We-Vibe Pleasure Mates Collection

Some girls get roses for Valentine’s Day, and some get chocolates, but me? I get sex toys! I’d been whining on about wanting a second We-Vibe Tango, so that I always had one charged for when the one I was using inevitably died on me, and after getting a link from a good friend, the Fella bought me… The We-Vibe Pleasure Mates Collection!


As any good gift should, the Pleasure Mates Collection comes in a sturdy gift box that’ll double as long-term storage. The problem there is, said box is covered in product pictures, so there’s no way of hiding what’s inside. There is a satin bag in there to save the day though, even if it is a bit of a squish to get everything in.


By everything, I mean the Tango, the Glow, and the Dusk, as well as the charging cable. My other Tango is the original version (mine’s powder blue) with the EU plugged charger with the little magnetic bowl on the end, which I hate with a passion. The charger that comes with this newer version of the Tango is still magnetic, but instead of being bowl-shaped it’s flatter and chunkier, and it’s usb too. It’s still a horrible thing though, and it loses connection like nobody’s business. I hate this type of charger and my love for a toy won’t ever change that.


Now for the products.

Anyone who knows the sexier side of me knows I love my Tango. It’s one of my top five favourite toys, and it’s one of the only clit vibes I can use without penetration and know I’m more or less guaranteed an orgasm.


The one that comes with the Pleasure Mate Collection is made from pearly white ABS plastic, and that excited me no end because I love white sex toys! It’s 9cm long, has a new lipstick shaped tip, and has enough weight to it to feel substantial in the hand. You can literally feel the quality.

The Tango offers 4 speeds of intensity, and 4 patterns. This version is also supposed to be 30% more powerful than the original, and I’m not sure if it’s psychological or not, but I can feel a difference in power when comparing the two. The Fella blindfolded me and held them both against my nipples, and out of ten guesses I picked the white Tango over the blue eight times, so I’m thinking there could be more to it than my imagination.

If I’m desperate to have an orgasm, I reach for the Tango, because it’s surprisingly quiet, given its power, so I can use it during the day without being caught, and I know it’s going to get me off in a matter of minutes. The original doesn’t have a flashing light that tells you it needs charging though, and the power doesn’t decrease to give you a heads up either, so it has a horrible habit of cutting out on me. The one that came with the Pleasure Mates Collection does have the ‘you’d better charge me’ flashing light, so it hasn’t died on me yet.


The two attachments that complete this collection are the Glow and the Dusk. Both are made from high quality, seamless silicone that feels lovely to the touch. I only have one other We-Vibe product (the We-Vibe II Couples Vibrator) and that’s made from an awful shiny, mega draggy silicone which I disliked immensely, so I was happy to find that the Dusk and Glow silicone is velvety and smooth. All three parts to this set are all submersible, so bathe away with any combo you like, and wash up easily with soapy water and toy cleaner when you’re done.

Inserting the Tango into the cavities of these attachments can be a bit of a struggle at first, and getting them out can be worse. Adding the tiniest lick of lube makes it a much easier operation, but be frugal because too much will have the Tango slipping around inside of the attachment, and this can cause problems if you’re almost there and the attachment moves.


Being a vagina haver, the first attachment I used was the Glow. Six inches in length with a hooked tip that looks absolutely perfect for G-Spotting, I couldn’t help thinking of my beloved Lelo Ella. The Glow’s tip is smaller though, and the shaft is an inch shorter. If it was a dildo it would be a disaster for me, because it’s too small for thrusting, even when I stick my finger in the bullet cavity.


But once the Tango is in that slot, the Glow becomes a different animal altogether. The silicone does dampen the vibrations quite a bit, there’s no getting away from that, but it still transmits enough power to my G-Spot to get my juices flowing. I find I don’t have to thrust overly much to reach orgasm either, though I do use the other Tango on my clit.

When the Fella takes control of the Glow, he thrusts away like a crazy person, and my juices turn into torrents. It’s probably the smallest toy we have that can make me squirt, but only if he’s the one using it on me. No second vibe is needed when he does it either, his fingers or tongue do the trick.


The Dusk is a different matter altogether. Intended for anal use, I would say it’s perfect for an absolute beginner, or maybe a man who has a low flying prostate, if that’s even a thing. The insertable portion is so tiny it’s actually smaller than a Cadbury’s Crème Egg, and this makes it less than amazing for me as a butt plug.


But, just like it did with the Glow, adding the Tango’s vibes transforms the Dusk into something special. I’ve discovered that I like feeling vibrations just inside of my anus, so the fact that the Dusk is only 2 inches insertable puts it exactly where I need it. There’s a lot less silicone for the vibes to travel through than there is on the Glow, so the Dusk transmits almost all of the Tango’s power, making it one hell of a dynamic little powerhouse.

When it comes to the Fella, he doesn’t get a great deal from the dusk. It’s just a little bit too short to reach his prostate without me having to press my fingers against the outer section to angle it, and even when I do manage to hit the spot the bullet digs in and causes him discomfort. Because of the added length, the Glow works better for him, but it isn’t flared, and therefore not anal safe so we’ve only tried it once. He said he found that the vibes lacked a bit with the Glow too, so it’s not the end of the world that he can’t use it himself.

Confession time: Because of reviews I’d read, I wasn’t expecting much from the Pleasure Mates Collection. It was bought primarily for the Tango, and I looked at the attachments as bonus pieces and nothing more. But they are more, and I’m super happy that I have them. They probably won’t see as much use as the Tango, but they’re definitely going to live in the favourites cupboard.

If you fancy trying this collection yourself, click on the banner below.

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