Tantus Plunge

Here are a few facts for you: wizards make magic with wands, witches make magic with cauldrons, Tantus makes magic with silicone, and I’ve long had a thing for sex toys that have a dual purpose. Good quality dildos that fan out into floggers? Yes! Crops with insertable wooden handles? Magic! The Tantus Plunge is my very first dual purpose spanking paddle and the thing is genius, as far as I’m concerned.


The Fella has long held the opinion that a paddle is a paddle. He says that, while the feel in his hand can differ with shape and the swing and aim can change with length, shape and weight, they’re all essentially the same animal.

My response to that is always, tell that to my arse-end! Sure, if you have ten different branded paddles that are all leather on one side and satin on the other, odds are they are gonna feel the same. But what if there’s suede on one side instead of satin, or maybe fur? They’ll be different, just as they will be if the paddle is rubber, wood, metal lined, or in this case, silicone.


Sleek black, slimline and sexy, and made from Tantus’ 100% Ultra-Premium Silicone, the Plunge is actually an innocent looking thing. It sits in the Fella’s hand, wobbling around like it’s gonna feel like jelly when it hits the skin, but once you feel that whack? Holy stinging arse cheeks, Batman!

As a paddle, you have 13 inches in total length, with a spanking area of 6.25 by 3 inches. That spanker is 5mm thick and super flexible. Unlike most paddles, the handle is thick and rounded rather than flat, and has a curve at the tip. That makes it a joy to wield, or so I’m told. I’ve not been allowed to wallop the Fella with it. Why? Cos of my reaction the first time he walloped me with it.


We’ve got paddles that are stingy, paddles that are thuddy, and paddles that offer a bit of both but the Plunge is in a whole category of its own. That category is called ‘really fucking hurts’. Nothing has reddened my skin as fast as the Plunge does, and nothing else has ever made me crawl across the bed in an attempt to escape after just one whack. I was stunned at just how painful it was, and it took me a good five minutes of sitting huddled against the headboard to process it and decide that I loved it.

I explained to the Fella that the first hit had been far too much, far too early in our play, and he had much more respect for what the Plunge could do it after that. See, he usually gives his thigh a bit of a thrashing with new impact toys to get to know them, but he didn’t feel he had to with the Plunge because the other Tantus paddles we have (the Snap Strap and Pelt) hadn’t felt so harsh to me. He’d expected the Plunge to be similar. He was wrong.


I’ll hold my hands up and say that I asked him to abandon the Plunge that first time and switch to something else, but subsequent uses were an absolute joy. Starting off with a lighter paddle to prepare my butt (only my butt with this paddle cos my thighs can’t stand it) for what’s coming has been our way forward, and only when I’m raising my butt in the air and looking for something harder does the Plunge come out. It doesn’t take many strikes to get me groaning, and it’s times like that when I dearly wish I could orgasm through impact play. I mean, I can orgasm through having my clit slapped, but the Plunge isn’t the tool for that.

What it is the tool for is, well, plunging. Right at the point where the Fella knows I want to come, the genius of the Plunge comes into play, because the handle of the Tantus Plunge isn’t just a handle, it’s a 5.5 inch g-spotting dildo with a circumference of around 3.5 inches and I can never be sure of when the spanking is gonna turn into fucking. Every time we’ve used it, penetration has come as a massive surprise, despite the fact that I always know it’s coming.


That’s because I can usually guess when the Fella is swapping out a paddle for a dildo, but with the Plunge all he has to do is flip it around. Having my butt cruelly spanked then my g-spot intensely stimulated by the hard silicone, then back to the spanking then the fucking then the spanking then the fucking… the orgasm that results from such differing, intense sensation is always mind blowing, and having a few softer whacks while I’m coming makes it feel all the more engulfing.


I’ve asked the Fella afterward, well the next day, if his grip suffers due to body fluids after the Plunge has been inside me, and he says of course it does. But the flexibility of the spanker allows him to fold and squash it so that when he’s penetrating me he doesn’t have to keep stopping, and the little slope where the handle meets the spanker helps him keep a tight hold on it during spanking so it doesn’t go flying. That said, it did fly out of his hand once, but it didn’t hit anything important and we were at the point of PIV sex anyway, so it wasn’t a big deal.

Having a body safe toy that has a dual purpose truly is one of life’s little delights, and I can’t fault my Plunge. I think the only thing that I could see as a downside is the hole in the tip of the handle. I know it’s there for hanging purposes, but the idea of using it anally squees me out because of it. I know that’s ridiculous cos Tantus silicone can be boiled clean, but I just can’t do it so it’s on the nope list for anal. That’s a bit sad, cos I’d love to go from a harsh spanking to instant anal penetration with it.


As I just said, you can boil the Plunge to clean it, as well as use the usual suspects like 10% bleach solution, soapy water and toy cleaners. Surprisingly, it doesn’t seem to have the adoration for dust and other bits of crap that many silicone toys have. Hanging it up somewhere inconspicuous is a good idea, and you can rest in the knowledge that it’s always gonna be clean when you reach for it.

I love my Plunge, and have added it onto my ‘one item in a fire’ list, which currently has upward of 20 items on it, lol. If you’d like to see if it’s the dual purpose toy of your dreams, you can buy one here.

The Tantus Plunge was sent to me by Tantus in exchange for an honest review. This in no way influences my opinions, which are now, and will forever be, my own.  Affiliate links have been used in this post.

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