Wild Thing by Zado Leather Whip

A few days ago, the Fella took a leisurely stroll through the pages of Scandarella. He reckons it’s safer to remind himself what we have in the toy cupboard by reading my toy box page than it is to try his luck opening the cupboard doors. While he was browsing, he commented that it’s been ages since I last wrote a review of an impact toy. He was right, the last one was a flogger kit I made way back in July! I think it’s high time for a new review in that department, so I’m gonna tell y’all about the gorgeous Wild Thing by Zado Leather Whip.

Of all the impact toys we have, I think our whips see the least amount of use. Not because they’re less enjoyable than say, paddles, but because they’re awkward to use. So often they arrive, and we find they’re so lightweight it feels like trying to thwap someone with an ostrich feather. Even when we get a good heavy one their uber long length means they’re gonna be tangled in the curtains or the light shade before they get so much as a sniff of skin.

But the Zado Leather Whip strikes a perfect balance between weight and length, and you don’t have to look too closely to see it’s a quality piece of kit.

From the knot at the end of the handle to the tongue that adorns the tip of the single tail the whip measures 38”, and there’s a good 6” of wrist strap to keep your play nice and secure. The entire piece is made from beautifully braided leather; the knots showing the soft outer hide and the handle and tail being suede.

I can’t tell what the core is made of, but it’s spongy yet firm, gives the tail a 3” girth around its base, and affords it quite a bit of elasticity. If I give it a tug I can stretch it around 4”. It doesn’t sound like a big thing, but when it hits the skin there’s kind of a bounce to it, and the wrap around has a bit of extra zing. There’s less of a thud than I’d get from a firmer whip of this size, but it’s something I definitely appreciate.

There’s a roughness to this suede that I really like. Well, I don’t think it comes from the leather itself, but rather from the lattice effect the braid gives it. Each of the criss-crossed edges adds texture that can feel scratchy on some areas of skin, very noticeable when the whip is trailed over skin that’s been sensitised by impact.

From the Fella’s point of view, the Zado Leather Whip is a joy to use. With a 4” long handle that has a 3” girth, it’s comfortable for him to hold. The strap isn’t too tight or too loose around his wrist, though the suede has the same rough-edged quality as the rest of the piece and it’s chaffed him on a few occasions. Having a shorter length with some decent weight helps him keep it under control, and he likes grabbing the tail so he can deliver stinging, accurate strikes with the tongue.

Whipping is hard, people. Not the taking of, but the doing of. Every time a whip comes out of the cupboard I try to make it crack, but all I ever manage to do is lash my own arm, or nearly take my frigging eyes out. It’s a skill which I do not possess, but the Fella ain’t too bad at it.

I like to be upright when being whipped. Flogging, caning and paddling I take in whatever position I’m put in, but whipping is something I can’t take lying down. I kneel, or I stand, which is fine with the Fella as it gives him full access to my body from my shoulders to ankles.

As with all impact toys, the power is in the intent. You can hurt someone with the most innocuous of objects if your intent is to cause pain, just as you can land gentle bowls with the heaviest implement if your intent isn’t to cause pain. This whip works perfectly well for both extremes and everything in between. Hard heavy blows across the back can be felt in my chest cavity. Swipes that just skim the surface of the skin sting like a bitch, and I know that, if he wanted to, the Fella could draw blood with this one. He won’t, though, because neither of us wants him to.

I think this is a fab little addition to any kinky arsenal. The scent of leather is as strong (and as hot) as fuck, the build is quality, the stitching tight, and the pure inky black suede is sexy with an edge of menace. I’d readily recommend this whip to anyone based on those things alone, but it has something else in its favour; it costs less than €40. That’s a bargain, considering the next comparable product I have was originally £90.

If you’d like to give it a crack, click the Orion logo below to be whisked straight to the product page.

Zado Leather Whip Review, Scandarella

The Wild Thing by Zado Leather Whip was sent to me by Orion Versand in exchange for an honest review. This in no way influences my opinions, which are now, and will forever be, my own. No affiliate links have been used in this post.

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