Womanizer W500 Pro Clitoral Stimulator

I’ll begin this review by saying, I love my Womanizer W100.

No, the Womanizer I’m talking about isn’t a special edition of that breed of male you find being changed for the better by the love of a good woman in every Mills & Boon book ever penned. I’m talking about the ugly clitoral toy that offers contactless stimulation, and moonlights as an in-ear thermometer in its spare time.

With all that love going on between me and the W100, I’m sure you can imagine my reaction when I discovered that they’d allegedly made it even better, and created the Womanizer W500 Pro.


I wanted to get my hands on one so badly, and at the start of May this year, a Womanizer distributor sent me one to review. Harps! Angels! Orgasms! YES!!

As I said above, the W100 is an ugly bastard. Mine is less… erm… eye catching than the original pink version, but it’s still gaudy in its leopard printedness, and the shape is still thermometery.


But the W500… just look at it! It’s beautiful. They improved on the shape and design so much I want to hug them, and whoever made the suggestion to put the buttons on the back of the toy instead of the front deserves two pay rises, a bonus, and an all-expenses paid week for two in Dubai.


The soft touch plastic body of the Womanizer W500 Pro is 5 inches from end to end, and 2.5 inches wide. A circumference of 7 inches in the middle, which tapers to soft points either end, makes it the perfect size for the palm. It’s so much easier to handle than its predecessor, and part of that is due to the remodelled shape, and also the positioning of the buttons.


Instead of being on the front, above the silicone ‘treatment head’ like they were on the W100, they’re on the back, and that means I don’t have to have my thumb rammed between my body and the toy. I have my thumb on the tip by my mons, my little finger on the tip by my vaginal opening, and this allows the rest of my fingers to settle naturally on the controls. The buttons are easy to operate in this position, but the biggest bonus is, my thumb doesn’t have to grope about blindly between my vulva looking for buttons, so I don’t ever have to break the seal around my clit.


Not only are the controls of the W500 much better situated, they’re also more useful, and less in yo’ face. Instead of being a basic looking, silver plastic button, the on/off switch is now a very petite, very pretty Swarovski crystal, and the intensity control button that was a massive plastic gem on the W100 has been streamlined, and is now a long, chromed, double function elliptical disc.


That disc has a plus sign on one end, and a minus on the other. That means you can not only cycle up through the intensities, but also back down again if you go too far, or if you’re mid-orgasm and need to reduce the intensity so your clit doesn’t become overwhelmed. That’s a vast improvement on the W100, as with that model I had to drop back down to the weakest intensity by giving the on/off button a quick press if the stimulation was getting a bit too much, and that ruined a few orgasms for me, as the lack of sensation after such intense stimulation made them fade faster.

Being able to reduce the W500 a couple of steps has prevented many of my orgasms from sending my clit into cardiac arrest, while still giving me enough stimulation to prolong my orgasms.


Another thing I love about the reformed Womanizer, is the choices of colours. There’s something to suit most people, from clean white and silver for the minimalists, to fussy assed flowers for those who like a bit of chintz. I can’t even begin to tell you how loud I squealed when I saw the Tattoo version. The black, grey, and cream skull damask print is fucking stunning, and suits the type of person I am as though it was made specifically for me. I love it!


Now, after all that, it’s time to talk about functions. Firstly, the W500 is rechargeable via usb, and the connector port is located beneath a silicone tab on the “front” of the unit. A 2 hour charge gives you up to 4 hours play, depending on the intensity you use. I’ve had mine for a month, and it’s only had its initial charge. I’ve used it loads too, I just come so quickly it’s only seeing a few minutes use at a time, so that 4 hours play time could easily spread over months.

The W100 offered 6 intensities, from a mild trot to a powerful gallop. The W500 has seen improvements there too, and offers 8 speeds of intensity; one of them even gentler than the lowest setting on the W100, and one even more powerful than its highest.

If you read my review for the Womanizer W100, you’ll know that I absolutely love everything about contactless clitoral stimulation. It really is a lovely sensation, if a little strange. The Womanizer sends out pulses of air which feels like a mix of pressure and vibration, and when combined with the way the conical shape of the treatment head forms a seal around the clitoris when a little lube is applied, there’s a distinct sensation of suction too. All you need to do is position the silicone head over your clit, turn the unit on, and once you’ve found your ideal intensity, relax.

Every time I use either of my Womanizers, I orgasm. I know some women don’t, and won’t ever, but I do. Once I get half way with the W500, I keep it still and orgasm within minutes, and by reducing the speed I can prolong my orgasm. Once it’s faded, I can work my way back up in intensity, and come again. I can repeat this for as long as I like, but I do get desensitised after a while, not to mention exhausted!


If I go for the higher intensities, I don’t really climax any faster, but I do come so hard my clit literally disappears behind the hood and doesn’t come out for hours. The clitoral spasms from such orgasms are very nice, don’t get me wrong, but they leave me feeling very uncomfortable, and I can *usually* only have one.

This is what turns the Womanizer W500 from a dedicated clitoral toy to something I can use with the Fella. He discovered with the W100 that, if he jiggles the unit around instead of keeping it still, I hang on the edge of orgasm for as long as he wants to leave me there. Seriously, if the thing moves, I don’t come. So with the W500, he’ll edge me, and then suddenly hold it still, whack it up to that full, rampaging speed, then tell me not to come.


Aaaaahahahahahahahahahaha, whatever you reckon, sweetcheeks!

I have no choice but to come like a train, and my punishment for that is having the Womanizer W500 left in place – on high – while he grabs a dildo and fucks me with it until I come again. This is one of those times when I come crying, and I literally can’t touch my clit again until the next day, and I mean late the next day. This clitoral heart attack is reduced by using the wider silicone head that comes with the toy, but when the Fella is in charge, he opts for the smaller one, just to be a twat.

I’m sure there will be peeps reading this review and thinking, surely it can’t be that perfect. Surely there’s some downsides to this wonder wanker. Well, yeah, there are a couple.

My personal niggles are:

  • It isn’t waterproof. I wouldn’t personally use it in the bath or shower if it was, but I do prefer my toys to be submersible for cleaning reasons. The soft touch plastic doesn’t really like to be cleaned, and I’m forever wiping and wiping with a toy cleaner sprayed cloth, trying to get the lube and vag juice off the sides.
  • There’s no storage case. Yeah, there is a storage bag provided, but no case. I actually love the skull printed presentation box, so mine lives in that, but it pissed me off a bit that the W100 came in a fancy pink case and the W500 doesn’t. I don’t like “improvements” to come with sacrifices, even if it is just a cheap case.


Bottom line, I can honestly say that, in the event of a fire, I would definitely rescue the W500 over the W100. Not only is it easier for me to hold and operate, but it also looks stunning, and that extra aggressive top speed makes it perfect for us to use for forced orgasm play.

If you’d like to get your hands on a W500 of your own, you can pick one up from Orion or Lovehoney using the banner links below.

The Womanizer W500 Pro was sent to me by Orion Versand in exchange for an honest review. This in no way influences my opinions, which are now, and will forever be, my own. Affiliate links have been used in this post.

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