Tantus Twist Silicone Butt Plug

One of the things I love most about sex blogging is that, because of it, the Fella is getting more and more into butt stuff. I mean, we’ve been fans of anal play for a long time, but he never used to do it on his own. Solo masturbation for him was always spit and a fist in the bathroom, but things have changed. He’s learned that lube isn’t just for sex, and butt plugs aren’t just for partner play. One of his (and my) current fave plugs is the Tantus Twist.

I was surprised when he picked it out while I was choosing some review goodies from MEO. Not because he wanted to try it, but because we didn’t already have it. I’ve got dozens of butt plugs, but this is my first ever Tantus one. Shocking really, if you consider that Tantus is my go-to brand when it comes to silicone.

But the Twist was chosen, it arrived, and I fell in love with it at first sight.

As you’d expect, it’s made from Tantus’ special 100% Ultra-Premium Silicone. So soft, so silky, so good! I love just stroking this thing because it fits perfectly in my hand and feels so nice to the touch.

The design of the Tantus Twist is one of the best I’ve ever seen in a butt plug. Twisted like the threads of a screw, it feels amazing in use, and the anchored base is mega comfy. Both ends are tapered and it’s slender, so it sits comfortably between the cheeks without rubbing against them and causing chaffing. Those ends aren’t rigid either, so once it’s time to pull it out it’s easy to curve them back to get a grip on it without nipping.

The Twist measures up at 4.5” in total length; 3” of which is the ‘bulb’, the rest he neck and base. Something that makes me really happy about this particular plug is that neck, because it’s slimmer than bulb. Too often I see butt plugs where the neck is almost the same girth as the bulb, and that makes keeping it in position a ballache.

What makes some of those plugs even worse is that, even if the neck is slimmer, their bases have the same circumference as the bulb. That just screams ‘it’s going in’ and that’s dangerous. Sometimes orgasm forces plugs from my butt, but other times I can feel it trying to suck them in. With the shape of the Tantus Twist you can be sure that the only direction it can go in is back.


Now for the fun part…putting it in. Even though the Twist is a boldly ridged toy, it’s still simple enough to insert. As with all silicone plugs, lube is your friend. Once you have enough on, the tapered tip penetrates the anal opening easily. For me, insertion is where the fun is at. Turning it to follow the twist helps it go in cleanly, but that isn’t how I like it. I prefer to have it pushed in straight so my body stretches and shrinks around each and every ridge.

After my butt becomes accustomed to that, thrusting makes my legs shake. It’s hard for me to do that on my own, but the Fella does a great job of it. Changing it up by twisting keeps things interesting, and you can get different sensations by alternating your twists to go with or against the thread.


When the Fella uses the Tantus Twist on his own he uses all the lube in the house. That makes it easy for him to get it in quickly, and helps with his favourite way of using it. He likes to wait until he’s approaching orgasm before pushing it out slowly. Once he reaches the mid-way point – the widest part of the bulb at 4.5″ – he usually surprises himself by coming. To my surprise, he also likes a bit of thrusting, too. Much less than I do, and only for bursts of something like ten seconds, but he says it does go a long way to strengthen his orgasms.

After play you have loads of ways to keep your Twist clean. Tantus silicone can be bleached (10% solution), boiled, shoved in the dishwasher… I use a sink of cold soapy water followed by toy cleaner. The reason I give it a cold wash is, hot water can sometimes ‘set’ odours. Boiling water is different, but hand hot seems to do it often. Cold water washes just as well but reduces the chance of lingering whiffs. And there will be whiffs, no matter how clean you are. Butts smell, it’s just the nature of the beast.

Unlike other Tantus silicone, the stuff the Twist is made from doesn’t seem to be a dust magnet! Never thought I’d see the day, lol. But yeah, it doesn’t attract all the grunge in the room, so that’s a bonus. I keep mine in a box with other plugs (all of them safe to be in contact with each other) but if you need a bag you’ll have to arrange that yourself cos there isn’t one provided.

So, that’s the Tantus Twist! If you’d like to get your hands on one, click the image below.

The Tantus Twist was sent to me by MEO in exchange for an honest review. This in no way influences my opinions, which are now, and will forever be, my own. Affiliate links have been used in this post.

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