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You probably know by now that I’m a girl who can’t get enough of her Womanizers. You’ve probably seen one of my reviews for one or another of these strange looking contraptions with their sucky, pulsing, blowing weirdness that has sex bloggers the world over tearing their hair out and crying “This shouldn’t work for me but it does and I don’t know why!” and thought, are you actually in love with an inanimate object?


I was so happy to get my hands on the latest incarnation: the Womanizer +SIZE. I pretty much knew I was going to get along with the spectacular clit sucking ability that all Womanizer models have. Still, I wanted to try this particular one for a specific reason. The name +SIZE means more than just it’s bigger.

Yep, I was hoping that the size and shape of this new model would prove to be easier for the big beautiful bellied bodies of the world.


My first impression of the Womanizer +SIZE came with the packaging. It’s absolutely massive in comparison to that of all the other models. With its gold on white and black design it’s just as pretty, though. Inside it you’ll find your Womanizer +SIZE, an attached standard treatment head and a packaged XL treatment head, a USB charging cable with EU plug, an info leaflet and a lovely black satin Womanizer branded storage bag.


The unit itself is not at all what I expected. When they say it’s +SIZE they aren’t cracking jokes! This model measures up at a pretty whopping 9” in length. The body of the unit is super slim at the handle end in both width and depth (1.25” and 0.5” respectively) and it tapers and fattens out until you end up with a 2.75” wide, 3.5” deep funnel.


I have to point out that the usual super high standard of quality I usually find in Womanizer products is absent here. There’s a decent enough weight to it and the soft touch black of the other models is there on the back of the unit, but the white plastic front feels flimsy and hollow to me, and the gold trim isn’t nice at all. It kinda looks like someone’s been trying to jimmy it open with something sharp and left marks all the way around. That makes me concerned that there’s a possibility of the gold coating flaking away from the plastic beneath it over time.


Another thing that struck me as odd is the placement of the buttons. The intensity controlling PLUS ( + ) and MINUS ( – ) buttons are situated right at the tip of the handle, and that’s pretty much perfect positioning for them in use. However, the ON/OFF/BackToStart button is located on the flipside of the treatment head, right at the base of the handle.


In use, that’s a little bit inconvenient for me. I know, you’re probably thinking if that’s all I have to worry about I’m winning, but one of my favourite features of the Womanizers is that back to start at the touch of a button one. When I come with a Womanizer I come so hard my clit literally flat-lines. I need to be able to go right back down to the lowest intensity because that does two things:

  • Makes my orgasm last longer because of the mild yet continuous stimulation
  • Leaves me in a position to build quickly to another orgasm, or sometimes even a proper multiple one (another orgasm before the first is finished)

The positioning of the ON/OFF button gives me two options:

  • Press the MINUS button 11 times to get back to the start and risk over sensitising my clit
  • Slide my hand down the body of the toy to find the ON/OFF button and risk breaking contact with it and losing the potential for further orgasms


If I could change one thing about this model I’d move the ON/OFF button further up the handle. Yeah, the gold line that runs the length of the white plastic front and rings the buttons would be lost, but I’ll take function over appearance any day of the week.


The other issue I have with this model is the white silicone cap that covers the charging port. I can’t say it’ll be a thing on all of the units, but I’ve found mine doesn’t close properly unless I use a finger to really dig it into position. Even then, it’s popped open a few times during use because I’ve caught it on my bracelet or my t-shirt. Because of where it is (at the top of the handle so away from all the squirty business that goes on during a masturbation session) I wouldn’t have had a problem if the toy hadn’t been waterproof. I can’t bring myself to try this model in the bath cos I’m too scared it’ll end up water damaged.


That would be a tragedy, because the Womanizer +SIZE delivers in every way possible.

Yes, the curve of the extra-long shaft, the depth of the funnel that leads to the treatment head and the dimensions of the unit make this the absolute perfect Womanizer option for those women, like myself, who have bellies and labia that are large and in charge.

The curve skirts my pubic mound and lower stomach, making the funnel’s job of getting the treatment head between my labia and onto my clit unbelievably easy. Once it’s situated, which takes literally seconds, the handle is the perfect length and shape to not only let me at the intensity buttons but also gives me plenty of control over how much pressure I use to hold the head against or away from my body.


We’ve found the +SIZE is the best Womanizer model for playing together, too. The Fella loves that he can strap me into a spreader bar and sit behind me with this toy in his hand, either edging me with subtle shifts of the head and changes in intensity or making me shiver and shake with orgasm after forced orgasm. Sure, we can do that with the other models, but only with him between my legs. This Womanizer lets him sit with his arms around me and his lips at my ear, making everything about our play as intimate as it can get.


I’ve read a comment recently where someone said ‘does the world really need all these different models of what is essentially the same toy’ and the answer to that is YES! I don’t believe for one second that there’s nothing but cashing in going on. I’d prefer to think that there’s been a lot of review reading and active thinking about comments concerning issues and improvements, and that attention to what people are saying has resulted in different versions of a frankly fantastic toy that caters to different body shapes. I wish more manufacturers would do that, and I don’t just mean in the sex toy world.


If you love any of the other Womanizer models but struggle with use because of your size or your grip or your reach, you should consider giving this one a shot. The power is the same as the others (not the W100, which has less intensites) it’s still USB rechargeable and it’s waterproof like the Pro 40. The only difference is that this one is designed with your body shape in mind. Even if you aren’t fuller bodied, the +SIZE can still be great for you. The longer length will let you relax into your wanking session a bit more, and there’s always the option to have a friend sit behind you and man the controls…

If you’d like to pick up a Womanizer +SIZE of your very own, click the banner below.


The Womanizer +SIZE was sent to me by Orion Versand in exchange for an honest review. This in no way influences my opinions, which are now, and will forever be, my own. No affiliate links have been used in this post.

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