Screaming O Toone Dual Motor Vibe Review

Up until recently, my only experience with the Screaming O brand was a triple pack of crappy cock rings. And the only products I’d ever spotted bearing their name had all been jelly and awful. But recently, I discovered that they make quite a bit of stuff in silicone. They’re budget-friendly, body safe, and some pieces are rather nice looking. One such product is this, the Screaming O Toone Dual Motor Vibe.

Screaming O Toone Dula Motor Vibe Review, Pink double-pronged vibrator in a white and pink box

The Toone is a cute pink mini vibe with a little round body and two stubby ears. My first impression when I got my paws on it was how comfy it is in the hand. The body is basically a ball with a 6” circumference. The flattened base (where the pin charger port is located) sits flush against my palm and my fingers curl around the ball, leaving the prongs free to do their thing. It’s just the right size so I get no cramping, which can happen when holding something smaller. Nor do I lose my grip when my hands get wet cos my fingers clamp around it and hold it still.

Screaming O Toone Dual otor Vibe Review, Pink double-pronged vibrator with a round body, showing ON/OFF button and Screaming O logo embossed in the silicone

And operation is easy thanks to the positioning of the single button. It’s on the side of the ball rather than the base. All I need to do to change the function is slide my thumb or finger over, then back again to ensure I don’t inadvertently press it during play.

The ears protrude from the ball by about 1.5”. There’s a half centimetre or so between them, and while they’re not positionable, they are flexible. They’re rounded and blunt so don’t jab or poke, despite the plastic beneath the thin layer of silicone being rigid. Even so, pinpoint accuracy is easily achievable with just a shift of the wrist.

Screaming O Toone Dual otor Vibe Review, Pink double-pronged vibrator with a round body lying flat on a woman's palm

On the packaging, it says that the motors which get this baby going are ‘Vooom!’ motors. This delighted the Fella no end. Every time I said ‘Vooom!’ he chucked in a ‘beep-beep’ and we got nothing done for laughing. Trying to be professional when he’s around is just… it’s hard, man. But yeah, there’s a ‘Vooom!’ motor in each ear. They’re not independently operated, what with the one button thing and all, but they certainly pack a punch.

The Screaming O Toone offers up 20 FUNctions, the patterns of which boast syncopated vibration. I admit, my first thought when I read that was what the fuck is one of those, then? Thanks to Wikipedia I now know that, in musical terms, syncopation is an interruption of regular rhythm. In the case of the Toone, it means one ear does one pattern while the other one does something different between the beats. I admit that didn’t sound like a good time for my clit, cos regular patterns piss it off as standard, so God knew what it would make of these syncopated whatever. Naturally, I was eager to find out.

Screaming O Toone Dual otor Vibe Review, Pink double-pronged vibrator with a round body held in a woman's fingers

Now, my luck with double-pronged clitoral vibrators has been on the bad side so far. I always get hold of them and think, you’re gonna hit both of my clit’s magical spots at the same time, get down there and do your thang. But reality sets in and my experiences are disappointing at best, utterly shite at worst.

My initial reaction to the vibes pumped out by the Screaming O Toone was super positive. I love it when I get inexpensive vibrators that have deep, rumbling vibrations, and the Toone hits that mark for me. If I slip a finger between the prongs of a JimmyJane vibe I get nothing, but on its highest setting, the Toone felt like it was gonna shake my fingernail right out of its bed.

Screaming O Toone Dual otor Vibe Review, Pink double-pronged vibrator with a round body, view of white charging cable pinned into base

Using it for a warm up on other responsive body parts (nipples, neck, shoulders) before heading to my vulva is one of my fave ways to use it. My nipples love it, so much so I wish they could have one each. And my vulva? Delighted by it. Every single part from my mons to my perineum responds so well.

Getting either side of my teeny tiny inner labia feels really good. Shallow penetration feels a bit sharp in places because of the movement of the prongs, but I like that. And my clit…it reaches both of my hotspots at the same time, just like I always want this kind of toy to do. The ears rest just to the right and beneath my clit so easily and a little bit of wrist jiggling prevents desensitising. Quite simply, I wriggle and jiggle until I come, which takes no time at all.

Screaming O Toone Dual otor Vibe Review, Pink double-pronged vibrator with a round body,

The Fella has been too busy to take part in all the testing lately, but he did have a go of the Screaming O Toone. And he loved it. He loved how quickly he could make me come with a style we usually struggle with, and he loved how it felt on his own frilly bits. Watching him stroke the prongs up and down the front of his shaft was pretty hot. He used them to push his cock against his belly and it didn’t take long before he was doing one of my fave things; filling his belly button with jizz.

Screaming O Toone Dual otor Vibe Review, Pink double-pronged vibrator with a round body, view of the prongs from above

We’ve used it together a few times now, and I’ve discovered that he’s used it alone quite a few times, too, cos when I look for it it’s never where I left it. But we both enjoy using it in a multitude of ways, so it’s as versatile as it is powerful.

Are you looking for a waterproof, rechargeable, inexpensive vibrator that does everything but the shallowest of penetration? If so, this one could be a good choice for you. To give one a shot, click the banner below and head on over to Peepshow Toys.

Screaming O Toone Review, Black Peepshow Toys Logo

The Screaming O Toone was sent to me by Peepshow Toys in exchange for an honest review. This in no way influences my opinions, which are now, and will forever be, my own. Affiliate links have been used in this post.

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