity to pick two to review. While the Wavy, Tulip, and Ripple Clit shapes are all appealing to the eye, I plumped for the standard Ripple and the Flower in the end.

You2Toys Bendy Vibrators review, image showing the white and black packaging of the Ripple vibrator

I was excited for these products to arrive. Big brands like We-Vibe and Womanizer are always exciting to try, but I usually know going in that I’m gonna like what I find. That’s why I was so shocked when this piece did little more than infuriate me. But brands like You2Toys are so vast and offer so many different kinds of products, I never know how it’s gonna go. But so far, I’ve been mostly impressed.

All of the pieces in the You2Toys Bendy Vibrators line have certain things in common.

  • As I mentioned above, they’re all made from soft black silicone that’s delightful to the touch. It’s smooth, glides beautifully, and has the boon of being body safe.
  • They’re all powered by a single AA battery, and all of their end caps are soft touch ABS plastic. Between those caps and the silicone sit rose gold plastic rings which break up the blackness nicely.
  • They’re all small. Just 6.5” in total length with girths that barely reach 5”.
  • As their name suggests, the You2Toys Bendy Vibrators are, indeed, bendy, some more so than others. They’re not poseable, though, which I thought they were at first. What you get is a certain level of flex before the toy stiffens. This will be a plus for folks who want to go around corners but ultimately need firm pressure to achieve orgasm.

You2Toys Bendy Vibrators review, image showing the black silicone Flower vibrator You2Toys Bendy Vibrators review, image showing the black silicone Ripple vibrator

The first thing I must stress about these vibes is, to perform at their best, they need good quality batteries. I initially tried them with cheapies and the resulting vibrations were dreadful. I won’t sugar coat the fact that they weren’t miraculously 100% more powerful once I whacked in the Duracells, but the improvement was certainly a marked one. But the vibes remain surface level, soft, and slightly tickly even with brand new branded batteries.

No, they’re definitely not products that power lovers should be looking at. But they are great for folks with sensitive clits who don’t like/want/need deep tissue penetrating vibes. If you like shallow penetration (4-5”) from slender toys where vibes are more of an enhancement than a necessity, they might be your jam, too.

You2Toys Bendy Vibrators review, image showing a close of of the textured head of the Flower vibrator

Now for the shapes. My least favourite of the two is the You2Toys Bendy Vibrators Flower. This one has a bulbous head that tapers down to a finger’s width shaft before swelling out just a little. At the base of the shaft is a pair of petals that form a slightly flared base. This isn’t flared enough for me to feel comfy using this piece anally, so I’d say it’s a vag only vibe.

The head has some interesting textures going on. I guess it’s a geometric floral pattern but to me, it looks like something you’d find on a motherboard. If your vulva or vaginal opening is sensitive, you might get some nice stimulation from the texturing. I quite like twisting and turning it around between my labia, that’s the best way for me to feel the patterns.

You2Toys Bendy Vibrators review, image of the Flower vibrator in a woman's hand to give an idea of size

Earlier on, when I mentioned that these Bendy Vibrators are only bendy to a certain degree? Because of this, I can get some decent g-spot stimulation from the Flower. Well, the Fella can. I struggle a bit with the rough jiggles because of the limited length, but he does just fine with it. He can give my hotspot the pressure it needs, and it all feels close and extra intimate. He does complain about cramping fingers a bit though.

You2Toys Bendy Vibrators review, image showing the flexiblity of the Flower vibrator's shaft

That I would prefer the texture of the Ripple is probably obvious to folks who know my preferences through my reviews. This piece is really slim, its widest useable point being just 4” in circumference. But all the way down one side of its 5” insertable shaft is a series of ridges.

You2Toys Bendy Vibrators review, image showing the flexibility of the Ripple vibrator's shaft

They’re not massively deep, but they’re well defined and distinct from one another. This gives me so much sensation around my vaginal opening I’ve found myself using this piece as some kind of weird comfort insertable. The best way for me to explain that is to call it a very intimate yet non-sexual massage. It’s relaxing and just feels nice, especially when my period is due. Is it bizarre that I use a vibrator just for the sake of having something in me? Probably, but if it’s wrong then I don’t want to be right.

You2Toys Bendy Vibrators review, image of the Ripple vibrator in a woman's hand to give an impression of size

But can I come while using it? Well, yes, I can, but that’s all to do with the texture and the work of my clit tickling fingers and nothing to do with this toy as a vibrator. Same as the Flower, really. I can reach orgasm using them, but I don’t always bother turning the vibes on, and the fact of the matter is, it doesn’t matter. I don’t come and harder or quicker when they’re in play.

So, what all of that means for me is that they don’t work for my body as vibrators. There isn’t enough power there, and there isn’t enough depth to the vibe quality. But, as always, I won’t say they’re rubbish or not worth your time just because they didn’t work as vibrators for me. That has the potential to ride roughshod all over someone else’s experiences and preferences and I won’t do it. What I will say is that, if you need the same things from vibrators as I usually do, you will be disappointed with the Bendy line.

You2Toys Bendy Vibrators review, image of the Flower vibrator's black and white packaging

But if you like soft vibes, slim vibes, gentle textures, or any combination of those, this is a line you might consider looking at. Each piece will set you back around £25, which is probably the usual price point for a silicone battery powered vibe of this size.

If you’d like to give the You2Toys Bendy Vibrators a shot, click the Orion banner below.

The You2Toys Bendy Vibrators were sent to me by Orion Versand in exchange for an honest review. This in no way influences my opinions, which are now, and will forever be, my own. No affiliate links have been used in this post.

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