SHUNGA “Rain of Love” G-Spot Cream



Because love is art

That right there is SHUNGA’s slogan, and it couldn’t be more perfect. Everything about their product range is beautifully created, from the gorgeous, Geisha adorned boxes, to the corked apothecary jars that contain brilliantly coloured oils, and that’s before you even consider their attractively put together gift sets.

A lovely man at SHUNGA called Jean-Pierre arranged for a parcel of products to be sent to me for review, and once they arrived, they made my day. As I thoroughly expected it would, the packaging bowled me over. I’ve had a huge interest in the glamorous yet difficult lives of Geisha ever since I picked up Arthur Golden’s book when I was seventeen, so before I even got my hands on the actual products, I was in love.


Amongst the contents of said parcel was this “Rain of Love” G-Spot Arousal Cream.

Inside the beautiful box you’ll find a little folded leaflet showcasing SHUNGA’s range, a ‘Guide to discovering your G-Spot’ booklet, and a 30ml bottle of cream. I’ve just spotted this very cream for sale today at £22.00, so it isn’t the cheapest G-Spot stimulating product out there, but the question is, does it deserve the price tag? Is it more than just fancy packaging?


Well the answer to that, is YES! Oh my giddy good god, yes!

The Rain of Love cream has a similar consistency to baby lotion, and has a very mild scent of powdered peppermint toothpaste, which is enough to be mouth-watering but not overpowering. It’s snow white in appearance, so if it’s being applied by your lover, they can quite easily see where it’s going. The Fella likes that, as there’s been a few occasions where clear gel versions have dripped off his fingers or the toy he’s wielding to never be seen again, but if this goes astray, he can easily spot it and retrieve it.


Now the ingredients list is quite possibly taller than me. I didn’t spot any of the baddies like parabens or propylene glycol, but there is glycerine in there. From what I understand, it’s the peppermint oil and L-Arginine that perform the magic, and boy, do they deliver.

After applying a drop or two of the cream to the tip of my favourite glass dildo, the Fella carefully inserted it inside me, pressing down toward my rear walls as he went to make sure as much of the cream made it inside me as was possible.

The bits that remained outside of me caused a lot of warmth, but nothing even close to a burn. It felt nice whenever the Fella blew cool air on me, and once I started to interfere and move my own fingers over my vulva, it made my clit tingle into the bargain.


At first, I didn’t really think much was happening. I could feel the coldness of the chilled dildo stroking against my G-Spot, but the cream didn’t work as quickly as some others we’ve tried did.

After a few minutes, I felt it start to work. My G-Spot became more sensitive than it usually would be so early on in a session, and I actually asked the Fella to grind the dildo into me rather than thrust. Then I demanded a re-application, not because it was fading, but because I wanted more of that swelling, warming sensation.

I’m a squirter anyway, so I don’t believe the cream actually helped me produce the “Rain of Love” that soaked through yet another damned towel, but I really do believe it made the orgasm I had more potent, because my G-Spot was so much more receptive to stimulation.

I will openly admit that the Rain of Love G-Spot Arousal Cream has kicked my all-time favourite off the top spot. The fact that it’s cream and not gel makes 30ml go a long way, and though I did reapply, it wasn’t actually necessary. The sensations it offers develop slowly, but last much longer than other products, so all it needs is a chance to get going.

I love the stuff, and I will definitely buy more once this bottle is empty.

The SHUNGA “Rain of Love” G-Spot Arousal Cream was sent to me by SHUNGA in exchange for an honest review. This in no way influences my opinions, which are now, and will forever be, my own. No affiliate links were used in this post.


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