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Since I started reviewing back in 2014, I’ve tried so many different kinds of sex toys it’s mind-boggling. Stuff I never thought I’d like, stuff I thought I’d love but hated, and stuff I never thought I had an ice cube’s chance in hell of getting my hands on. But one category I still have very little experience with is the warming toys category, having only ever used a couple. The ones with heating elements built in. I thought it was time for me to get better acquainted with this type of toy, so I’m making a start with the SenseVibe Warm by SenseMax.

SenseMax is a brand that is new to me. Well, by new I don’t mean I’ve never heard of them before, but rather that I’ve never had any experience with their products. After a little poke around their website, I’ve discovered that they’re a very tech-driven company. Virtual reality is big at SenseMax. For those who like the feel of their own palm with their porn, they have wristbands that detect your wanky motions. This feeds back to the app on your phone, allowing you to set the pace of whatever you’re watching. Yep, the characters fuck in time to your strokes. That’s pretty cool, don’t you think? If you’d rather have a more realistic session, they have a stroker that does the same thing. They even have a VR headset (which is compatible with both the band and stroker) for those who want a fully immersive experience.

But they’re not just a cockcentric company. They cater for people who have a vulva with the SenseVibe and this, the SenseVibe Warm.

As you’ll know by now if you’ve read many of my reviews, I’m a gal who loves her sex toy packaging. Give me a clean, appealing box that doubles as long-term storage and you’ll make me smile. Not only have SenseMax achieved that with their white and hot red sturdy box, they’ve also massively impressed me with the case I found inside of it.

A white, hard plastic case with a red plastic inner which cradles the SenseVibe Warm. The lid closes magnetically, but it isn’t the strongest magnet ever. In fact, it’s terrible. Just falling eight inches from my pillow to the mattress had the lid flipping open and the toy tumbling out. So while it’s great for storage, it’s utterly crap for travel.

But, as I quickly discovered, it’s not just a simple storage case; it’s a charging dock. In the back, there’s a wee hole in which you plug the USB charger. The lid stays closed, but a blinking light lets you know it’s doing its funky thing. The connection is perfect, it’s discreet, and I absolutely adore it. I want more toys that charge this way please, manufacturers.

So, the SenseVibe Warm itself.

It’s so red! So, so very red and I love it. The entire thing is made from soft, matte silicone, with no seams or gaps in sight. That makes it not only waterproof, but also a dream to clean. It’s a good thing it has such ace storage, cos it’s a muck hungry little bitch. Hair, fluff, lint, pet fur, dust…they all end up stuck to this thing.

Shape wise, it’s a wee bit strange. It’s a dual motor dual stimulator, so has an external… thing. I won’t say arm, cos that’s not what it is. It’s a nub. A pointy little peak that curves away from the shaft. At first, I thought this was a bizarre thing, to have the clitoral stimulator buggering off in the opposite direction to where the clitoris actually lies, but after learning that the shaft is good and flexible it didn’t seem so crazy.

And it is a super bendy little thing. The shaft bends right over until it touches the external stimulator. This means that, once you’ve got it inserted, you can flex the toy until you find your clit. I will say here that it might not reach. For me, it only just reaches, and I mean there’s something like half a centimetre in it.

Given that it’s a dual stimulator, intended to tickle both the g-spot and the clit. I was surprised by how small it is. Following the curve at the back of the toy, the overall length of the SenseVibe Warm is 7-inches. Insertable length is 4-inches, and that weird clit nub is around 1.75-inches. At its maximum girth, the shaft measures 4.25-inches.

I like this shaft, though I didn’t expect to. The size made me think it would be too small, but there’s a bit of moulding to it which gives it a nice feel if I give my wrist a little twist while thrusting. There’s quite a sharp point to the tip and while that makes insertion easier, it could be a bit pokey for some. There’s a flatness to the top of the shaft that lends itself to g-spot stim, but the bendy neck that makes clit bit make sense will be a hindrance if your g-spot needs harsh treatment.

What happens is, when you bend the toy to get a clitoral connection, the shaft pulls away from the front wall of the vagina. But if you want to really grind your g-spot, bending the neck enough for the shaft to really press into the front wall pulls the clit bit away from the body. You can use a hand to force the whole thing to fit, but then you can’t really thrust all that effectively. Basically, it isn’t something I pick up when I want to play hard.

