We-Vibe Anniversary Collection

A couple of months ago, I was sent the loveliest of gifts from one of my favourite brands; We-Vibe. This awesome company has just recently celebrated a milestone anniversary. Ten years of spreading sexual happiness with gems like the Nova, Ditto, and of course the iconic Tango. To mark the occasion with style they released a limited-edition two-piece set featuring two of their most prized products. When getting starry-eyed over the set specific colours I realised I’ve yet to write any kind of detailed review about my beloved Tango, and as one of those babies comes in this set I thought it was high time. So here are my thoughts on the We-Vibe Anniversary Collection.

As I said above, this set comprises of two products. Alongside the Tango is the cream of We-Vibe’s wearable vibrator crop, the Sync and its remote control. You might be wondering what’s so special about bundling two already well-received products together, and I’m gonna tell you.

First off, both pieces in the We-Vibe Anniversary Collection have been reimagined in the prettiest purple I’ve seen on a sex toy. It’s called Cosmic Purple and I really like it. The Tango is nice and bright with a super fine silvery shimmer, and the Sync is iridescent metallic. Wherever the light catches it, it turns blue. So lovely.

To go with their makeover, this dynamic duo has been given a fancy new storage case. Grey, white, and silver plastic comes together to make a clam shell type play case that’s travel ready. Not only does it stay mostly closed when bounced around in a bag (it does gape a little, but not enough for the toys to fall out) but it also doubles as a micro USB charging dock. Yep, both toys connect via magnets in their respective slots, so they can be charged in tandem without anyone seeing what they are.

I won’t ramble on about the Sync in this review, cos I did that already. If you want to know how I got on with it you can find out here.

What I will do is ramble on about the Tango. Like, forever. Until I die of old age or the world goes up in flames, whichever comes first. Of all the vibes I have in my collection (I have mountains of ‘em, people) the Tango is the one I reach for most often. I love it so much I have three, one of which was a replacement of one I busted. For me the Tango is the gold standard and I compare almost every rechargeable vibe to it even when I know there’s no point.

It’s the rumbles that I love so much. And the power. For a 3.5” bullet to be putting out better vibes than a full-sized vibrator is just incredible, in my opinion. Yeah, the battery life sucks balls, but I come so quickly when using it twenty minutes of play (on constant full power) seems like a lifetime.

My clit pretty much sings an angelic chorus whenever I touch it with the lipstick tip of the Tango. If I need a maintenance orgasm I go straight to the highest steady speed and am done in minutes. My clit basically dies, and all is right with the world. But if I want a deeper, more satisfying orgasm I start on low speed. I know I only have twenty or so minutes so I give each of the four speeds five. I refuse the orgasm until I could cry, making sure I always hit full speed. When I come the contractions feel so strong it knocks the wind right out of my sails. Those are before bed orgasms, cos all I want to do after them is sleep.

Other parts of my body love the Tango, too. My nipples love it. The rumble is a bit stingy, which is what I like. My back loves it, too. Yep, it’s great when used as a massage tool. The Fella will often use it to write things on my skin, or to draw pictures (usually filthy ones) and I have to guess what they are. When he keeps going lower and finally slips the vibe between my legs it takes no time for me to climax. I’m just so ready for it by then.

One thing to note is that the charging pins don’t connect to the regular Tango charger. With this being a limited edition set it’s gonna end up out of stock at some point, so I’m not sure how I’d charge it if the case breaks for any reason. Would We-Vibe be able to replace just the case? Would I have to buy a whole new set? I just don’t know.

If you’re a We-Vibe junkie like I am, I’m sure you won’t regret adding this pair to your collection. But where it’s really gonna come good is for those who maybe have a Unite or a Match and are looking to upgrade. If you buy the We-Vibe Anniversary Collection you’ll save on average of £20, depending where you shop. It’s not a massive saving, but if you combine it with one of the bazillion discounts sex toy shops fling around all the time, you can get this kit for a pretty price. You’ll get the app-controlled C-Shaped partner toy you were after, and also one of the best bullets on the market to go with it.

If you fancy giving it a shot, give Lovehoney a visit.

Purple We-Vibe Logo

The We-Vibe Anniversary Collection was sent to me by We-Vibe in exchange for an honest review. This in no way influences my opinions, which are now, and will forever be, my own. Affiliate links have been used in this post.

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