Bodywand WandPlus GSpot 8

In my recent review for the Bodywand WandPlus Rabbit 8 Vibrator I made a prediction. After not really getting on with the rabbit I said I was certain that, if I had a chance to try the Bodywand WandPlus GSpot 8 Vibrator, I could feel it in my bones that I’d love it.

Well, luck brought the G-Spot version to me and I’ve learned that I’m getting really good at understanding what my body wants. My prediction was right, and I’ll tell you why…after I’ve told you all about the vibe itself.


Gone are the days of wondering where you’ve put your favourite attachment, because what these vibes are, are mains powered wands that have been fitted with permanently fixed insertable silicone shapes.

I know that many people would prefer to stick with their removable attachments, because they can be used on different wands, and you get to keep them even if your wand croaks. But the WandPlus line is a great idea for two reasons:

  • Unlike the dense silicone pieces you can buy separately, the silicone on the WandPlus is wrapped thinly around a core of ABS plastic, meaning that the vibes carry perfectly and evenly through the whole shaft
  • Unlike many of those separate offerings which are often small in size and frustrating for those who need their penetration to be filling, the WandPlus insertables are huge


The entire piece is 11.5” in length, and 5.5” of that is insertable. It’s pretty averagely sized in that respect, but when it comes to girth there’s a bit more on offer. Five and a half inches of girth around the base with a broad, bulbous g-spotting head that boasts 6” of chunky goodness, to be exact.

As was the Rabbit 8, the G-Spot 8 is sturdy yet light, with all its weight concentrated in the shaft. The ABS trimmings are minimal and the purple silicone is smooth to the touch. Ridges, though. Why does it need ridges? I always thought they were present on wand heads to help attachments with grip, but don’t get why they’re on the WandPlus toys.


The Fella thinks they’re stop lines that let you know when you’ve reached the end of the insertable section, but I reckon it’s probably more a case of brand identity. It’s part of the Bodywand wand design, so they’ve ported it over to this range so it’s in keeping with their usual look. Either way, I wish they weren’t there cos they’re a pain when it comes to cleaning.

As I said earlier, the G-Spot 8 is mains powered, so obviously not waterproof, and it’s operated by a wheel on the front of the handle. I’m not a huge fan of this kind of control. Naturally, I get a bit overzealous as orgasm approaches and find myself repeatedly adjusting my grip on toys. Dial controls are much easier to knock than a button is. I’ve turned it up, down and even off completely. That results in all manner of awful things, ruined orgasms being the worst.


For me, a ruined orgasm is one that starts to happen but doesn’t get enough stimulation to really take hold. They die almost immediately, leaving me in a situation where I’ve technically come so sometimes don’t want to continue. But at the same time, I didn’t actually experience the pleasure or the release. It’s like reinforced frustration and one of my most hated things. It does sometimes happen with button operated toys, but it’s rare. Dial controlled ones gives me that result more times than I care to admit.


When I turn that dial, the first thing to strike me is the noise. What a fucking racket it makes! Mains powered toys will almost always be noisy but the WandPlus products seem especially loud to me.

The next thing to grab my attention is the vibes. They’re as powerful as you’d expect from a plug in vibrator, if a bit buzzy. The Rabbit 8 disappointed me a little, because looking back I can see that I had my heart set on Doxy style rumbles. But I was better prepared for the G-Spot 8.


I got from this toy exactly what I wanted. The size of the shaft is delightfully filling, stretching and touching every part of my vagina that needs it. Curving around my pubic bone is easy with the g-spotting head, and because of the sheer size of it it’s never out of contact with my hotspot. That might have been a problem if this had been a dildo because the stimulation would have been too broad. But it’s not a dildo, it’s a vibrator and all of that power feeding into my g-spot is fantastic.

In comparison with the Rabbit 8, I find the G-Spot 8 is ideal for me. The fact that I don’t have to try to keep a clitoral arm positioned correctly gives me free reign over depth, angle, pressure and thrust speed. I even feel like I have more freedom over the power, because I don’t have to turn them all the way to full to ensure my clit is getting the attention it needs.


As much as I love how strong my g-spot orgasms are when using this vibe internally, using the flat head of the shaft on my clit makes for some pretty good orgasms, too. It’s essentially the power of a wand concentrated on a smaller area, and while it is still pretty broad stimulation it’s still pinpoint enough to get me off.

And because it’s corded, the G-Spot 8 is anal safe. Oh my Gods of butt orgasms, thank you for making this a thing! Size, shape and power combine to produce some incredible anal sensations. The rigidity makes it easy to insert, though a warm-up is advisable because of the flatness of the tip. But once it’s lubed up (with water-based lube only) and inside me I have the time of my life. The vibes can be felt everywhere, passing easily through my walls and indirectly stimulating my g-spot. Adding a clit vibe to the mix produces orgasms powerful enough to put me to sleep. Excellent stuff!


As I said above, the WandPlus range isn’t waterproof, and the ridges require care when cleaning. There’s a silicone strip around the body of the wand that has a crackle pattern which also needs meticulous attention. No matter how careful I am when I clean it (I use cloth sprayed with toy cleaner) I still find dried on white bits once it’s dry. It drives me mad. I personally think anything that can’t be at the very least submerged for a good scrubbing should be less textured.

Bottom line

If you’re after a g-spot vibrator with the power of a wand, this might well be for you. Bear in mind its size, though, as it isn’t for those who don’t like large insertables. And don’t forget that it’s noisy. It’s easy to use, feels fantastic, and could well be one of the best g-spot vibes I have. If you’d like to give it a shot you can pick one up by clicking the banner link below.

Bodywand WandPlus GSpot 8 Click Here

The Bodywand WandPlus GSpot 8 was sent to me by Lovehoney in exchange for an honest review. This in no way influences my opinions, which are now, and will forever be, my own. Affiliate links have been used in this post.

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