Tantus T-Rex

I love girthy dildos. I love to be stretched, I love to feel like I’m taking just a little bit more than my body can realistically handle, and I love the sensation of being filled to the point of bursting. Now, I know that the Tantus T-Rex isn’t the largest dildo out there by any stretch of the imagination. I know Tantus themselves have much bigger ones, but when they gave me the opportunity to choose some products to review, I knew the T-Rex had to be mine.


So, what’s it like, I hear you ask.

Well, it’s fucking massive, basically. Length wise, it’s pretty standard at 6 inches insertable, but the girth is where it’s at. With a circumference of 7 inches, the T-Rex is the thickest, most stocking stuffing dildo I have.


Made from unforgivingly firm, Ultra-Premium, single density silicone, the T-Rex is a solid hunk of purple fuckable gorgeousness, and its chunky shaft has some lovely, realistic detailing. A few softly defined veins decorate the sides of said shaft, and while they might look insubstantial, let me tell you that they are not. Because it’s so fat, it presses against every wall inside me, and those veins can clearly be felt.


The coronal ridge is abrupt as hell, so sharp and well defined, and the wrinkle detailing around by the frenulum is deep and easily felt by my sensitive vaginal opening. Lastly, a puckered ridge runs down the entire back of the shaft, getting more defined until it disappears beneath the tight little balls that make the perfect hand grip for thrusting.


The base of the T-Rex is pretty substantial, and it would have to be to make the dildo harness compatible. Your harness will have to be pretty substantial too (and you’ll need a 2.25 inch o-ring – one of which was provided with my T-Rex), because this is one heavy assed piece of kit. It weighs in at a whopping 565g, and unless your harness is well fitting and good quality, that weight will just make everything head south, and having a droopy dildo when trying to service your partner is no laughing matter. Well, okay, it’s hilarious, but only until the fucking actually begins.


So, those are the particulars of this particular dildo. The big question is, is it any good?

The answer to that is a resounding HELL YES! Although it isn’t without its problems. Let me explain:

I’m a bit of a masochist when it comes to using the T-Rex, and I usually opt out of using any warm up toys before jamming it inside me, much to the Fella’s dismay. But I crave that cruel first stretch, and I sometimes feel like I could come just from that (in fact, anally, I can). It takes plenty of water-based lube to actually get it in there, but the balls and base make it easy to keep hold of while I struggle to insert it, and once it’s in, my vagina quickly relaxes to accommodate it, so by the time things inevitably turn extra slippery, I don’t need as strong a grip.


The problem I have with the T-Rex is when it comes to thrusting. I kinda can’t do it, but not because of fit. It’s because the length is quite stubby in comparison to the girth, and my vagina clings so tight around the shaft that, combined with the weight pulling it down, it keeps popping out when I try to thrust and I can’t get a good rhythm going.


The Fella has similar issues while using it on me, he says he feels like he has to fight to keep it inside me as my vag tries to expel it, so once he’s got in in me, he just uses really short strokes – more of a wobble than a thrust, I guess – and grinds it in circles instead.

The best way I’ve found of using it is to stand it up and ride it. It has to be held down though, as even though it’s heavy, it’s such a tight fit my vagina is well capable of lifting it off whatever surface I have it on. If I’m alone, holding it down with my fingers can get uncomfortable and restricting, so I strap it into a harness, then strap the harness to a stool we have which is the perfect height for me to easily ride the T-Rex.


When I told the Fella that I was writing this review, he gave me a cheeky grin and asked me if I’d tried the T-Rex anally yet. He was surprised when I said, yes, yes I have! He didn’t think I was brave enough.

I do warm up before going on an anal adventure with the T-Rex, and it’s a good job too, because the stretch is intense and leaves me feeling pretty battered and bruised after. But while it’s happening? OMFG! It feels so good! I stay quite shallow, cos I really love the way the coronal ridge feels popping in and out of me. It feels almost unbearably painful, but I find myself riding quicker and quicker every time, and once I start to come, sinking down on the full length and grinding for a bit then lifting off the dildo quickly and fully makes my knees weak.


Cleaning the T-Rex after use is a simple thing. I give mine a good wash in soapy water, paying attention to the glans and the detailing and under the coronal ridge, then I spray with toy cleaner to make sure everything is good and hygienic. If you wanted to, you could boil it, sterilise it in a 10% bleach solution, or chuck it in the dishwasher (sans detergent and actual dishes, lol). There isn’t a storage bag included, so you’re gonna need a big one of those if that’s how you store your dildos.

It’s probably obvious, but those who aren’t experienced with larger dildos will find the T-Rex too much, and those who have limited hand strength or movement might well find it a struggle to use it comfortably, or for extended periods.


But those who know what they’re about might well love the T-Rex, provided they don’t need a load of length to go with their girth. I wish the shaft was an inch or two longer, cos that would have made it perfect, but the girth is great for me at the moment. It’s so good, I can see myself wanting to know the pleasure of taking more before long.

If you want to try the T-Rex for yourself, click the banner below and head on over to Tantus.

The Tantus T-Rex was sent to me by Tantus in exchange for an honest review. This in no way influences my opinions, which are now, and will forever be, my own. Affiliate links have been used in this post.

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