Womanizer 2 Go

After trying four of their models, you’d think I’d be at the eye rolling stage every time Epi24 released a new model of their super popular Womanizer. But that’s not the case at all. I get excited and eager to discover what changes have been made with each new iteration. And the thought of having a travel Womanizer made me all the keener to get my paws on the Womanizer 2 Go.

So, what’s different about this model?

Basically, the shape. All previous incarnations of the Womanizer have resembled electric, in-ear thermometers. Whether it’s the pebble style of the W500 or the almost banana shaped Plus Size that you favour, the fact that they’re all very similar can’t be denied.

But then we have the Womanizer 2 Go and, when it comes to design, it couldn’t be more different. When I was asked which colour I’d prefer I chose the green option, but it’s also available in all black and all white. I kinda regret my colour choice, to be quite honest. If it had all been green it would have been fine, but it’s not. The body of the toy is green and, though it had looked deep red on my computer screen, the lid is bright pink. Something about that combo looks so wrong, and the gold trimmings make it look even worse.

If I’d chosen one of the solid colours it would 100% pass for a bottle of perfume. That’s what it reminds me of in shape and size. But it isn’t modelled on perfume, it’s modelled on lipstick. Not just any old lipstick, though. It’s a lipstick that could only be used by someone who lives at the top of a beanstalk.

Even though I’d seen pictures of it in a model’s hand online, I still couldn’t help but laugh when I saw how big it is. Lid on, it measures a fraction over 5 inches. It’s a boxy thing, each side being 1.5 inches. Lid off, it measures a fraction under 5 inches, so there’s no way would I ever call this a discreet toy. I mean, ‘2 Go’ suggests that it’s a travel toy, right? That you can use it anywhere cos it’s so small and unnoticeable? If you be whipping this out of your handbag for a quick ‘Womanizer One Minute Wonder’ orgasm, folk are gonna wonder what the fuck you’re about, putting a giant lipstick down your knickers.

Beneath that lid you’ll find more gold. The neck of the toy is gold coated plastic, and in the top there’s a pink silicone treatment head, masquerading as lipstick. This right here is what intrigued me most about the Womanizer 2 Go. I don’t wank outside of the comfort of my own home, but I do like different options when it comes to wrapping stuff around my clit.

The Pleasure Air Technologie of the Womanizers is one of the most outstanding sensations my clit has ever experienced, and I loved the idea of this new, sloped head. I imagined pinpoint pressure wherever I aimed the tip. My clit is a rightie (most sensitive on the right-hand side) and I wanted to know if pressing that point against it while the rest of the head cupped my clit and did its weird, sucky, pulsy thing would make my orgasms even stronger.

My first challenge was the operating button. It’s situated on the base of the ‘lipstick’ and that in and of itself is fine. What made me groan was the fact that the only other thing down there with it is the charging port. Yeah, there’s only one button. So there’s no cycling back if you go a mode too far, though if you go past the highest speed it cycles back to the lowest.

And there are less modes to choose from, too. Unlike the other models which have 8-11 intensities, this one only has five. I kinda don’t get why, if I’m honest. It’s not like it’s so small they couldn’t fit in a motor big enough. It’s not much smaller than the W500 and that has 11 intensities.

So, once I knew what that single button offered, it was time to try it out.

I don’t think I need to tell you that I come like a train with this toy. My clit fucking loves this kind of stimulation, so whether I’d be able to orgasm with it wasn’t ever in question. What was in question was how easy would this new shape be to use in comparison with the originals.

For me, it’s not nearly as simple. With the others, I know that I just pop the treatment head over my clit, get comfy and then let it do its funky thing. But with this one, I have to think about it. I have to be conscious of how I’m holding the unit in my hand.

See, it’s comfier if I hold it by its edges and not its flat sides. But that puts it on an angle that don’t want. I want that point digging into the most sensitive part of my clit, but the way I feel comfortable holding it has it resting somewhere between that spot and the underside of my clit. Then I get annoyed and try to fiddle with it to get it where I want it, but I can’t tell which way is up anymore. I have to check, and that breaks contact making me have to start again.

I’m not hugely keen on having the slope pointing up or down, either. Up kinda feels like I lose a load of sensation as it hugs in more of my clitoral hood, and down results in repeatedly broken contact. When I get it right it’s fucking amazing, but it’s a lot of work compared to the other models and that just won’t do.

Like the Pro 40, the Womanizer 2 Go is waterproof. I haven’t taken it in the bath cos I’d end up screaming at it, but I do appreciate being able to give it a good watery clean. I’ve taken to storing my treatment heads off the unit itself after finding mould on the clip-on part of one where it hadn’t dried properly, but it all goes in the packaging-cum-storage box nicely.

It’s hard to say I don’t like this version of the Womanizer because when I come, I do. But it’s not the best they have to offer by a long chalk, and if anyone asked for recommendations I’d point them toward this one last. But that’s just my experience of it. There’s even a chance that I’m holding it all wrong, so don’t let my experience put you off. If this one looks like the Womanizer of your dreams, you can pick one up in either of the shops below.


The Womanizer 2 Go was sent to me by Orion Versand in exchange for an honest review. This in no way influences my opinions, which are now, and will forever be, my own. Some affiliate links have been used in this post.

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