Tantus Lt Ed Duchess

Sitting beneath the lamp on my bedside table with a pot of pens, a few bottles of assorted lubes and massage oils, and a massage candle, is an A3 notebook with a skull on the front, and in that notebook you’ll find all of my sex toy wishlists. Those lists have grown so much recently that they’ve been separated into categories, and each one has capitalised headers.



Yes, Tantus. It’s the only brand out there that actually has its very own wishlist in my little book of lust. Well, I say wishlist, but it might as well be a picture of their warehouse in all honesty, given how many of their products I covet. There’s something about every single thing they produce that catches my attention, whether it be something as simple as a colour, or something as complex as a curved shaft with a bold texture and a G-Spotting tip.

I was recently sent a huge box of sexiness to review by the wonderful folk at Tantus, and in that box, wrapped in a foil bag, was the…

Limited Edition Duchess Dildo


The regular Duchess is actually a vibrating dildo, which has a bullet hold in the base to accommodate a bullet vibe, but the one I chose is solid, and therefore a simple dildo.


But just look at her, people. Isn’t she beautiful? As it’s part of Tantus’ O2 range, every one of the Duchess’ 7 inches of insertable length is made from dual density silicone. The inner, Barbie pink core is super firm, and the almost opaque white silicone that coats it is soft and gloriously squidgy. The head is core free, so is nothing but pliable, sexy squishiness.


It’s not as pliable as some silicones I’ve come across, however, as unlike the others, the head of the Duchess retains its basic shape no matter how much I try to smoosh it into submission. This is by no means a negative, though. It just means that, if I get carried away and have an unplanned withdrawal during use, I don’t have to get my hands involved to get it back inside me, because it’s firm enough to slide home with just a bit of hip wriggling.


While I do like dildos of all kinds, I think that, when it comes to silicone, my favourite is probably the semi-realistic. The Duchess fits that category for me. It’s pink, white and smooth, but still looks for all the world like what it is: a model of a cock. This type of dildo is the perfect compromise for those who still want the pronounced head and shaft sensation without having the foreskins, veins and balls than come with people hued life casts.

The silicone that wraps around the Duchess’ shaft is matte and slightly textured, while the bulbous, semi-realistic glans is glossy and shiny. At 6 inches in circumference, it’s nicely filling, and that works for me. If that head had been 5 inches like the shaft is, it would have been a straight up and down dildo, and those aren’t really my jam.


So, how many ways can you love a Duchess? Quite a few, actually. Not only does it feel fantastic when used vaginally, especially when the head is slowly ground into my G-Spot, but it’s also ace for anal too. The flared base makes it perfectly safe for butt play, as well as harness compatible. If you want to use your Duchess in your harness, you’ll need a 1.75 inch O-ring.


I haven’t managed to get the Fella to let me at him with the Duchess just yet, but he has donned the harness himself so he could spoil me with a bit of double penetration. The straight shaft of the Duchess works better when used anally in this case, as the stretch feels amazing, and the Fella benefits too as having my butt so full takes up a bit of room in my vagina, making things tighter for him.

Little Flirt

If I use the Duchess solo, I’ve taken to slipping the Tantus Little Flirt butt plug in to my anus as a little something extra. The Little Flirt (grab bag) was one of the treats in my box of Tantus review goodies, but is too small for both myself and the Fella to use on its own, but if I use it with a vaginal toy, it adds to the sensations I feel during play, then once I reach orgasm I love to feel it pop out, which it usually does of its own accord. The Fella finds that very amusing to watch!

Silicone can be a draggy material, so we use plenty of Sliquid Sassy during anal play, but in the initial, playful stages of vaginal play, I personally prefer less slip and slide. I like to feel my vaginal canal resisting on inserting a dildo, and I like to feel it trying to hold on when it’s being withdrawn, but once the real fucking begins, I lube up to make sure genital friction burns do not become a thing.


Just like all Tantus dildos, the Duchess is made from their own Ultra-Premium Silicone. It’s completely body safe, so there’s no worries there, and there’s so many ways you can clean it, keeping it body safe is simple. You can boil it, bung it in the dishwasher, bleach it with a 10% bleach solution, or you can simply use soapy water and antibacterial sex toy cleaner. I opt for the latter for toys like this. I only boil super textured stuff that I don’t trust soaps to completely clean, like the Tantus Bound, for example.

Tantus dildos don’t come with storage bags, but I have a dildo shelf so that hasn’t been an issue for me. If you don’t have any place to store your free standing dildos upright, I’d recommend getting a bag, because silicone likes dust, and even though she’s a lady, the Duchess is no exception.

If you like substantial, firm yet soft dildos, you can’t go wrong with a Duchess. If you fancy giving one a shot, you can get one by clicking here.

The Tantus Limited Edition Duchess Dildo was sent to me by Tantus in exchange for an honest review. This in no way influences my opinions, which are now, and will forever be, my own. Affiliate links have been used in this post.


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