Tantus Snap Strap

My lovely friend over at the Carnal Queen is one of the nicest people I know, but she’s also a massive tease. Whether in conversation or review form, the woman tempts me often, and because of her lures one of my 2016 goals was to bring into my possession one of Tantus’ awesome looking silicone paddles. The Fella pointed out that the Tantus Snap Strap was in the January sale at Coco de Mer, and after a bit of lash fluttering on my part, said I could have it for Valentine’s Day.


Now anyone who is familiar with my reviews will be aware that just because he buys an occasion gift a month and a half early does not mean it’s gonna sit there unused all that time. In fact, it’s a given that it won’t, but he didn’t mind so much this time as it’s just as much for him as it is for me.

The package arrived two days after purchase – nicely wrapped in plum coloured paper by the folks at Coco de Mer – and I had at it immediately. The Snap Strap is an unassuming thing, truth be told. Despite the outstanding quality of the black silicone it’s made from, it looks kinda flimsy and I did wonder if maybe I’d picked the worst of the bunch for my first product from the range.


It’s 17.5 inches long from top to bottom, and the business end of 12 inches makes up the majority of that length. At just over 2 inches in width and only an eighth of an inch thick, it’s pretty slender, so I get why they called it a strap and not a paddle. With it being one piece of seamless silicone, it’s ridiculously easy to clean. You could boil it if you wanted, but as it’s not one we’ll ever draw blood with I just spray it with sex toy cleaner and hang it by the little hole on the handle once it’s dry.

Truth be told, I wasn’t expecting much from it given how floppy it is, so was entirely unprepared for the first whack. I was standing, legs apart, and the Fella took it across the side of my upper thigh. It stung like fuck and he was most amused by my yelp. It wasn’t just the site of impact that got it either. The strap is so long and flexible, it wrapped around my thighs again and again, giving the fleshy inner part secondary stings that were possibly more painful than the initial impact.

When it’s used across my butt cheeks the sting is less intense, but the cracks it makes are very sharp, sounding more like skin on skin spanks than implement strikes. The sound of a hand slapping my butt is a sound I’ve come to love, so getting something so similar from a toy was an unexpected bonus for me. I can’t help wondering if the rest of Tantus’ paddle range will sound the same.




The Fella says that from his perspective as master of the hitty things, the Tantus Snap Strap is a bit of a maverick. Its length and flexibility make it unwieldy, thus making the area it strikes unpredictable if he gets distracted for even a second. The thing is, once I start yowling and wriggling he gets distracted for lots of seconds, so I’ve had a few whacks land where I would much rather they hadn’t.


The only thing that disappointed him about this particular toy was that it’s too unmanageable to use for breast spanking. I don’t want to take a silicone smack to the face however unintentional, and he doesn’t want to deal with my strop if that should occur. So, as is my duty, I’ve made it quite clear to him that the solution to his minor problem is to buy another Tantus paddle (or three) in the hopes that he can find one he can exercise greater control over. Simples.

So aside from that one element of unwieldiness which is the teeniest of issues, we both love the Tantus Snap Strap, and if you know how to charm a snake, I reckon you’ll love it too. If you’d like to give one a shot, click the link below.


The Tantus Snap Strap was a purchase. Affiliate links have been used in this post.


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