Womanizer Special Edition Delight Box

Do y’all want to know what I did when I read that Womanizer had released another mini model? I glanced at my massive lipstick shaped Womanizer 2 Go and laughed. I wanted so much to see if the miniature clit nuzzler was, in actual fact, miniature and after a brief chat with the ever-lovely Sandra at Orion Versand I had one on the way. What I found in the box on delivery day put a massive smile on my face. No, it wasn’t one of mirth it was one of delight. Quite apt, really, seeing as though I’d been sent the lovely collection that is the Womanizer Special Edition Delight Box.

The presentation of this collection is first rate. A subtly branded silver sleeve over an equally subtle white gift box. Inside, beneath a glossy printed sheet outlining the contents of the box, there’s a grey foam block, and tucked into little cut outs in that block I found not just a boxed Womanizer Starlet, but also a boxed Sweet Smile Vibrator, a bottle of Just Glide Medical Lubricant, and a bottle of Just Glide 2 in 1 Toy & Body Cleaner.

There’s quite a lot of bang for your buck there, folks, cos this gift set only costs €129 (£114-ish) at Orion. But even so, a great price is only a great price if the products are good. Here’s a run down of my thoughts on each:

Womanizer Starlet

This is what I came for. It’s no secret that I’m a huge fan of all things Womanizer. There hasn’t been a single model that my clit hasn’t clicked with, though I do have some issues with the 2 Go. Not only do I find it difficult to use because of its boxy shape and angled head, but it definitely does not fit the image of ‘travel sized’ that I have in my mind.

But the Womanizer Starlet is exactly what I hoped it would be. It’s tiny.

When I opened the gift box I laughed out loud and plucked up the little white box that housed the toy. I held it up – between my thumb and forefinger – and the Fella said, “Box of batteries?”

I unpacked the wee little thing, held it aloft in my palm as though it was a rare gem and was like, “Eeeek, no! It’s the Womanizer. It’s fucking teeny tiny, look at it, where’s my tape measure?!”

Made of ABS plastic and coloured simply in silver and white (its also available individually in pink and purple), the Starlet measures up at just 3.5” from end to end. The length of my forefinger. At its widest point it’s 1.5”, and including the treatment head (which is a full-sized XL one like you’ll find packaged with the other models) it measures 2” in depth. An actual pocket-sized clit sucker! Happy days!

Just like all the other models the Womanizer Starlet is USB rechargeable and comes with a cable tucked neatly into its box. This is miniature too at just 9” in length. Such a short cable is baffling to me, to be honest. When I plug it into the extension by my bed it sits nicely on a box of stuff I keep there. But if I plug it into the socket on the wall it dangles cos the cable is too short to reach my bedside table. I get that it was probably made with travel and charging at a laptop in mind, but I think a longer cable would have been more prudent.

As I’d expected, there is only one button here. That means that there’s no ‘one tap back to start’ option and there’s no scrolling back and forth between intensities. A three second press turns it on and off, and quick taps scroll up through the intensities and then take you back to the start again that way.

When I first switched the Starlet on I was scared that one of two things was about to happen:

  1. There would only be one or two lower end intensities
  2. There would be loads of intensities but the power coming from such small motors would be shit.

What I discovered was 6 intensities that I would say fall just short of the higher end of the W500‘s. That model has 11 intensities and this one covers probably 4 to 9 of that range. Ah, I’m so happy with that. It’s just as good as every other Womanizer (some cynics would say just the same as rather than as good as, but I like these toys so I’m totally here for different incarnations of it) and that’s what I was hoping for.

In some ways it’s actually better, and I’ll tell you why. It’s the first model I’ve been able to use completely hands-free. Lying on my back I can nuzzle it between my labia and all I have to do to keep it there for the entirety of a masturbation session is keep my legs straight. It lets me close my eyes, use my hands to give my nipples some attention they wouldn’t usually get during a wank, and have a super lazy orgasm with absolutely no effort whatsoever.

But even better than that is using it during sex. My fave position is boobs on the bed, ass in the air and I’m sure anyone who has experience with this position will understand that it can be hard for the one on their front to maintain clitoral contact. But all I need to do to achieve hands-free clit stim from the Womanizer Starlet while we fuck is keep my drawers on. It’s so light the fabric of my knickers is enough to keep it exactly where I want it, and from there all the Fella has to do is push my gusset to one side and get stuck in.

It works a treat for forced orgasm cos in this position I can’t reach to either turn off or turn down the intensity. My clit always ends up screaming if I don’t give it a minute to calm down after a Womanizer orgasm, so the Fella gets to decide whether I’m due any mercy.

Sadly, this model isn’t waterproof, so it’s a damp cloth for cleaning the unit. The treatment head is replaceable, though, so can be removed and washed under a running tap.

