Tenga 3D Polygon Masturbator

Hot on the heels of my review of an egg box full of disposable Tenga masturbators comes another product from the same company. This time, my lovely sponsor, Forbidden Pleasures, has given me, or rather the Fella, the chance to try out a longer lasting masturbator, in the shape of the Tenga 3D Polygon.

The 3D line was something that grabbed my attention a while back. There’s something so eye catching about their design, and about how different Tenga’s approach is to the penis masturbator. When we look at strokers, we’re usually faced with something rampantly sexual, often sleazy, and finished with either a mouth, pussy or ass to sink your dick into. That’s all fine, if that’s your thing, but palm sized body parts won’t be everyone’s idea of a spanking good time.

Tenga products are different, and none more so than the 3D range.

A sticker on the cylindrical display case boasts the words ‘sculpted ecstasy’, and I totally get why. The Tenga 3D Polygon does indeed look like a geometrical sculpture. A brilliant white piece of art that wouldn’t look out of place in some swanky gallery somewhere.

The clear plastic case is a permanent storage solution, each piece of it with a purpose. On the whole, its somewhere to keep your masturbator nice and clean. The short plastic tube attached to the black base keeps the stroker upright, and prevents the inside from sticking together. Flip the base over and you’ll find a small tray. It houses the instructions and a sachet of water-based lube. Once they’re read, used and discarded, that small tray acts as a temporary stand for those lazy minutes after masturbation while you lie all wanked out and breathless. It supposedly stops the Polygon from rolling around the joint, and as it stands in the tray closed side down, it prevents any spills.

I say supposedly, cos this hasn’t actually worked for us. Not even once have I successfully stood the stroker in that tray. I’d be surprised if anyone has, to be honest. It just doesn’t work.

The Tenga 3D Polygon itself really is cute. It measures up at 4.75-inches (all but a quarter of an inch of that is penetrable), and is phenomenally elastic. I’ve stretched it to 18-inches and it’s shown no sign of breaking. When I’ve let it go, it snaps back to its regular size with absolutely no warping to its shape whatsoever.

What I love about these masturbators is that you can clearly see your texture before you buy. And I don’t mean in a computer mock up done for advertising, either. That geometrical pattern on the outside? That’s your texture.

Yep, to use a Tenga 3D stroker, you turn it inside out.

Whatever pattern you’ve chosen closes in, making the walls of the channel extra inviting. The shapes stimulate the head of the penis, frenulum and, if your cock is the type that feels it, the shaft. It’s a small opening – not even 1.5cm – but it stretches enough to fit my hand in. That’s not gonna be super tight around an average penis, but as the material it’s made from is so soft, you control the squeeze manually. The harder your grip, the tighter the stroker.

Speaking of materials, the one thing that saddens me about the 3D line is that, like most penis masturbators, they aren’t silicone. They’re made from an antibacterial elastomer, which is a type of rubber. It’s likely porous, and possibly toxic. There’s been a greasy feel to it since its first use, and about an inch around the textured side of the top (the closed end) is showing signs of peeling. This is likely caused by having to invert it for use, then again for storage.

If this was an insertable product, it wouldn’t have made it past our front door. But, as there’s not a mountain of silicone stroker options out there, the Fella isn’t too fussy about what he puts his penis in. All he asks for is decent quality, and despite the slight peeling, the Tenga 3D Polygon is definitely that.

Once it’s inside out, you’ll see a little rim around the mouth of the toy. Slick a lick of lube around it, and then pour some inside. Slide it over your penis and have at it!

The Fella really likes this one. He tells me it’s comfortable to hold because it’s so soft and cushioned, though it is a bit sticky. I’ve watched him taking long, slow strokes in a tight fist, and I’ve seen him holding it loosely and using quick, shallow jerks. When I use it on him, he loves me to pull it right to the base of his cock and hold it there with one hand, while the other rubs gentle rings around his head. I’ve held it between my thighs, my boobs, in my hands… it really is as good to use with a partner as it is to use alone.


The beauty of it is in the orgasm. If you deposit your load near the base, it acts as a cup, holding it there while you pull out of the other end. The tightness of the opening literally scrapes the lube and cum off the shaft, and you come out more or less clean.

Then it’s off to the bathroom. A quick wipe and dry of the smooth ‘outside’ sorts that part, and then flipping it inside out leaves all the mess on the outer walls of the stroker. From there, it’s easily washed off with soapy water, or toy cleaners. A quick dry with a lint free cloth, and then slide it back on the stand and pop the lid on. Your toy is ready for next time.

We really do like the 3D line from Tenga. I’ve seen a few comments that the £30 price point is a bit steep for a floppy rubber masturbator, but it isn’t, really. All you have to do is consider Tenga Eggs. They can be anything up to £15 for one, and they’re intended to be single use (though you can get around 5 uses out of one before they die). The 3D masturbators are multi-use, and after 8 or 8 goes, ours only has a small amount of wear and tear. It isn’t misshapen, it hasn’t stretched or started to flop. All in all, I reckon thirty quid is a very reasonable price for one of these.

If you’re after a penis masturbator but don’t have the funds for a Fleshlight or just don’t fancy the usual pussy/ass/mouth options, you could do far worse than check out the 3D line. If the Polygon isn’t your idea of a good time, there are another three or four textures to choose from, be your thing super smooth or intensely textured.

To grab a Tenga 3D Polygon of your own, click the banner below and check out Forbidden Pleasures.

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The Tenga 3D Polygon was sent to me by Forbidden Pleasures in exchange for an honest review. This in no way influences my opinions, which are now, and will forever be, my own. No affiliate links have been used in this post.

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