Valentine Wirly Girly 6 by Sh!

Of all the gorgeous silicone dildos available at Sh! Womenstore, the Valentine Wirly Girly 6 had long been the one I coveted most. The thing is, Sh! didn’t need any more reviews for that particular product, and I always found something to spend my money on that the adult in me deemed more important than sex toys. But… then Sh! changed the silicone they used in the Valentine to a more transparent one, and they finally said there was one available for me to review. Happy days!

Honest to God, I actually squeaked when I opened this one up. Nearly all Sh! dildos come packaged in a plain white box with a clear panel that lets you see what you’re getting from the off.  I basically chewed my way in there to get at this glorious dong.

Like I said above, it’s made of silicone. A glossy clear silicone that has beautiful red silicone love hearts suspended throughout the entire piece. Whichever side you’re looking at has crisp, clean hearts right near the surface, and because the silicone is almost completely transparent you can see the hearts from the other side. They’re mostly magnified and warped, but they give a lovely feeling of warmth that seems to glow from inside the dildo.

Wirly Girly dildos all have one thing in common; their texture. From tip to base there are eleven uniformly spaced bumps. They’re understated to look at, especially in this colourway, but they’re not subtle at all to the fingertips. And when it comes to playtime, they’re even more noticeable still.

Even though this is a very firm dildo there’s still plenty of flex to it. When I squeeze it there’s very little give beneath my fingers, but I can bend it clean in half – both backward and forward – with ease. From end to end it measures up at 7” – almost all of them insertable – and it boasts a girth of 4.75”. When its firmness is factored in with its non-tapered shape (the whole shaft is the same thickness from top to bottom) you’re looking at one hell of a satisfying dildo.

Adorning the bottom of the Valentine Wirly Girly 6 is the signature heart-shaped base that anyone who knows Sh! will be familiar with. This style base makes it not only anal safe, but also harness compatible. And for those manual thrusters out there, that 3.5” x 3” base offers something to get a good grip on so that the full length of the shaft can be used without any uncomfy vulva knuckling going on.

Sh! silicone is often draggy and dust loving and this one isn’t bucking that trend. There’s forever cat air and fluffy shit sticking to it, so it needs not just cleaning after use, but before, too. Once I’m sure it’s completely clean, I lather it with water-based lube and away I go.

Vaginal play with this toy gives me one awesome thing; cervix stimulation. Some folks love to have their cervix touched, some don’t, and I sit happily in team do it! I love how deep this kind of stimulation feels. How intense it is, how slow the build is, and how deep the orgasms it gives me are. I can easily give my cervix the gentle rhythmic knocking it needs with this dildo, and with the base/handle, I can increase the speed and hardness of my thrusts as I get closer to climax without losing my grip or getting crampy fingers.

All the while, the ribbed design on the shaft massages my walls and vaginal opening, and I can even manipulate the heart-shaped base to tap my perineum while I play. There’s stimulation everywhere and I purposefully take it very slowly so I can get as much as I can of a good thing.

Switching to anal is just dreamy, too. Any textures that feel good to my vagina feel great to my butt. Ribs are especially nice because that stretch and shrink sensation is delicious. These bumps aren’t as intense as beaded style dildos, but it still feels awesome. There’s depth to go with them, though, so I really do get a lot from this beauty.

If your partner is into pegging I reckon the Valentine Wirly Girly 6 is definitely worth considering. From my perspective, I not only love it cos I end up with a heart studded dick poking out from my mound, but also because I get something pretty to look at while we play. It’s long enough to give me manoeuvrability, firm enough to not bend in half while I’m trying to go back in after a great escape, and I just feel totally in control of it at all times.

The Fella likes the texture, winces at the girth (only for a minute or two, though) and, as you’d expect from the boss half of our relationship, he ensures that I always know how much of the length I’m allowed to use. There’s this little laugh he does whenever I thrust quickly when wearing a ribbed/bumped/coiled dildo that makes me weak at the knees, and I’m happy to report that I get that laugh from him when we use this one.

As ever, cleaning a solid silicone dildo is quite simple. I use soapy water or toy cleaners (or both, depending on what I’ve been doing) and I let it air dry. You can also boil it, bleach it, or shove it in your dishwasher. If you decide to get any Sh! made silicone you might notice that it has a fusty smell. I don’t know why, but all of their silicone smells this weird until it’s been washed half a dozen times. There’s nothing hinky going on. No dodgy materials, no mould…it just smells.

I know it’s two weeks until Christmas, but I have to say that this is definitely a perfect gift to give your dildo loving lover for Valentine’s Day. I know if the Fella had taken the hint and picked up one last Valentine’s I’d have been ecstatic. If you want to pick one up for any reason, click the banner below and head on over to Sh!

Valentine Wirly Girly Review, Scandarella

The Valentine Wirly Girly 6 was sent to me by Sh! Womenstore in exchange for an honest review. This in no way influences my opinions, which are now, and will forever be, my own. Affiliate links have been used in this post.

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