Sweet Smile Vibrator

In keeping with the white and silver colour scheme of the Delight Box, the Sweet Smile Vibrator is a lovely little thing. It’s made of white silicone with a chrome panel in the back. It’s super soft to the touch and I’m really loving the snowy white colour. I have so few white toys I appreciate the colour as much as I do the blues and greens.

As soon as I unpacked it from its little white box I could see that it was a double ended affair. One end is reminiscent of a wand head (the Fella says its white colour makes it look like a boiled egg, lol) and the other sports a tapered clit tickling tip.

Its curvy shaft makes it a joy to hold, whether you’re one for wrapping a hand around your toys or holding them with your fingers. Whichever way you do it – and whichever end you’re using – the three button controls are right at your fingertips. The middle one is ON/OFF, the one above it controls the motor in the rounded end, and the one beneath it controls the motor in the tapered end. Yep, it’s a dual motor vibrator!

The first thing I thought when I ran my fingers over the slim curved tip was, this thing could grind the fuck out of my g-spot. But then I flipped it over and spotted the charging point. It’s a tiny hole beneath the ABS panel, and I’m guessing that the little umbrella symbol on the packaging means splashproof and not waterproof, so I don’t want to risk inserting it. Body fluids, though thicker than water, will get in there eventually if I do.

As a targeted clitoral stimulator using just its own motor (the other one switched off), the Sweet Smile Vibrator is rubbish. If the vibes were powerful it would be a different story, but they’re not. They’re weak and buzzy. All I get from them is a listless drone that doesn’t do a thing for my clit. Even on the highest speed – of which there are three – it does little more than tickle. If I stroke this end over my outer labia it feels lovely, but once I part my lips to get at the juicy bits everything goes downhill.

Turning the vibrator off, spinning it around and switching on the other side is a different story. The wand style end has some decent power. When I switch it on I can visibly see the shudder that only comes with vibes that have depth. The vibes are enough to give me a clitoral orgasm, and it feels great when strokes pretty much anywhere (hello nipples!).

When the Fella was using the wand end on me he realised he could feel the vibes transferring just as strongly into the pointed tip. This resulted in him turning on both motors, fisting the bulb and his cock in his hands and using the rocking of his hips to stimulate me with the other end. The two differing qualities of vibration (buzzy and rumbly) combined felt pretty damned good on my clit and inner labia. When that was added to the occasional spot of shallow penetration and the general hotness of what he was doing, I was off to seventh heaven in no time. Not bad going for a vibe I initially thought was crap.

Just Glide Medical Lubricant 100ml

Just Glide is a water-based, all-rounder of a lube which comes in a gel formula and has no odour or flavour. And (unless they’re masquerading under other names) it has no parabens or glycerin in it either. I’ve mentioned it in reviews in the past (most recently this one here) because Orion sometimes put samples of it in packages.

I think its thickness makes it best suited to anal use as it provides a good level of cushioning, and it doesn’t need reapplying all that often cos it’s quite long lasting. If it gets tacky a little bit of water or spit reactivates it.

It’s just as good for vaginal use, penis masturbation (though the lack of natural lubrication there does mean reapplication is necessary), and also oral. Because it has no flavour (okay, there’s the tiniest hint of chemicals) it keeps things not only sloshy and wet, but also tasting completely natural.

Just Glide 2 in 1 Toy & Body Cleaner 100ml

For what it’s worth, I’m a fan of toy cleaners. I know some people aren’t, calling them a waste of money. They’re probably right cos soapy water does just as good a job for a fraction of the cost, but I still like em. I like having specific things for specific tasks and I enjoy getting the cleaner out after (or the morning after) a good session.

This one comes in a decently sized bottle with a massive list of ingredients printed on its label. As a toy cleaner this probably won’t bother folks much, as most products like this are supposed to be rinsed, or at the very least wiped off the toy as part of the cleaning process. But as a body cleaner it might freak some people out. I mean, what even is Allantoin? Farnasol? Malva Sylvestris Extract? It sounds like something out of a Hogwarts potions class and right at this moment I don’t want to put it anywhere other than on my toys. And maybe my hands.

A few squirts cover a medium sized toy quite nicely and, after being given a couple of minutes to do its thing, it lifts gunk right off the surface and it all gets swept away when I rinse. There’s a lovely scent to it that makes me think of bubblegum but it doesn’t linger so my toys don’t smell weird when I whip them out of the cupboard. Yeah, it’s a good cleaner, I like it.

So, that there is the Womanizer Special Edition Delight Box. Its presentation makes it hugely giftable, the products inside are good quality in terms of both build and power, and I think the Starlet could well be my new fave Womanizer model. It’s inexpensive and caters to all kinds of stimulation.

If you’d like to get your hands on one, click the banner below and head over to Orion. Be quick, though, as special editions aren’t around forever.

The Womanizer Special Edition Delight Box was sent to me by Orion Versand in exchange for an honest review. This in no way influences my opinions, which are now, and will forever be, my own. No affiliate links have been used in this post.

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