So, that’s the fit and feel. What about the vibes?

Thankfully, this is one of the few toys SenseMax makes that doesn’t connect to an app. I don’t like apps, I think they’re intrusive and distracting, so was happy to see just plain old buttons. One to increase speed, one to decrease it, and one to switch up the modes. Simple and easy!

According to the box, there are eighteen speeds and eight modes to be had here. I say ‘according to’ because when I click the button to go up, I only count twelve clicks before I reach warp speed. I got the Fella to double check for me and he only got twelve too, so I don’t know where my other six are. Not that I need them. Nope, I’m perfectly happy with what I have, cos this thing ain’t too shabby!

The modes are same old, same old, with the exception of number seven, which makes me feel like there’s some kinda Morse code type funky shit going down on my vulva. The others I’m indifferent about, but number seven is just weird, I don’t like it at all.

But the vibes… the vibes are spot on. Powerful, rumbly and deep with a little bit of a surface buzz to make sure there’s a tickle as well as a massage. The clit bit isn’t fabulous, but the shaft is great. Using the pointed tip gives me a clitoral orgasm within minutes, then getting it inserted and positioned correctly leads me straight into a blended orgasm with a minimal amount of effort. I struggle to get a g-spot orgasm from it, though. It’s just too flexibly inflexible to let me do that. I mean, I can get there, but it’s nothing to write home about.

Because of its shape, the SenseVibe Warm is perfectly anal safe. I’m not keen on using it anally, but the Fella loves it. He also likes me to use the curve at the base of the shaft to cradle his cock while I give him head, so it ain’t just for the vulva.

Like I said at the start of this review, the reason I was so keen to try the SenseVibe Warm was the heating aspect. Heat encourages blood flow to the genital area. It offers a more (for want of another word) realistic sensation. It’s sensual, feels less alien than inserting a cold toy does. I do love me some chilled dildos, but I also like it hot.

The average temperature of the vagina/anus is 37.5 °C (99.5 °F), so it’s already lovely and toasty in there. If you’ve ever used a glass, ceramic, or steel dildo, you’ll know how hot they are when you remove them from inside the body.

Even though it can reach temps up to 5°C above body temperature (39-43°C (102.2-109.4°F)) I wasn’t convinced I’d feel it. I can use steel dildos in the bath (and I have my baths as hot as I can get them and still keep my skin) and they feel incredible on my vulva, but once I go internal I lose the heat.


When you switch on the vibe, you switch on the heat. There’s no operating that independently, it’s just there. I hadn’t actually realised that though. The first couple of times I used it, I wanted to get to know the vibes, so I didn’t try to find out how to turn the heat on. I’d been using it all along and I didn’t feel it.

I’ve crossed the above paragraph out cos I made a mistake. The heating element of this vibe is operated separately. I’ve been holding the mode button down until the light comes on thinking that switched the toy on, but it doesn’t. It switches the heat on. You don’t need to hold that button down to get lift off, you just need to tap the PLUS button. My bad.

After I realised, I tried testing it in my hand. Leaving it switched on and muffled by a blanket, I left it to do its thing for five minutes or so. When I picked it up, I could definitely feel a hot spot. But that’s all. A hot spot. Not a hot shaft, or half a hot shaft. Just down the front for an inch or two felt different to me. It’s a significant difference that does feel really good when stroked over the inner labia and clitoris, but once play shifted inside me I couldn’t feel it.

But, there is one thing to consider here; I struggle to feel e-stim inside me, even when I turn my power unit up to max. My g-spot feels all the things, but my vaginal walls are mostly dead, I think. They don’t feel a whole hell of a lot unless there’s intense texture or eye-watering girth. So, while I didn’t get a lot from the heating element, you might find that it’s the best thing that ever happened to you.

If the SenseVibe Warm sounds like something you’d like to try, click the SenseMax button below and go check it out. If the heating element sounds like overkill to you, you could always plump for the model without it.

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The SenseVibe Warm by SenseMax was sent to me by SenseMax in exchange for an honest review. This in no way influences my opinions, which are now, and will forever be, my own. No affiliate links have been used in this post.

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