Tantus Silicone O-Rings Set

Two of the most useful sex toy related things I’ve ever received have been from Tantus. The first was their Suction Cup. That little gem gave me the option to secure my Tantus Vibrating Dildos to any smooth surface I fancied. For me, that was a bigger deal than you’d probably imagine. The second is this Tantus Silicone O-Rings Set, and it’s just as big a deal as the other thing. Let me tell you why…


As you already know, dildos come in so many different shapes and sizes. Pretty much anyone who is into penetration is almost guaranteed to find one they feel was made for them. Whether they want something fingeresque or more of a fist, forearm, elbow and bicep included, it’ll be out there somewhere.

For those just getting into pegging, finding that the fancy new harness you just bought doesn’t come with an O-Ring that lets you use your favourite dong can be such a disappointment. I know, because I’ve lived through it on more than one occasion. Sourcing one ring at a time is a pain in the neck, so having a set like the Tantus Silicone O-Rings is a god-send.


It isn’t just because the set of six sizes – with internal diameters of 1.2”, 1.48”, 1.74”, 1.97”, 2.22”, 2.5” – accommodate all of Tantus’ harness compatible dildos, and obviously a good selection of others. The fact that the rings are made from Tantus’ Ultra-Premium Silicone goes a long way to making them a perfect partner set for your harness. I absolutely hated having to use rubber o-rings with my silicone dildos. It felt wrong, so I usually stuck with any dildo that fit the silicone cock rings I had.

Yes, we used cock rings with our harness, which was far from ideal.

Now, every single harness compatible dildo I have gets used with a built for purpose o-ring, and I don’t get annoyed at having to insult them by ringing them in rubber.


Being silicone, they’re super easy to keep clean and store. I wash mine in soapy water, but you can clean them in all the usual ways you’d clean your silicone dildos. They can be stored together too, so mine live in a little satin bag that I attach to our main harness in the cupboard, so they have less chance of getting lost.


I don’t often use the word ‘essential’ in reviews, because I find it very presumptuous. But I am gonna use it here. If you use a dildo harness for any reason, you really do need this set in your life. If you’d like to add them to your toy box, you can pick them up here.

The Tantus Silicone O-Rings Set was sent to me by Tantus in exchange for an honest review. This in no way influences my opinions, which are now, and will forever be, my own. Affiliate links have been used in this post.

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