Tokidoki Unicorn Wand

Have you ever wanted a sex toy purely because its decorative design makes you squeal like a tickled pig? I’ve experienced this many a time, and each and every time I’ve been nervous that maybe my eyes were bigger than the possibility of reaching orgasm with whatever toy has captured my attention. This was the case with the Tokidoki Unicorn Wand from Lovehoney. Because it’s cuter than kittens, I had it on a pedestal. But once I finally had it in my hands I was immediately worried that it would end up being a shelf sitter.

Just look at it, though. Isn’t it stunning? The Fella calls it my happy baton cos every time I look at it I ball my fists and grin like it’s Christmas morning. It’s bold, bright, and modelled on Stellina from the Tokidoki Unicorno line.

Something else it is, is a classic Lovehoney mains-powered wand with fancy clothes on. Sometimes this premium branding, price hiking approach bothers me, sometimes it doesn’t. This is an occasion where it doesn’t matter to me because, in this instance, appearance was just as important as performance. I know fine well that there are better wands out there for less money, but sometimes a toys visual appeal has a massive psychological impact on my play. I don’t know if this is the same for everyone, but it’s how things are with me.

Measuring up at 13-inches from top to bottom, the Tokidoki Unicorn Wand is pretty much standard in size. Its heavy, large and chunky, and while every inch of it bar the unicorn attachment is plastic, its great quality. The textured wrap around the centre of the handle helps with grip once lube is involved. The flexible neck allows me to angle the head to my best advantage and gives me a bit of extra control over pressure.

Then there’s the scroll wheel. Man, I’m so torn when it comes to scroll wheel controls. Sometimes I think, yes, this is simple, I like this. Then other times I catch the wheel and accidentally change the vibes, either shocking the shit out of my clit by turning it on full or killing an orgasm by turning it off altogether. When that happens I usually think, fuck this stupid idea for sex toy controls, I’m never using anything like it again.

Now, my fave part of this entire toy is the head. Or rather, the removeable silicone attachment. When I first got a Lovehoney wand it was a purple thing. No attachment, just a bare plastic head. I wasn’t accustomed to such broad stim back then cos all I’d ever had was slim vibrators. When it came to power, my vulva didn’t know what the fuck was going on, and my brain didn’t fare much better. It was like, wait, you want an orgasm from this? Like, what exactly are you wanting me to concentrate on, there’s too much going on down there.

It was really hard for me to reach orgasm. So, to combat the too much stim in too many places, I doctored my wand. I got one of the round pins from my pinboard, sterilised it and jammed it into the side of the wand head. It gave me a point of stimulation that worked wonders for me.

Well, the Tokidoki Unicorn Wand has that built in. The head not only has super pointy a unicorn horn jutting out of it, but also a pair of ears. That’s all the pinpoint stim I need right there. Then there’s the lightly textured (with stars, eyes, etc) sides for broad stim, and the unicorn’s rainbow mane is in well-defined bumps, so there’s a different type of stimulation to be had from that.

So many different options in one, funky attachment. And it’s a silicone attachment that’s a standard wand size (2.25” internal diameter), so if the Tokidoki wand doesn’t have the right kind of vibes for you, you can safely slot it onto whichever wand happens to be your fave.

So, how do those vibes feel?

Well, they’re buzzier than I would like them to be. Yeah, there’s a load of power to be had, but as I scroll to higher speeds I lose the pleasant rumble I get on low. The vibes become hard and harsh. I can reach orgasm with them, unless they numb me first, but every time I come using it I have to rip the wand away from my body. It becomes too aggressive and what should be pleasure seems to throb and change to pain. Yep, painful orgasms are fucking weird.

That’s without the unicorn attachment, though. Adding the attachment does change things a bit. Silicone dampens vibes so it’s gentler straight away. The buzziness is still there but its less violent on my sensitive bits. To my dismay, the unicorn horn doesn’t really transmit vibes all that well. I can feel them, but they’re so dulled it takes me ages to come using it. The ears, though… they’re much better. They transmit vibes really well, and their shape creates a little cup that hugs my clit in the nicest of ways. Yes, I still get broader stimulation in my labia and such, but because I have identifiable, concentrated vibration right at my clitoris I can easily overlook that. In fact it adds a little extra something that I quite like.

Inevitably, I have used the attachment on my Doxy. The rumbles of that wand really work with the unicorn horn, giving me the pinpoint stimulation I like, and it isn’t harsh at all. Personally, I prefer to use it on my Doxy, but the Fella prefers the Tokidoki wand. He’s a huge fan of buzzy vibes on his balls and perineum and that pointy horn drives the guy wild. Just holding it still against the underside of his cock finishes the job nicely.

So, that’s the basic ‘in use’ stuff out of the way. Now I’ll try to offer a brief explanation as to why the Tokidoki Unicorn Wand works for me in a psychological way. If you’re into BDSM, you’ll probably understand me when I say that certain colour combos, shapes and embellishments on restraints and impact toys give me certain feels.

  • Red puts me in a mood that’s part sensual part risky. This is when both of us end play covered in scratches.
  • Purples and pinks make me feel playful and cheeky, ready to sass and tease, or wriggle away from the Fella so he has to pursue me.
  • Black and silver stuff with big hulking buckles and spikes kinda scares me. That combo is put to use when the Fella wants to see me sitting with my hands in my lap and my eyes lowered, ready to obey.

Tokidoki toys fit into my pink and purple mood. This wand makes me feel small, childish, and eager to please and misbehave in equal measure. I get excited and bounce on my heels when the Fella chooses it for a session because it puts me in a different mindset to all of the other wands we have. I won’t call myself a little cos that’s not our dynamic, but I guess it is bordering on that in some respects. Whatever it is, I like the way it makes me feel and I love having products that feed into it. If Lovehoney ever released a selection of just the heads so I could have a bunch of different designs that would make me a very happy gal.

Does that make the Tokidoki Unicorn Wand deserve a price tag that’s almost double a classic Lovehoney wand, though? Well, if you take the removeable – thus multiuse – silicone head into consideration, as well as the giftability of what could potentially be someone’s fave brand, I’d say yes. Yes, it is worth its price tag. Of course, if you want quality of vibes only, I’d say stick with Doxy.

Unfortunately, this wand is now discontinued at Lovehoney UK, but if you want one you can pick one up from Lovehoney USA.

The Tokidoki Unicorn Wand was sent to me by Lovehoney in exchange for an honest review. This in no way influences my opinions, which are now, and will forever be, my own Affiliate links have been used in this post.

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