Shunga Dragon Sensitive Intensifying Cream

Here be dragons! Well okay, not really, there aren’t any dragons at all. But there is Shunga Dragon Sensitive Intensifying Cream which, while not as awesome as actual dragons, is still pretty cool. I’ll tell you why…

Firstly, packaging! I know, I say it every time I do a Shunga review but I’m not afraid to repeat myself. I tell the Fella I love him a dozen times a day, and I do, so there’s no reason I can’t tell y’all that I love Shunga packaging all the time.


As you can see in the pics, this one is a gorgeous icy blue and deepest black box with our favourite Japanese couple loving it up on the front. Oh, and there’s a dragon! I love dragons.


Inside of that box sits a 60ml bottle of Shunga Dragon Sensitive Intensifying Cream. I love this bottle. It’s a small thing, squeezy capped with a black on white design. And there’s a dragon! On the back there’s a spot of info about how to use the cream. And just in case you miss that there’s an info leaflet in the box too.

The cream itself is lovely. Many products say cream and are, in reality, watery lotions that go all over the place when you upend the bottle. Not the Dragon cream. It’s gloriously thick and snowy white, but as soon as you get it on a warm body part it starts to melt and run. It spreads so easily it really is a joy to use.


And the scent! Oh my God, I love it. I’ve never come across a Shunga product that my olfactory system isn’t seduced by, and while my favourite will always be the pear and exotic green tea, this one is a close second. I can’t figure out what it is but it’s very fruity. It reminds me of strawberry split ice lollies and makes me want to lick whatever I put it on.

Well, its purpose is to be rubbed into a penis, so I had to have a little lick from the tip of my finger in private, just to see. It does say ‘decedent flavour’ and not ‘decedent fragrance’ on the box, after all, so I guessed it was okay. It wasn’t. I’m glad I taste tested it, cos if I’d went down on the Fella after slathering his cock in Dragon Cream I’d have discovered I’d just opened the gates to Dante’s Inferno right in the back of my throat.


Don’t get me wrong, it tastes divine, but the only reason I knew my mouth wasn’t really on fire was the lack of flames. It burned, you guys. Like, really fucking burned. If this is the sensitive version I’m glad I didn’t have a mouthful of the original.

Dragon Cream isn’t just a basic cock rub, though. It has a few tricks up its sleeve and is intended to enhance penetrative sex for whoever happens to be involved. Here’s what it’s supposed to do after rubbing a pea sized amount all over the shaft of a willing penis:

  • Provide said willing penis with a mild heat more or less on contact
  • Increase the penis owner’s sensations
  • Give the penis owner more control over their ‘sexual capacities’
  • Give their play partner either hot or cold sensations in their penetrative orifice of choice
  • Excites the clitoris and makes the G-Spot swell to help achieve multiple orgasm

Wow, would you look at that! There’s almost as many things on that list as there is on the ingredients list (which I’ll talk about in a bit).

When it came time to give this a go I confess to being a little scared. If it lit my mouth on fire, what was it gonna do to my vulva, and worse, my vagina. I can wash my vulva if things go south, but washing a vagina is less easy.


To make sure we didn’t ruin a perfectly good sex session, we both tried Dragon Cream during mutual masturbation first. I almost chickened out when I got it in a cut while massaging it onto the Fella’s cock, cos ouch, but I gritted my teeth and massaged a small amount from my clit, over my inner labia, and just around my vaginal opening.


Warm tingly heat spread slowly, making my entire vulva feel exactly like it does around half way through a good hard pounding. Hot, wet and sensitive. I looked at the Fella to see how he was faring and was a bit offended that he wasn’t watching me. He had his eyes closed and was happily stroking away with a smile on his face. All I got from him was, “It’s lovely and warming, isn’t it.”

I have to admit that, as a cock and clit arouser it does the job splendidly. I wondered aloud where the ‘ice’ part of the sensation was and found out a second after the Fella blew on me. We switched positions and quietly masturbated while blowing on each other’s genitals. The warmth and friction of my fingers interspersed with the cold blast of his blowing felt fantastic.

We both decided more or less at the same time that the session would finish with sex, so we applied a bit more Dragon Cream to him and let him rub it on my vulva before penetrating me. I won’t say my G-Spot responded better than it does to Shunga’s Rain of Love, but the Dragon Cream did make regular missionary sex feel a bit better than usual. I dunno, it could have been because we’d wanked for so long before going for it, but when we came we both came hard and it was awesome.


As I’ve said in past reviews, I’m not very clued up on what ingredients are good for such intimate areas of the body and which ones aren’t. I’m not even sure what the active ingredient that produces the sensation is. I do know, however, that glycerin, propylene glycol, and parabens are undesirables and there’s some of those in here. But there’s also nice stuff like Vitamin E, safflower oil, almond oil and other lovely natural ingredients.

When it comes to lotions and potions my face is the most sensitive thing ever, but my vulva isn’t. I’m happy to let a product prove itself to be unpleasant rather than reject it on the basis of its contents (within reason) and I’ve had no problems with this cream. We’ve used it a couple of times now and both love it. Even as I sit here typing up this review I have some massaged into my genitals, just to be sure I like it. I really, really do.

If you’d like to experience the fire & ice sensation for yourself, click the banner below and use the FIND A STORE form.


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The Dragon Sensitive Intensifying Cream was sent to me by Shunga in exchange for an honest review. This in no way influences my opinions, which are now, and will forever be, my own. No affiliate links have been used in this post.

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