The Bumper Thrust Buffer by Perfect Fit

Every now and again I come across a product that isn’t just another sex toy. A product that isn’t just there to get you or anyone else off. Something that, for some, could potentially become a bedroom staple that they can’t live without. One such product is two-piece cock ring set, The Bumper Thrust Buffer by Perfect Fit.

The first part of this set is pretty much what it says on the tin; a thrust buffer. Its purpose in life is to shorten the length of the penis to better control thrust depth. Once it’s fitted to the base of the penis and secured around the balls, it allows said penis wielder to let loose without risk of hurting their partner.

The second part of the duo is the Donut Buffer. This piece is worn in addition to the Thrust Buffer, right up against it at the base of the penis. It not only shortens the shaft even further but also provides soft cushioning to prevent discomfort when bodies bump and grind against each other.

I know, I know, that sounds like it’s all about the cock, right? Big dicked dude wears a buffer so that he can fuck like a bunny and not hurt anybody. But no. While it would definitely work well for many of those peeps, it isn’t actually all about our well-endowed brethren.

Some folks don’t enjoy deep vaginal penetration, sometimes to the point where just a few inches in makes them need to call time. And some folks don’t want a deep butt mining, either, especially those new to anal play. Something like the Bumper Thrust Buffer can take the worry out of sex for those folks. It can help them relax and enjoy it without the fear of things getting too intense niggling at the back of their minds.

But what if the cock involved isn’t a monster? Well, the average penis length in the UK is around 5”, so even if a person comes in a little shorter, there’s still the possibility that they could cause discomfort during novice anal or to folks who have a shorter than average vaginal canal. Again, partners could be put at ease by the Thrust Buffer by knowing the incoming penis can only penetrate so far.

So yeah, I do think this product is a great idea. Because of the thickness of both the Thrust Buffer and Donut Buffer, a big schlong can be shortened by 2”. If that isn’t short enough, extra Donut Buffers can be purchased separately and you can stack ’em. If y’all consider 2” to be a bit too much to have lopped off your/your partner’s length, you can always forgo the Donut altogether, taking off just an inch with the Thrust Buffer. That’ll still offer cushioning, too, so again there’ll be a bit more comfort if you want it.

But here’s the rub; the materials. On the packaging, it states that this set is made of Silaskin, and in brackets are the words a proprietary blend of TRP and silicone. To my knowledge, there is no such thing as a TPR/silicone blend. As Dangerous Lilly confirms in this post, the two can’t be blended, it’s not possible. Even to my fingers, I can tell there’s no silicone here. The rings feel like all the other TPR toys I’ve touched in the past. It leaves my skin feeling slightly filmy, kinda like there’s grease or oil there. Also, I flame tested the Donut and it melted. Silicone doesn’t do that. So, yeah. Great concept, lousy materials.

We did try it out a few times, but neither of us liked it on a personal level. Not because of its materials, though, For the Fella, it was cos he knows he doesn’t have a cock big enough to need shortening and felt paranoid that he wouldn’t be able to please with less length. And for me, well, I like it deep and hard and I just really missed those two inches. Using a product that shortens and buffers isn’t right for us. Yeah, I knew that before agreeing to this review, but I wanted to check out the Bumper Thrust Buffer so that I could have the info here for those who might need it.

I’m super torn over this toy, to be honest. I normally wouldn’t recommend anything made of TPR. I’m usually actively against the stuff. But, as The Bumper only comes into contact with the outside of the body, I’m not as vehemently against it. I can definitely see the value in it. I know that something like this could completely change the meaning of sex for some folks. In fact, I know some people personally who would love it.

Maybe a truly body safe, silicone model will come from Perfect Fit one day. Or maybe it’ll come from somewhere else. In the advent of that happening, I’d urge you to make the switch. But for now, I’d say that penis owner or not, if you need a product like this, give it a shot. Click the banner below to go check it out.

The Bumper Thrust Buffer was sent to me by Perfect Fit in exchange for an honest review. This in no way influences my opinions, which are now, and will forever be, my own. No affiliate links have been used in this post.

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