Tantus Adam 02

If you’re a regular Scandarella reader you’re probably aware that, in my opinion, Tantus is one of the best sex toy companies in the world. From the bittiest butt plug to the bulkiest dildo, they have something for everyone, and every single one of their products is made from 100% body safe materials.


In my last review package, along with the most stunning strap-on harness ever made, was the Adam 02 Dildo. Tantus 02 dildos are all dual density. They have a flexible core of firm silicone, and an outer skin of soft, yielding silicone. The aim is to create a realistic feel dildo that has all the tensile, spongy qualities of a real penis, while still being firm enough to facilitate easy penetration no matter who is using it, and no matter which orifice they choose to use it in.

Job well done!

While it isn’t the most real feel dildo I’ve come across, Adam does feel pretty lifelike in use. It reminds me of those times when the Fella is in extreme arousal mode, and even he’s surprised by just how hard his cock can actually get.


You can bend the Adam, squeeze it, and stretch it however you wish, yet as soon as you have it in a harness, or slotted into your favourite toy support, you can ride the ever loving shit out of it and it’s not going to pop out, bend over on itself, or do anything else to spoil your play. I know that sounds like I’m saying it’s not gonna go soft on you, but I have had real feel dildos in the past that have been a chore to use. Floppy and pliable might be a realistic feature, but it’s no fun to fuck.

So, what is the Adam 02 like?

Well, he’s a pretty big boy for a start. Not as big as my biggest Tantus dildo, the mighty T-Rex, but he’s a great size for anyone who likes to feel ‘naturally’ full. The overall length is approximately 8 inches, with 7 of those being insertable. The girth of that boldly curved shaft is a uniform 5 inches, except for around the subtle coronal ridge where you get an extra half inch.


Soft vein detailing runs the length of the matte silicone shaft, and semi-realistic frenulum and urethral detailing decorate the shiny silicone head. A nicely flared, harness compatible base finishes the piece nicely, and all-in-all, Adam is one appealing dildo.

In use, I tend to need quite a bit of lube with Tantus 02 dildos, but strangely, I don’t need as much with the Adam. Water-based lubes being essential for use with silicone dildos, I always plump for Sliquid Sea for vaginal play, and Sliquid Sassy for anal. I have other lubes, but prefer to use the best with the best.

I absolutely LOVE being fucked with the Adam. When the Fella has a long session planned, he likes to bring his cock into things only near the end. He’s one of those guys who loses interest once he’s cum, so he’ll sometimes choose to don the harness and dildo for a while.


Being on my back with my butt raised while the Fella stands between my knees is my favourite way to be taken vaginally with this dildo. With my pelvis titled back and the Adam curving up, it’s an absolute delight for my g-spot. The silicone is firm enough that even slow thrusting stimulates me in the way I need it, and once the Fella’s control snaps and he lets go, the swift stroking has me splashing everywhere.

I also prefer to use the Adam vaginally when I’m playing solo. Because of the sturdy base, I have something to really hold on to while I go for it, and I never take my time. I go straight in for the kill, masturbating for no other purpose than to reach orgasm, and I always manage it pretty quickly with this dildo.


Not only is it great for vaginal sex, it’s also fab for anal. I prefer to be taken from behind when using it anally, as the curve provides the stretch I love to feel. Like I said above, it isn’t the biggest dildo we have, but there’s something about 02 dildos that make them feel so much larger in use, and never is that more noticeable – or appreciated – than it is when it’s taking possession of my butt.

You probably already know that Tantus silicone can be boiled, beached in a 10% solution, or slipped into the dishwasher, if you have one. For their heavily textured dildos, such as the Bound, boiling is pretty much essential as it’s nigh on impossible to get into all the nooks and crannies, but with the Adam I just use soapy water and toy cleaners.


You may also know that Tantus don’t provide storage bags with their products, so if you store your toys that way, you’ll have to arrange that yourself.

As a final word, I’ll say I have a lot of love for the Adam. Both the Fella and I enjoy using it, though it’s yet to be inducted into the exclusive ‘you can use that on me if you want to, Ella’ club. It’s a great size, though not too intimidating, and that anal safe flare gives you plenty options for use. If you’d like to try an Adam for yourself, you can buy one by clicking here.

The Tantus Adam 02 Dildo was sent to me by Tantus in exchange for an honest review. This in no way influences my opinions, which are now, and will forever be, my own. Affiliate links have been used in this post.

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