We-Vibe Nova

When someone says, ‘Rabbit-style vibrator’ or ‘dual stimulator’ to you, what images pop into your head? Whirly beaded shafts? Little bunny face with pointy ears? Big clunky-assed handle with clicky buttons? Yeah, that’s what I think of too. So like me, you probably look at the We-Vibe Nova and think, what the fuck is that all about?


It’s a peculiarly shaped thing, that’s for sure, and even though I totally get the concept behind the design, I admit to wondering how the hell I was gonna get it to touch A & B (g-spot & clit) at the same time without some serious angle manipulation on my part. As complicated at the Nova looks, getting it right was actually pretty simple in the end. But before I tell you about that, I’ll tell you about the toy itself.


The Nova is made from silicone. All of it, except for the magnetic charging point on the handle. The shaft and clitoral arm are a salmony pink, and the handle is white. While the silicone feels velvety soft to the touch, there’s no squish whatsoever. The Nova is solid, so I’m guessing that the silicone outer layer is pretty thin.

When I first saw the size of the Nova, I was convinced it wasn’t going to work for me. The shaft is just 4.75 inches long, and 4.25 inches in girth, with a pointed tip, similar to what you’d find on a classic style vibe. I was hoping the Nova would be bulbous and more hooked, but shaft wise, it’s no different from any other rabbit-style vibe.


The clitoral arm changes all that, though. It’s what makes the Nova weird, as well as wonderful. Curved in a wide, sharp angle toward the shaft, the clit arm gives the toy the appearance of an open lobster claw. It looked like it was going to be as pinchy as a lobster claw too, but then I discovered the feature that makes the Nova special.


As the picture above shows, the clit arm is as flexible as a world class gymnast. It bends right back until it touches the shaft, not that you’d ever need it to do that in use. But that super bend means that, no matter what your anatomical shape, you can, at the very least, get the shaft inside of you with no messing about.

However, that fabulously bendable clit arm doesn’t mean that the Nova is a one size fits all sex toy. There really is no such thing. But the shape of it does mean that there’s a very good chance that, once you’ve got the tip of the shaft positioned against your G-Spot, the rocking motion many people adopt to stimulate that sweetest of spots is going to bring that arm into contact with your clit, and once contact is made, keeping it going is easy, because not only does that flex let the toy double over backward, it lets it bend forward too, and it rolls over the clit with every rock of the shaft. That’s some clever designing, in my opinion.


Like I mentioned above, the Nova is magnetically rechargeable via usb. I’m not a lover of this type of charging at all, and while I did review one product recently that had a really strong magnetic connection, this one is just as disappointing as all the rest. It disconnects easily if knocked, so make sure you put yours somewhere it can charge in peace to ensure you don’t end up waiting longer than 90 minutes for your (up to) 2 hours of playtime.


So, vibrations. The Nova is a dual motor toy, one operating the shaft, the other the clit arm. Using the control pad on the toy itself, you get 10 modes, all of which are intensity adjustable via the usual plus & minus signs, and arrows, so you if you’re a pattern lover, you have a good chance of finding a pattern/speed combo that’s just right for you.


If, like me, you find the controls a bit of a bind once you have the toy situated, you have the option of downloading We-Connect, a free app that lets you control various We-Vibe toys – including the Nova – via your smartphone, tablet, or whatever. I have an LG phone, and the app works great. There’s no loss of connection, and I can switch between speeds and patterns with the flick of a finger.


The vibrations the Nova offers feel a little strange to me. They’re almost silent, which is surprising, given how powerful they are. The thing I find strange, is that while they do have a lovely rumbly quality that penetrates quite deeply, they feel shallow in the hand. Holding the shaft with a tight grip totally deadens the vibes for me, but once I get it inside me?


It’s hands free orgasms all the way! I couldn’t get a happy medium with the Nova the first few times I used it, but once I realised where I was going wrong, that all changed. I had been thrusting, and I should have been rocking. Thrusting pulled the clit arm away from my body, and I was losing connection, but rocking the shaft back and forth against my G-Spot keeps the contact going.

If I want a slow building hands free orgasm, I position everything and just let the vibes do the work. The internal vibrations don’t feel itchy like some do, and though it takes me a while, just rocking my hips with my thighs together stimulates both G-Spot and clit perfectly.


But if I want a faster orgasm, I hold the Nova with the clit arm resting on my thumb, and pull it slightly away from my body. This puts the tip smack bang against my clit. It gives me intense pinpoint stimulation, and twisting my wrist so that the tip of the shaft grinds into my G-Spot brings me off in no time.

This is all achieved one handed too, so my right hand is free to play with the app if I want to, but my usual approach is:

  • Hands free, slow orgasm – app, playing with speeds and patterns
  • One handed, fast orgasm – control pad, constant speed, highest intensity

To top all that off, the Nova is 100% waterproof, and is one of the few toys I actually like using in the bath. That’s because I can insert it, switch it on, then close my legs and keep them closed until I come. There’s no fucking about with one leg up the wall and the other in the sink, or one arm pushing a boob under my chin so I can reach down to my clit, while the other gets wedged between my butt cheeks so I can reach my vag. The Nova does all the work for me, and for that, my bath times and I are grateful.


Being waterproof, the Nova is easy to clean. I’ve washed mine in the bath, the sink, the shower… and I always finish off with a few sprays of antibacterial toy cleaner before sticking it back in its solid presentation box. I do have to pay attention to the join where the pink silicone meets the white, and making sure the charging point is completely clean is essential, so a small, soft toothbrush comes in handy for that.

There is a storage bag included (hurrah!) so if you want discretion, you have it. There’s a sachet of water-based lube in the box too, and you must remember that silicone lube is a no-no. It might kill your toy, and that would be tragic.


The verdict is, I love my We-Vibe Nova, and I’m very pleased about that, because at first sight, I didn’t think I would. It’s very well made, adjustable to fit, and the power it puts out is fantastic. If you’d like to buy one of your own, you can get one at Lovehoney.

The We-Vibe Nova was sent to me by We-Vibe in exchange for an honest review. This in no way influences my opinions, which are now, and will forever be, my own. Affiliate links have been used in this post.

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