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Do you feel that? The shaking that’s coming up through the floor and making your shoes vibrate? That’s a baby elephant – aka, me – jumping up and down with excitement. Why? Cos I got a chance to review the We-Vibe Jive, hot off the assembly line. Ah, I love working with Luxury Vibrators and We-Vibe so fucking much, they’re unbelievably good to me.

When I first spotted the Jive, I kinda rolled my eyes. I couldn’t help but think, how many frigging couples’ vibes will be enough for you, We-Vibe? But while I was right in thinking the Jive is ideal for partner play, it’s not another incarnation of the G-Spot-C-Spot-Cock pleasers that We-Vibe are famous for.

Nope, while similar in appearance, the We-Vibe Jive is, for want of a better term, a love egg. It’s an app controlled, USB rechargeable, fancy assed love egg. Designed to be inserted into the vagina and controlled by said vag’s owner, or their friend’s mobile/tablet.

I thought the the aqua colour We-Vibe had started making stuff in would always be my favourite. But this powdery sky-blue colour is my new fave. It’s so different from the norm. So bright and breezy, I love it!

As with all We-Vibe toys, the Jive is made from the smoothest of silicones. There’s very little drag to it, so I find I only need the lightest amount of lube. That said, if I’ve inserted the Jive before I’m fully aroused, a little extra lube around my vaginal opening helps the tail feel a bit comfier until my natural lubrication kicks in.

One of the first things I noticed about the Jive is how large the ‘egg’ is. So many love eggs are the size of the plastic (most pointless) part of a Kinder Egg.  Once they’re all up in me, they’re too weeny to do much of anything. But this is pretty sizeable for what it is. From end to end, the egg measures 3-inches, and it has a circumference of 4.4-inches. That’s pretty much the girth I’m accustomed to finding in a petite dildo. That bigger size is noticeable while it’s inserted. It touches more walls and feels more substantial against my G-Spot.

The tail that is the retrieval cord is 4.5″ long, and quite thick. Because it houses the charging wires, there’s zero elasticity to it. At first, I found that a bit weird, being so accustomed to the stretchy cords of kegel eggs. There’s no worry of snapping it if there’s a bit of a tug on to get it out, though. It’s strong, and plenty long enough to allow for deep insertion while still being easy to remove. On the end of it, you’ll find a single control button and the magnetic charging point.

A note on the charger: it’s one of the best I’ve come across, magnetically speaking. The connection is mega! I can clip it on and hold the egg up by the charging cable, and the two don’t part ways. Never thought I’d see the day. Charging takes around an hour and a half. Depending on how you play, you get up to two hours before it croaks.

Something I’ve really missed when using the We-Vibe Jive is the remote control. The app is all well and good, but I really would have liked the option of a remote. See, we can’t take advantage of the long-distance possibilities of app-controlled toys, because other people have access to the Fella’s mobile. He can’t download the app. If we’re in the bedroom, both our phones are switched off. The only time the app is any good for us is if we’re out and about together.

But not using the app in the bedroom really limits the Jive’s use, because:

  • I know when the Fella is gonna change things up, cos he has to reach for the button that’s dangling somewhere between my thighs
  • Once he grabs it, all he has access to are the 10 pre-set speeds and patterns. There’s no reducing or increasing intensity
  • If I’m playing alone, I have the same issues, except I can’t see. So, I end up rummaging around my vulva looking for a flappy bit of silicone with a tidgy lump on the end

All of that means that, whether alone or with the Fella, if I want to use the Jive to its full potential, I have to use the app. I feel kinda forced into it, and I’m really not keen on having phones going during sex, cos if they ring I find it hard to not answer. Yep, no matter how much I’m enjoying myself, I will stop mid-fuck to answer a ringing phone. A remote does the same things as the app, so I feel a bit let down because I don’t have one.

Like I said above, you get 10 pre-set modes with the We-Vibe Jive. If you’re familiar with any of We-Vibe’s products, you know what you’re in for. Four intensities of constant vibration, and six different patterns.

Now, I’m one for sticking my We-Vibe Tango in my vagina. I’m sorry, world, it’s just a thing I like to do while using an anal dildo. I love how powerful it is, and that I don’t have to use a hand to keep it in there, and I love how it feels when the Tango and dildo clash through my wall. Every part of me prayed that the Jive would, like so many of We-Vibe’s toys, have the same motor as the Tango.

For me, the We-Vibe Jive doesn’t reach the giddy heights of power that the Tango can during use. It’s still decent, though. The rumble we know and love is present, and it is powerful and very quiet. I don’t know if they maybe have different motors. Maybe they’re the same, but because the Tango is made from naked ABS plastic and the Jive silicone, the vibes travel differently.

It’s a well-known fact that silicone can deaden vibrations, so it is possible. However, if I hold both tightly in my hands so that neither can move, I feel the exact same amount of power coming from them. That leads me to believe that the motors are the same, but the silicone is making them present differently.

I did think, at first, that I might be about to write my first not so impressed We-Vibe review. These vibes didn’t feel like they’d be enough to get me off. But, once the Jive is tucked away inside me and I’m playing merrily away, it’s fab! One of my fave combos now is the Jive in my vagina, the Tango on my clit, while the Fella probes my butt with the shaft of the Nova! There’s a lot to be said for blended orgasms anyway, but when all parts of you are being stimulated by almost equally strong, very similarly rumbly vibes, they become something special.

Don’t worry if you don’t have the toys to be doing We-Vibe combos, though. The Jive works brilliantly as internal stim while I play with an anal dildo, or with a bullet, or during anal sex with the Fella. The tail curls up toward the mons and tucks neatly between the labia, so it doesn’t get in the way of any backdoor fun you may decide to get up to.

Finally, I’d be a lousy sex toy reviewer if I didn’t insist that we try the We-Vibe Jive as a couple’s vibe. Like I mentioned above, it’s not a super slender thing as love eggs go, so things get pretty tight. In fact, they get so tight the Fella can’t really thrust. He has to grind and jiggle to make sure both the Jive and his cock stay in.

I wasn’t sold at first, cos this is how we use cock rings and they’re not my fave thing. But once we got going and the pelvis on clit thing started happening, we were both happy as clams. I could feel, well, everything, and he could feel the vibes strongly in his shaft. Because there was so much jammed in me, the Jive was pressed against my G-Spot, and those jiggles of the Fella’s cock mashed it in quite hard. When it comes to my G-Spot, I like hard, so when we leave the Jive inside me while we fuck, I come hard, too. Happy days!

Once we’re done playing, I either spray and wipe the Jive with toy cleaning wipes, or I head for the bathroom and dunk it in a sink of soapy water. As with most We-Vibe toys, there’s a storage bag included in the box, so keeping it clean once I’m done is easy. I plan to store it in its box in the cupboard when I find a new fave, but for now, it lives in my bedside drawer.

If you’d like to add the Jive to your box of sexy goodies, click the banner below and grab one from Luxury Vibrators.

We-Vibe Jive Review, Scandarella

The We-Vibe Jive was sent to me by We-Vibe in exchange for an honest review. This in no way influences my opinions, which are now, and will forever be, my own. Some affiliate links have been used in this post.

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