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It’s favourite brand time! I always get ridiculously excited when Womanizer releases a new model. Like, hold my breath so I don’t squeal like a poked pig kinda excited. But with the Womanizer InsideOut, my excitement was…I dunno, muted, I guess. Reason being, before I had a chance to try Womanizer’s first dual stim offering, I reviewed the Satisfyer’s. My experience with the PRO G-Spot Rabbit in terms of fit was less than wonderful and because of it, I approached the InsideOut from a place of prepared to be disappointed caution.

All of Womanizer’s products come tastefully packaged, but I was a bit blown away by the presentation of the InsideOut. The sleek black outer case has the subtlest of branding in the form of an easy to tear off and toss sleeve. Once that’s gone you’re left with a leather look box that’s held closed with magnetic snaps.

Inside there’s a decently informative booklet tucked into a little pouch on the lid, and in the box itself, there’s what looks like a satin cover, held tight with a black ribbon. That cover is actually a storage bag, complete with black and gold tassel. Yes, I said tassel.

There’s even a tiny golden charm in the box, for some reason. I don’t get it, but I love it because even though I’m a (mostly) anonymous blogger, I love being able to carry subtle hints of what I do on my keys, my handbag, and my purse.

Anyway, enough about the super giftable packaging and more about what comes inside it. Along with the InsideOut unit itself, there’s an extra treatment head (black, just like the one that comes attached to the toy), a USB charging cable, and an EU plug.

I reckon the Womanizer InsideOut could well be the highest quality model I’ve seen from this brand thus far. Almost all of it is smooth, black silicone, with exception of a super slim golden trim around the base, and the two gold metal points where the magnetic charger connects. The whole piece has a reasonable amount of weight to it, which I always think makes a toy feel robust. Light and flimsy does not suggest longevity, but solid and weighty does. This feels like it’s gonna last me a lifetime, which is awesome cos some models (like the Plus Size) felt kinda fragile, in my opinion.

When checking out the shape of the InsideOut, I did notice one thing that gave me hope; the angle of the treatment head vs the angle of the shaft. In the Satisfyer dual stim rabbit, the mouth of the clit stimulator is angled in so that it more or less faces the shaft. This did not work for me in the slightest. But the InsideOut is totally different. The treatment head is angled straight up and the flexible shaft curves boldly out then back in again to hover a few inches above it. As soon as it was in my hand I was certain that it would be a good fit.

Size wise, the entire piece measures 9.5”, following the curve. The internal arm is pretty slim at just 3.25” in circumference but it has a decent length of 5” (when straightened). Something I loved about the shaft immediately was that it has two flexible points. One is right at the base near the body of the toy, and the other is just over halfway up the shaft. This gives so much more scope for successful clit/g-spot contact as, with just a little pressure, the whole toy becomes adjustable.

The external part of the toy is basically a full-sized Womanizer unit that’s more or less on par with the W500. It’s a meaty one, taking up my full palm with its 5” length (including head) and 7.5” girth.

To my everlasting joy, the controls are in the perfect position for easy control with just my thumb. On the top, in the middle, side by side. One pair controls the clitoral pulses and the other pair controls the internal vibrations. But you have to press one button down for a few seconds to switch it on and when you do everything comes on. If you want to just use one or the other, you need to actively switch the one you don’t want off. Plus side, you can use them independently so can tailor your play to whatever works best for you.

I will admit that, for the toy’s first few outings, I struggled to figure out which button did what. They’re not the most responsive buttons ever, and as they’re beneath the surface of the silicone with just the tiniest of bumps to guide you, hitting the wrong one with lubed up fingers is all too easy. The buttons let you scroll up and down through intensities, which is great if you overshoot, but I do miss the tap back to start feature. Can’t have it all, I guess.

So, vibes and pulses, what do you get?

Well, for the clitoris, the Womanizer InsideOut boasts 12 intensities. These start out with a barely there put-putting sensation and climb all the way up to a noisy rattle that no clit could possibly ignore.

For the internal vibes, you’re looking at 12 intensities, too. There aren’t any patterns here, just straightforward, constant vibrations. Power wise, they’re not gonna change your life. On the lower six settings I get the hint of a rumble, but in the upper six, there’s more buzz. It’s a definite, detectable change both in the hand and in the vagina.

And that leads me to how I fare once the Womanizer InsideOut is inserted…

God damn! It’s awesome. I mean, everything about it just works for me and I don’t even have to fuck about wiggling shafts or slipping in fingers to support anything. The curve of the shaft swoops around my pubic bone and rests perfectly against my g-spot. Then all I have to do is push the outer body against me and the treatment head nestles over my clit with absolutely no fuss. After the carry on I had with the Satisfyer rabbit I was prepared for this not to fit, but it does. Happy days!

The Fella asked me if there’s anything I’d change about it. I told him that the only thing I would change would be the shaft. I’d make it thicker, but that’s just cos I’m greedy. That surprised him as he thought I’d say stronger vibrations. But the thing is, I’m one of those people who often complain that the internal vibes of their rabbit overshadow those of the external stimulator. For me, it’s my clit where power is needed most. With the InsideOut I get decently powerful internal vibes with clit stim that kicks their arse.

And besides, one of my fave toy combos has long been a Womanizer and a g-spotting dildo. But that’s a two-handed bind sometimes. With the InsideOut I get strong stimulation exactly where I want it, and I only have to use one hand. If I keep my drawers on and try to lie still (or pin my knees together in the bath) I can play hands-free. I’ve given myself so many orgasms with this thing and it’s almost funny how effortless they’ve been. God, I love it.

If you’d like to give it a shot – which I would wholeheartedly recommend you do if you’re a fan of air pulse and dual stim – you can either pick one up from Orion or Lovehoney.

The Womanizer InsideOut was sent to me by Orion Versand in exchange for an honest review. This in no way influences my opinions, which are now, and will forever be, my own. Affiliate links have been used in this post.

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