Tantus Splash

Splish splash, I was takin’ a bath…

Actually that’s a lie, I wasn’t taking a bath at all, but I do sing that song every time I take the Tantus Splash for a ride, without fail. What’s more, I’m so completely certain that I’m going to love every second of what comes after I start singing, the song kinda turns me on a bit whenever I hear it.

I’m about to write a sentence that most definitely isn’t a lie. It isn’t even an exaggeration. What it is, is a pretty bold statement that many people at my stage of blogging might not feel ready to make.

The Tantus Splash is my favourite dildo!



It was the first Tantus product that ever caught my eye, but I was a late comer to the brand, so by the time I was lusting after it, it was almost impossible to find one in the UK. Before long, I made a Tantus order from the US with a friend, then another, solo order soon followed, and in that second delivery was the Splash.


As I’ve probably said in other reviews, I have three preferences when it comes to dildos. I like em big, I like em curvy, or I like em textured. The Splash isn’t an eyebrow raising size by any means, but at 7 inches in overall length (pretty much all of it less the base insertable), and 5.25 inches at the widest point, it’s more than big enough to make my vagina sit up and take notice.

But even more than the filling size, the texture is what gets me every time. The Splash is made from firm silicone, but there’s plenty flex to it. Mine is an emerald green colour, but I can’t get it to look anything but blue in photos, which is a shame because it’s beauteous!


The thick tip has shallow channels, and big water droplets that pour down the sides of the shaft in varying degrees of length and depth, making the whole thing one hell of a bumpy ride. There are two different silicone textures too. The shaft is matte, almost like velvet rubbed the wrong way, and the watery rivulets are high shine and glossy, making the dildo look wet, as I would guess was the intention.


But it’s not just the size and textures that have me completely satisfied by, and totally in love with the Splash. The way the shaft tapers from base to tip means I find it ace for G-Spotting. The girth ensures that there’s always part of the tip stroking my sweet spot, and those textures feel amazing stimulating the entrance to my vagina. Happy, happy Ella!

As if that wasn’t enough, there’s more to love here. As all good dildos should be, the Splash is anal safe. It has a flared, flat base, so is harness compatible with a 1.5 inch O-Ring, so while the Fella won’t let me near his butt with it, he’s happy to strap himself in and go at my butt with all the enthusiasm one man can muster.


The Splash feels fucking awesome when used anally, I don’t really care whether it’s me or the Fella doing the thrusting. I get off on the pull and tug of a toy moving in and out of my butt, and the texture of those shaft waves do exactly that. As with all toys, I do find that I lose the feel of some of those textures when the Fella really goes for it because of all the lube involved, but the size saves the day, and I can’t think of many things I love more than having my butt pounded with the Tantus Splash.

Tantus products are made to last a lifetime, and if you take good care of them, there’s absolutely no reason why they shouldn’t. Their dildos are made from 100% premium grade silicone, so sterilizing them is easy. You can boil them, clean them in a 10% bleach solution, stick them in the dishwasher, or you can wash them in antibacterial soap (I use a feminine hygiene one) and water, then give them a spray down with toy cleaner, before giving your toy a final rinse and an air dry. They don’t come with storage bags though, but I have a shelf in a cupboard dedicated to dildos that stand unaided, so no bag wasn’t an issue for me.

Well, that’s the review of my favourite dildo. If I had to choose just one word to describe it, what would it be?

Superorgasmicalladickstickexceptionallydildocious! Try saying that with a mouthful of nuts!

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