Vondage Silicone Bit Gag

I could have kicked myself from one end of the UK to the other when I realised – on the 6th of November – that the 1st of November was world vegan day. That would have been the perfect time to review my beauteous Vondage Silicone Bit Gag, but, following the trend that seems to be dominating my day to day life at the minute, I’m doing it late.


Vondage is a range of vegan microfiber bondage products made by a Los Angeles company called The Stockroom. The idea behind the line is to offer the no bullshit appearance and tactile feel of leather to those who won’t or can’t use animal products. All of the usual suspects are available, from your basic blindfold and wrist restraints to more advanced pieces like hogties and muzzles. There’s even a cock ring and strap-on harness in the range too.


The Stockroom sent me the Vondage Silicone Bit Gag in a recent review package, and to be perfectly honest with you, I wasn’t sure what to expect. I’ve got all kinds of bondage kit, most of it real leather and some of it faux, but I’ve never tried a product that pegs itself as an actual leather alternative.

You can pretty much spot faux leather from a mile off in most instances, but the biggest tell-tale sign is the smell. It always stinks of fusty chemicals, or in the Fella’s opinion, old mushrooms. But the Vondage gag smells of absolutely nothing. Well, the silicone bit has a smell that brings pencil erasers to mind, but the straps are scentless.


So, what you have is a 24 inch piece (with little bits of overlap), comprised of a 5.5 inch faux leather buckle strap, a 12 inch faux leather eyelet hole strap, and a 5 inch red silicone bit with a circumference of 2.75 inches. It’s all held together by a pair of 1.75 inch O-Rings.


All of the metal fixtures are silver, and the buckle is one of those lockable loop affairs rather than a pin buckle. With 7 slit eyelets it’s adjustable from 15 to a max of 20 inches, and while there’s no room to make extra holes to give more room, there’s plenty space left on the strap to make a couple of additional holes if you find it’s a loose fit.

In use, it’s one helluva comfy gag! Ball gags can be straining on the jaw, but bit gags are much easier to wear for long periods of time, and this Vondage Silicone Bit Gag is no exception. The reverse of the straps feel like velvet against the skin so there’s little rubbing or chaffing going on, and the fixtures are large, so they don’t cause any nips.


At an inch in width, the straps sit comfortably beneath my ears, and because they’re not super slim like some other gags, they don’t dig into my face. The O-rings are set in such a place as to easily allow for the addition of clips and clamps, so I’ve literally had my nipples strapped to my face before. I’ve bitten down on the silicone quite violently during orgasm, or particularly intense impact sessions, and there’s not a mark to be found on it anywhere. I could probably damage my teeth long before damaging it.

The longest I’ve worn the Vondage Silicone Bit Gag was about three hours, and I didn’t once ask for a break, though I was given a reprieve twice in that time so that I could have a quick drink. Because my mouth isn’t stretched overly wide I find it easy to swallow, so drooling isn’t a problem, and speech is possible if necessary.

The Fella shies away from bit gags for those exact reasons, as he likes me silent and slobbering, but I actually prefer them for extended wear because I don’t always want to get dribble rash on my chin, or sores in the corners of my mouth cos of stretching.


I’m happy to report that I really do like my Vondage Silicone Bit Gag, and I can see it becoming my first choice whenever the choice is mine to make. It lends itself to our play perfectly, and in low lighting you can’t really tell that it isn’t real leather. If you think it would be a good fit for your bondage play, you can pick one up here.

The Vondage Silicone Bit Gag was sent to me by The Stockroom in exchange for an honest review. This in no way influences my opinions, which are now, and will forever be, my own.  No affiliate links have been used in this post.

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