Tantus Cisco

I am 5ft 2 inches tall. I’m weeny, teeny and tiny according to my 6ft 2” tall husband. I might be a chubby little barrel, but he thinks I’m a cute one who, after almost 19 years together, can do very little to shock him. Imagine the look on his face when I waved the 11.5” long Tantus Cisco in the air and said, “This dildo is 18.5% of my height and it’s going up my butt.”


HA! The very suggestion made him audibly gulp.

The thing is, I wasn’t saying it for shock value; I was deadly serious. Every time I’ve visited Tantus’ website I’ve eyed the Cisco, trying to imagine the reality from a picture and some measurements. Choosing review products from Tantus is hard, cos each thing you look at is just as gorgeous as the last, but the time came when I had to know how the Cisco felt.

When it arrived I was surprised to find it shrink wrapped in crinkly plastic. All of my other Tantus products have come in boxes or little foil packets, but I guess the size of it makes that kinda presentation difficult.


The thing that struck me, even before the size, was the weight. Given how big it is, it’s as light as air! I’d expected to end up with a proper wanker’s forearm from using it, but that’s not gonna happen. Nope, 565g (1.25lb) doesn’t make it a workout worthy weight.

As much as I love the stretch of using a super girthy dildo, sometimes I don’t want that. When it comes to vaginal penetration, I sometimes just I want to be filled deeply, to have the very end of me pounded into oblivion. As my vaginal length limit is around 6”, the Cisco gives me exactly that. Anally, I like both stretch and depth and, again, the Cisco delivers.


Measuring up at 11.5” in total length (10.75” insertable) with a circumference of between 5.5” and 6.75” around the rings on the shaft, the Cisco provides a decent enough stretch without eclipsing the sense of deep penetration.

Made from Tantus’ 100% Super Soft Ultra-Premium Silicone, there’s so much flex, bend and squish going on you’d be forgiven for thinking it was going to be unwieldy. But as pliable as it is, the Cisco is a doddle to use. Yeah, it flops about a bit, but once you adjust your usual insertion methods to accommodate that and the length, you’ll have full control.


Like I said earlier, the Cisco isn’t just a straight up and down dildo. Spread uniformly down the shaft are 5 rings, each getting wider as the shaft broadens toward the base. The head is dull and rounded but is only about 4.5” in girth, so insertion shouldn’t be too difficult. I can get it in easy enough, but my butt is accustomed to being messed with.

My first use of the Cisco was vaginal, purely because the Fella wanted to use it on me. If a toy has a size, texture or shape I’m not used to I prefer to do any anal play solo at first. That way I get to learn if I like it and how I like it before he comes along and does something that puts me off.


Anyway, the Cisco is fab for vaginal use. The matte silicone is still quite shiny, so lube makes it super slick. The sensation of those soft ridges whipping back and forth past my pubic bone feels awesome, and the dull thud of that rounded head so deep inside me is glorious.

I’ve taken to slotting the Cisco into my Liberator BonBon, lying on my back and pressing my feet on the top of the toy mount and just moving my legs back and forth. The combo of a clit vibe and deep, slow penetration knocks my socks off.


But I didn’t want the Cisco just so I could lie back and have the laziest solo fucks ever. I wanted it for anal play.

My first anal adventure with it was kinda accidental. I was using it in the BonBon, having a great time bashing away at my cervix, and it inevitably plopped out. Like I said, it gets fucking slippery when it’s lubed up, so getting it back in from such an awkward angle was a trial. I prodded the wrong orifice once or twice, and it made me long for anal sex. So that’s what I did.

The first couple of ridges felt SO good when passing back and forth through my anal opening. I needed more lube, though, so had to get up and sort that out. I found that using a lube syringe made everything about using the Cisco anally significantly easier.


BonBon on the floor, I lowered myself down. I played shallowly for a little while, but soon wanted it all in me. Bit by bit, I took it in, shifting my hips about and wiggling my butt to help it on its way. After no time at all my cheeks were pressing into the soft cover of the BonBon. Oh my God, I was so full, nicely stretched and sweating bullets!

This is where the workout came in, but it was my thighs and calves that did all the work. Riding something like the Cisco fast and hard is probably one of the best firsts I’ll have this year. Every inch of it feels fantastic. If I hadn’t been gripping the bed when I came I’d have ended up in a heap on the carpet. So good. So, so, so good.

Just so you know, I asked the Fella if I’d ever get to use the Cisco in our harness. He told me not to be so fucking stupid. Rude! He coulda just said no, lol.


Because it’s 100% pure silicone, the Cisco is a breeze to clean. Washing in soapy water, spraying with toy cleaners, boiling, bleaching…it’s all possible. Keeping it clean, however, is a pain in the neck. It loves dust and pet hair, and they love it right back. Every time I take it out of the cupboard it’s covered in all the worlds grunge, so ensure it’s cleaned off before every use.

I adore my Cisco. It’s not for the faint of heart, but anyone who likes deep penetration, texture and a bit of girth could well find that they love it. If you’d like to discover if it’s for you, you can pick one up here.

The Tantus Cisco was sent to me by Tantus in exchange for an honest review. This in no way influences my opinions, which are now, and will forever be, my own. Affiliate links have been used in this post.

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