Tantus Curve & Curve Super Soft

One of the most fun parts of the reviewing side of Scandarella has always been cultivating my lust list. Even before I started blogging, I had a healthy (okay, ridiculously long) list of sex toys I wanted to get my paws on. I thought that, after the blog happened, the list would gradually shrink, but nope. It’s probably twice as long as it ever was. One thing that’s been on it forever is the Tantus Curve, so when the lovely Bonnie at Luxury Vibrators asked me to review not just that but also the new Tantus Curve Super Soft, I enthusiastically screamed, “I’ll do it!”

So, the Curves. Sexy, sexy dildos that are ideal for solo play, partner play, and – more than anything else – pegging. Yep, these dildos are a fantastic size for the butt shy who, though they want to indulge in a bit of harness action, aren’t keen on anything too intimidating.

Both the Tantus Curve and the Curve Super Soft are made from the same mould. They’re exactly the same size – 6.6” long (6” insertable) and 4.75” in circumference. Both have the same shape, and subtle texture, too. It’s kinda like really gentle bumps down the front of the shaft. If you hold your hand palm up with your fingers together, and then run your thumb over the fleshy bits closest to your palm, you’ll get an idea of what this texture is.

And, finally, both dildos are made from Tantus’ 100% Ultra-Premium Silicone. That means they’re not just completely body safe, but also that they’re supremely simple to take care of. Tantus silicone can be boiled, bleached, or flung in the dishwasher, if you have one. Or, they can be cleaned in hot, soapy water, or with toy cleaners. That all goes for the Super Soft, too.

So far, so similar. Where the Curves differ, is the firmness of the silicone. That difference is at its most noticeable in that soft texturing I mentioned earlier.

The original Curve is made from pretty firm silicone. There’s absolutely no give to it when you squeeze it. And, though it does bend, you can feel in the tension that it doesn’t particularly like doing so.

Even though the texture is understated, it can still feel like whipping a louvre door back and forth over your pubic bone. Don’t misunderstand me here; that’s by no means a negative. Well, not for me, anyway, I love a bit of internal battery. But for some, it can feel quite overwhelming.

The Fella, for example, isn’t keen on me getting over-excitable when I have the original Tantus Curve in the harness. He’s a funny one, really. Sometimes he loves bumps and lumps (his fave glass is a bumpy one), but more often than not, he prefers smooth. If I thrust too quickly with the Curve, he starts to wriggle away, so I have to keep myself in check.

Whack the Super Soft in the harness, though, and it’s a different story. This silicone truly is soft, though it’s still firm enough to stand up for itself. I can bend it all the way forward, and back, and when I squeeze it there’s a bit of give.

In this silicone, those subtle bumps really are subtle. The Fella gets a bit white-eyed when I let my hips loose on him with this one. Basically, he loves it. The texture doesn’t make him feel like he’s tearing, and he gets so much more from the squishy tip than he does the firm one of the original Curve.

See, this shape is all about the ‘spots’. Whether yours is a P, a G, or even an A, the tip of the Curve is designed to find it, and stimulate the fuck out of it. When in a harness, the Curve naturally angles up. This gives it a brilliant chance of stroking the front wall of whatever orifice you put it in. And that’s where many of the fun bits are.

If you’re not a harness fan, using these dildos with your hands makes G/P-Spotting that much easier. You don’t have to mess on trying to aim it, it’s just…there. Naturally hitting the spot and giving it either firm stim in the form of the original Curve, or gentler stim when using the Super Soft.

A good thing about both dildos is their size. I don’t need mega long dongs to find my G-Spot, so a six-incher hits it while still leaving me with plenty to hold on to. And, if I use it by hand on the Fella, he doesn’t get all fearful about it going too deep.

Now, I personally prefer a longer dildo for pegging, cos I have a body shape that can hinder me when it comes to penetrating someone else. I can’t see what I’m doing properly, or I can’t get close enough for full penetration. If the Fella does the riding, it works out okay, but I’d rather use something with more length if I’m doing the thrusting. But, my preferences aside, the Tantus Curve is a great length for those who don’t want dildos poking too deep. It feels natural. Not too invasive, and not so girthy that it’s gonna cause discomfort as soon as the lube dries up.

Yeah, the silicone the original Tantus Curve is made from eats lube like no one’s business. The Super Soft isn’t too bad, but the other one…proper lube monster. It’s advisable to reapply lube during anal anyway, but I failed to do that while playing with the Curve in my toy mount. It didn’t feel awesome when I had to lift off it, cos it wanted to stay right where it was. The pull was awful, though I soon forgot all about that once I’d re-lubed and had it back in me. So, my new rule of thumb is, more lube for the original, less for the soft.

I know that the day has to be coming where I get a Tantus dildo that I don’t like. But so far, my collection stands at nearly thirty, and there’s not a dud among them. The two Curves are firmly on both mine and the Fella’s faves lists at the moment, and I can’t see them shifting any time soon.

If you’d like to pick up either of these gorgeous dildos, click the banner below and go check out Luxury Vibrators.

Tantus Curve & Curve Super Soft, Scandarella

The Tantus Curve, & Curve Super Soft were sent to me by Luxury Vibrators in exchange for an honest review. This in no way influences my opinions, which are now, and will forever be, my own. Some affiliate links have been used in this post.

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