Womanizer W100

When I first came across the Womanizer W100, my initial reaction was “What in the name of creation is that thing?!” It was as ugly as a dropped ham, and I couldn’t figure out what it was supposed to be. I investigated, and before long I was bouncing in my chair chanting, “Want one, need one, must have one…” as if the needle that makes my mind go around had stuck.


But because of the high price tag, I never got one. Until I won a giveaway held by the awesome Carnal Queen, that is, and I’ve had my Womanizer W100 for quite a while now. This review was written a while ago, but it’s still as relevant to my experience now as it was then.

So without further ado, let’s delve into the box…


The W100 comes in a pink, hard shell case, along with two attachments made from soft, squidgy silicone, a set of instructions, a USB cable and a two-pin plug. The case looks very similar to something my gran keeps her spare sets of reading glasses in, and if it wasn’t for the name emblazoned across the top, it would be pretty discreet, though I suppose if you turned it upside down nobody would be any the wiser.

I’m usually all for the satin bags and the storage cases, but I really wouldn’t have cared if this toy had come in a sandwich bag. It’s not like ever put it away.


I knew that, like most new toys, the W100 needed charging, but I pressed the button anyway. The business end turned red and the unit bubbled to life. I cycled to full intensity then switched it off, deciding to give it a charge just to be sure it didn’t conk out on me at the wrong moment. That took some will, let me tell you, but I plugged the usb cable into the back, and let it do its thing.


While I simmered with impatience, I checked the toy out. It’s an ugly invention, there really is no escaping it. Mine is the black version, with leopard print accents and a clear plastic crystal function button. It’s still a bit Bet Lynch for my tastes, but this colour combo is a massive improvement on the shocking pink one that I first encountered on the web.


The unit isn’t heavy by any means, but there’s enough weight to it for it not to feel like it’ll be in pieces within half a year, yet it’s light enough for it not to get too heavy to hold in use. It’s perfectly shaped for an easy grip, and the hard plastic casing is smooth, with no pokey scratchy bits to be found.

The plastic that wraps around the leopard print has ridges on the back, making it easy to retain control once things get wet, and it’s large enough for the whole hand to get involved, so there’s no danger of getting crampy fingers.


I have to be honest here and say I didn’t wait the full four hours for charging. After about two – okay, one-and-a-half – hours, I had to give it a try.

I locked my door, grabbed a stand-by dildo and bottle of Sliquid, and then hopped into bed. A little bit of lube smudged around the attachment was all I needed to be ready to go. The first thing I noticed was that even without switching the toy on, the inverted funnel-shaped opening in the silicone drew my clitoris inside with just a little bit of wiggling. Once I was certain I had it positioned correctly, I found the on button and pressed it.


That first sensation of my clitoris being sucked to attention was delicious and somewhat strange. Subtle yet intense, gentle yet relentlessly firm… it really is hard to describe how it feels other than to say, it feels damned good. My clitoris swelled quickly and the more aroused I got the more the sucky, almost vibey feelings started to feel like pressure. Three minutes in I was at full power, gripping the sheets with both hands and shaking from orgasm, and the stand-by dildo was resting unused on my husband’s pillow. I climaxed without internal stimulation, which at the time was a rare occurrence for me.

Once I was feeling a bit more steady (and after I told a couple of friends how in love with this toy I am) I popped the attachment off and washed it, wiped the unit down with a soft cloth and toy cleaner, then used it again. I went on to use it five more times that day and the first thing I did when I woke up the following morning was use it again.


I’ve used it tens of dozens of times since, and when I’ve had the time to allow it, I’ve achieved multiple orgasms. Pretty much every other toy makes my clitoris too sensitive to go for more than one, occasionally two, but with this not being physically direct stimulation, that doesn’t happen.

I was addicted to it then, and I think I could still be addicted to it now, but lying stock still and having an orgasm in three minutes that’s as strong as one I’d be happy to work an hour for is always going to be just too irresistible.

Bottom line, the only thing I dislike about this ugly duckling of a toy is its name. Womanizer. Who names a sex toy after womankind’s least favourite type of man? But despite the fact that the name is embarrassing, this is one Womanizer that is welcome in my bed anytime.


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