Sliquid Shine Intimate Toy Cleaner

As a rule, I try not to review consumable products. Lubes, condoms, sprays, etc. Reason being, I end up with loads of open bottles and so much stuff goes to waste. But when I was offered the chance to review a handful of Sliquid products I couldn’t say no. I mean, the fact that I’m a huge Sliquid fan is pretty much old news. The first product I’m gonna talk about is the Sliquid Shine Intimate Toy Cleaner.

When this stuff first arrived, I was delighted. I’d expected to receive a squat little bottle that would only last me a week, tops. But no. Sliquid Shine comes in a rather large spray bottle which is black and gold and sleek. And unlike most other toy cleaners there is a whopping 255ml (8.5oz) of product inside.

Sliquid Shine black and gold spray bottle on black background

Sliquid are famed for their organic, vegan, shit free products, and Sliquid Shine does its best to keep up. On the front of the label, it states that the spray is 95% organic. And when I check the ingredients I can’t see anything that makes me wanna contradict. In fact, with the entire ingredients list comprising of just organic aloe juice and organic tea tree, castor, and jojoba oils, I’m wondering how it’s only 95%.

For most folks, there’s nothing in there to worry about. It’s vegan-friendly, non-toxic, alcohol-free, glycerine-free, paraben-free, and contains no harsh chemicals. And, it’s safe for most toys and materials. I admit the ‘most toys’ caveat did have me thinking that a little more info would have been nice. If it’s only safe for most materials, which are the ones it isn’t safe for? It’s not really the kinda thing you want to go finding out after you spritz the spray all over an incompatible toy, is it?

I’ve tried it on stainless steel, ABS plastic, silicone, a homicidal wasp, ceramic, and one of the Fella’s TPR toys, and not one of them reacted badly. No, not even the wasp. It just shook its little bastard wings off then redoubled its efforts to stick its bit in me.

Moving on…

To get the best from Sliquid Shine it’s recommended that you start by rinsing any crud off your toy with plain old water. Spray Shine onto the toy or a cloth, give it a bit of a scrub, then rinse again. That sounds like a ballache doesn’t it? That’s because it is. I mean, if you’re gonna go to the sink to rinse your toys you may as well get the soap out (I use feminine washes) and clean the fucking toy properly while you’re standing there.

This is the exact reason why some folks reckon that sex toy cleaners are nothing more than a drain on your pocket. They say, why spend upward of £6 on sprays or wipes when soapy water does much the same job? It’s a totally valid question and their reasoning against sex toy specific cleaners is spot on. Soapy water does do a perfectly good job of keeping your kit clean. That’s largely how I do it myself.

However, for me and the Fella, toy cleaners have their place:

  • at the end of any Ds play that involves insertables
  • after sharing insertables

The main place for toy cleaners in Scandarella House is at the end of a BDSM session Well, provided I’m still compos mentis, that is. When I am, we’ve made clean up part of the ‘winding down’ process. I’ll sit on the floor at the Fella’s feet and he’ll stroke my hair and talk to me while I clean our toys. Doing it this way maintains the intimacy we’ve built up and allows us to collapse straight into bed if we need to.

Upright Sliquid Shine black and gold spray bottle on black background

We’d lose the lingering magic if we had to get up and trudge to the bathroom with armfuls of manky sex toys. Can you imagine receiving those lovely ‘good girl’ comments from a man sitting on the toilet? Cos that’s where he’d be while I did a sink wash.

Even though it’s recommended that toys be rinsed before and after, I haven’t had any issues with direct spraying, and we always have packs of wet wipes (inexpensive 99% water ones) lying around, so I use them in lieu of a final rinse.

I’ve never picked up a toy that was cleaned with Sliquid Shine and found it still grungy. It washes off lube (including silicone-based), vaginal fluids, spunk, and bum smudges. I’ve even used it without pre-rinse on insertables I’ve used during my period and I’ve found no traces of blood at a later date. I haven’t noted any stickiness or any powdery residue.

I especially like Shine for cleaning anal toys. Firstly, it gives me peace of mind. The Fella and I share many of our anal toys, so taking this extra step in the cleaning process reassures me that I’ve got everything completely hygienic. And Shine is great for lifting butt whiffs! It has a herbal scent that helps lift (or mask, I dunno) stubborn pongs. It’s a fact of life that silicone toys will carry a smell if they’ve been up a butt. If it’s a dildo or a plug giving them a quick bleach or boil often removes the stench, but you can’t clean motorised toys that way. Having a good toy cleaner on hand really does help keep things smelling fresh.

At the end of the day, the value of sex toy cleaners will always come down to individual preference. If you’re someone who sees them as a waste of money that’s absolutely understandable. But if, like me, you believe that they have a place and that they suit your needs, consider giving this one a shot. I really like it so it definitely gets my stamp of approval.

If you’d like to give it a try, click the banner below and pay my fab sponsors, Luxury Vibrators, a visit.

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The Sliquid Shine Intimate Toy Cleaner was sent to me by Luxury Vibrators in exchange for an honest review. This in no way influences my opinions, which are now, and will forever be, my own. No affiliate links have been used in this post.

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