Tantus Ball Stretchers

Got balls? Wanna stretch ‘em? I asked the Fella those very two questions, in that order, and his replies were umm yes and fuck no respectively. Because he has the most sensitive bollocks known to man (seriously, look at them the wrong way and he weeps) he’s never been all that keen on letting anything too snappy near his stotts. But then I murmured these magic words, “So, we’re not gonna review the new Tantus Ball Stretchers, then?”

His tune changed immediately and he said, “Oh, they’re from Tantus? Go on then.”

Despite the fact that he was the one who opted in, he still looked at me like I’d opened Pandora’s Box when I unpacked the Ball Stretchers. I shit you not, his expression was one of abstract terror, and it was hilarious.

Made from Tantus’ Ultra-Premium Silicone in a gorgeous shade of red, the Tantus Ball Stretchers don’t look like anything to be afraid of. Some testicle focused products look scary even to me, but after he got over himself and checked them out properly, the Fella informed me that these ones look user friendly and, in reality, they’re totally unintimidating.

They come in packs of two, each stretcher having the same internal diameter of 4cm (1.5”) but different depths; 2cm (0.75”) and 3cm (1.25”). This gives you three sizing options as the stretchers are stackable, so after you get used to the small then medium, you can put them together to make your own large.

I admit, we had to investigate as to what the point of ball stretching actually is. I don’t have testicles so I didn’t have the foggiest, and the Fella couldn’t think of a good reason as to why he should be yanking his balls inches away from his body for kicks. Some folk take it very seriously, stretching by multiple inches and continually wearing their stretcher to maintain their new pendulous sackage, but many use them for temporary stretching to enhance foreplay, sex, and masturbation.

We fall into the latter bracket. The Fella is more than happy with the ballbag he’s been dealt, so he said a big fat no to wearing a stretcher outside of the bedroom.

Our first attempt at getting the smaller one over his balls was a comedy of errors. Firstly, he’d neglected to shave. I had a good laugh at him hissing ‘fucking fuck off’ every time he ripped some pubes out, but he wasn’t amused at all. After he rushed off for a shave and came back, he twanged himself in the left nut cos he used too much lube and his fingers slipped.

See, even though the Tantus Ball Stretchers have plenty of elasticity, they want nothing more than to spring back to their natural shape. It takes some effort to get the silicone stretched wide enough to tuck a pair of balls through so lube (water-based only) is essential, but too much and things start pinging all over the place.

Once he’d stopped cursing me for laughing at him, he wiped the lube off and tried again. This time there wasn’t enough lube and he ended up with one ball in and one ball out. Because it was all so dry, he couldn’t get his fingers beneath the stretcher to adjust it without nipping his ballsack. So many swear words were muttered before he freed himself!

Finally, with a sensible lick of lube and a little help from me, he managed to get the stretcher situated comfortably above his nuts. He looked at me then and said, “This one is too small, it doesn’t feel like anything is going on.”

Luckily, he got that one off and the larger one on with ease. I don’t know if the thickness made the deeper one easier to use, or if it was bravery or him no longer giving a damn. But I was impressed with how quickly he managed it.

Pleasantly tight with a comfortable tug, he said this size was perfect for him. The silicone is soft against his skin, and the lube prevents nipping. He could spin it and jiggle himself around until he was happy with how he was hanging.

We both noted how quickly he became hard, and just how hard he actually was. I always notice a difference in him during cock ring vs no cock ring sessions, but the ball stretcher made him seem harder than usual. I dunno, maybe it was just cos it was so hard won, but he was pretty solid.

There was oral and penetrative sex during that session and I could tell there was something different about him. He could too, because he found it quite difficult to come. He wanted to, and I could see by the look on his face that he needed to, but he just…didn’t. It took ages, which was great for me. But when he finally came he said, although it was a good’un, he felt like he hadn’t come properly. I used my hands and mouth and, shock of shocks, he came again. He never comes twice in the same five minutes, but this time he did. There was so much come, half of it unexpected and not entirely welcome in my face. He knew that too, so was doubly elated.

We’ve used these stretchers a few times now, and he’s very fond of the larger one. We tried to do the stacking thing but it brought tears to his eyes, so that’ll be for another day. Once we’re done playing, a quick wash in the sink and an airdry has them looking all fresh and new, and they live in his bedside drawer in a little satin bag.

We’re both big fans of these stretchers; me because he gets a super hard cock and loves me long time with it, and him because he can have multiple orgasms in quick succession. That’s a win-win if you ask me. If you’d like to give these stretchers a shot, click on the banner below and get you some.

The Tantus Ball Stretchers were sent to me by Tantus in exchange for an honest review. This in no way influences my opinions, which are now, and will forever be, my own. Affiliate links have been used in this post.


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