Shunga Aphrodisiac Warming Oil

Okay, so I know that the last thing y’all probably want to read about in this glass melting heat is a warming massage oil. To be honest, it’s the last thing I’d usually want to use at any point during the summer months. But, thanks to a few skin complaints, I’ve had this super pretty bottle of Shunga Aphrodisiac Warming Oil taunting me since January, and now that my skin problems are much improved actual balls of fire couldn’t have kept me away from it.

Shunga Aphrodisiac Warming Oil glass bottle with Japanese art packaging

As ever, Shunga has delighted me with their beautiful presentation. The familiar Shunga couple is exactly where I’m used to seeing them, gracing not just the outer tube but the label on the 100ml bottle, too. Their clothing is green in this instance to match the colour of the oil.

And the fragrance of that oil? It’s called Midnight Sorbet and it’s a very fruity, very sweet scent. I don’t know exactly what fruits I’m smelling for two reasons. One, all I can see on the ingredients list is ‘Flavor/Saveur (Aroma). Two, the scent is so subtle it’s hard for my nose to pick up enough to be able to confidently name what I’m smelling.

Some folks might see that as a negative. If I’d cracked this Shunga Aphrodisiac Warming Oil out for the first time at the arse end of autumn, expecting a fragrance strong enough to contend with the scents of candles, flowers, and extra products that I use during the colder months, I might have been disappointed. But having a such a gentle fragrance available to me when it’s so hellishly hot is actually awesome. I get to enjoy a massage product without being smothered by an overpowering, cloying stink.

Shunga Aphrodisiac Warming Oil glass bottle with green oil and Japanese art label

As with most massage oils, this Shunga offering is super runny. I didn’t think it was, though. I patch tested it by putting a drop on my finger and rubbing it into the crook of my elbow and that drop didn’t drip off while I screwed the lid back on the bottle. The Fella commented that it looked thicker than most oils, and when it came to massage time he opted to pour straight onto my body rather than into his palm. Jesus, I was fucking saturated. Almost quarter of a bottle gone in seconds.

After a bit of clean up the massage ensued. The first thing we noted was the lack of an aphrodisiac effect. When the Fella asked if it was a scent-based aphrodisiac or an on-skin effect one I had to confess that I didn’t know.

Shunga Aphrodisiac Warming Oil bottle in a woman's hand to show size

To be honest, I was less interested in the aphrodisiac side and 100% curious about the warming aspect. Nine times out of ten gimmicky products like warming oils, orgasm balms and such don’t really work. I have every faith in Shunga, though, so I had high hopes that this stuff would do something. And something is precisely what it did!

The way Shunga Aphrodisiac Warming Oil used is, after applying to wherever on the body you fancy, you or someone else has to blow on it to activate the warming sensation. It’s an edible oil, according to Shunga’s website, so you could try that if you wanted to. We didn’t, because the word ‘warming’ didn’t strike the Fella as something he wanted in his mouth. We tried it on my boobs first cos of course we did. Holy hot fuck! I’d expected to feel something, but not such a shocking flare of heat. Everywhere the Fella put his breath felt like a burn (imagine that in his mouth, my God!). The weird part is, as soon as he stopped blowing the burning vanished. Well, I immediately wanted that all over my body didn’t I.

Shunga Aphrodisiac Warming Oil glass bottle, green oil, lid off

Some areas responded really well to the heat. My arms and the backs of my hands, my hips, my inner thighs, the fleshiest parts of my butt. My neck and shoulders liked it too, but the rest of me wasn’t as sensitive to it. That didn’t matter, though, cos even though the oil didn’t perform on my back or belly, the sensation of the Fella using his hands to apply it, then having his mouth so close to my skin as he blew was just as hot.

Shunga Aphrodisiac Warming Oil is one of those products that encourage a little bit of extra intimacy. You don’t just slap this one on and rub it in, you get close, you experiment on different parts of the body to see if it works.

Shunga Aphrodisiac Warming Oil green and black Japanese art product packaging

We’ve used it almost everywhere, with the exceptions being my vulva, anus, and butt crack. Nothing on the packaging states that it’s safe for use on these areas so I would have been hesitant anyway, but my own personal reactions on different parts of my body tell me enough to know that I don’t want this oil in my crotch. The ingredients list is very sparse, so I don’t even know what causes the burning sensation.

I know it stops as soon as the blowing stops, but I can’t guarantee my clit will respond in the same way as the rest of my skin. If I got the same burn as I get on my nips, neck, and hands I’d be screaming. Would it wash away easily? Would the burn go if the oil went? I just don’t know and I’m not about to put my vulva through that just to find out. I would recommend that, should you decide to give this oil a shot, you don’t put it on your frilly bits either. Of course, if you wanna that’s your business, but don’t say you weren’t warned.

Shunga Aphrodisiac Warming Oil base of bottle with Shunga branding and green oil

I’m so happy that Shunga has once again developed a product that I love. Really, of all the consumable brands out there that make massage stuff, they’re still my number one.

If you’d like to discover which parts of your body feel the (pleasant) burn from this lovely oil, you can pick up a bottle directly from Shunga by clicking the banner below. Just remember that a little goes a long way, so don’t tip it out like you’re pouring a drink. If you’re after an aphrodisiac? I recommend you try strawberries, cos this oil didn’t work that way for us.

Shunga Aphrodisiac Warming Oil Shunga white on black logo

The Shunga Aphrodisiac Warming Oil was sent to me by Shunga in exchange for an honest review. This in no way influences my opinions, which are now, and will forever be, my own. No affiliate links have been used in this post.

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