Satisfyer Pro Traveler Clitoral Stimulator

Are you a sex toy lover who travels a lot? Do you ever look at your collection and think, which of you lovely wee things are going in my suitcase? I know I’d be like that if I had to go anywhere, I couldn’t be without at least one toy. I also know that, should I get the chance to pop off on holiday or even for a weekend away, I’ve found the very toy I’ll be rolling up in a pair of knickers. Yep, the Satisfyer Pro Traveler is the one that will travel with me.

Satisfyer Pro Traveler packaging on pink and white background

I’ll hold my hands up now and say that I didn’t think I’d ever find a Satisfyer product that beat my beloved Womanizer. But the Pro Traveler is so perfect for what it’s designed for I can’t help but think that I might have. I thought that the Womanizer Starlet was the perfect pint-sized air pulse travel companion, but this one has it beat.

At just 4” in length, less than 1.5” in width, and a shade under 2” deep, this tiny little thing is ideal for throwing in your luggage. Or even, as I did, your handbag. It’s quite possibly the most discreet sex toy I’ve ever seen. Those dimensions I just gave you? That’s not for the useable part of the toy, they’re the measurements including the all-in-one travel case. Yep, it’s that tiny.

Satisfyer Pro Traveler closed case on pink and white background

The Satisfyer Pro Traveler splits in half, one side being the toy and the other its protective cover. The two pieces are held together magnetically and the whole thing feels nicely weighted (around the 200g mark) and well-made.

Satisfyer Pro Traveler with protective case removed on pink and white background

On the outside, you see a matte plummy-brown ABS case that’s slightly velvety to the touch. A cute gold trim runs down the middle, edging each segment. All there is in the way of branding is the almost invisible Satisfyer stamp on the back of the unit. You’ll find the magnetic charging point (two gold metal dots) about half an inch from it.

Satisfyer TPro Traveler with charger connectedon pink and white background

Something I like about Satisfyer products is that they all use the same style of charger. Womanizer has three different types; micro USB, pin, and magnetic. If one of your chargers dies – say the magnetic one – you’ll have to replace it. Whereas if a Satisfyer charger dies all you have to do is grab one from another Satisfyer toy. That is if you have more than one. I think I sometimes forget that I’m in a very privileged position where my toy collection is concerned. I need to do better, don’t I.

Anyway, I made a point of carrying the Pro Traveler around in my handbag for a couple of weeks, just to see how the case’s magnetic closure fared. It was pleasantly surprising to see that it didn’t come apart inside my bag.  I mean, I didn’t swing it around my head or bounce it off the floor or anything. But the case did withstand the day to day battering of me and my shit. Like I said, great for those on the move.

Satisfyer Pro Traveler held in fingertips to show size on  pink and white background

Something that could potentially be a bind for some folks is the positioning of the control buttons. They’re on the same side as the ‘suction’ mouth and the first one is less than an inch from it. For me personally, that puts those buttons almost between my labia. They press up against my mons pubis and, depending on where I am with proceedings, can be hard to get at. The fact that they’re just depressions in the white silicone panel that makes up the inner part of the toy doesn’t help much, either. Once the toy warms up and things get wet they can be hard to detect. That leaves the risk of pressing the wrong one at the wrong time, which sucks a bit.

Satisfyer Pro Traveler in hand to show size, protective cover on, on pink and white background

So, the toy in use. First things first, you need to give it a full charge. Most rechargeable toys require their batteries to be fully juiced up before first use to avoid damage. Don’t ask me why cos I don’t know, all I know is I do what it says on the tin. With this one, be prepared for up to eight hours of LED blinking before the light turns solid to let you know it’s ready. Subsequent charges have been less than half that for me, but I try to avoid letting toys go flat.

Once charged and switched on (by holding the PLUS button for two seconds) you get to toggle back and forth through the intensities using the PLUS and MINUS buttons. How many intensities? Eleven.

Satisfyer Pro Traveler white silicone section showing buttons on pink and white background

The first is the gentlest of the gentle. Like, is it even switched on kinda gentle. If it’s in contact with the skin it’s as close to silent as a toy is gonna get. With each press of the PLUS button the intensity increases, along with the noise. On the highest settings, it’s pretty damned loud. Not as loud as the original Satisfyer Pro 2, but still. It’s not as discreet as its petite size would have us believe.

What I love about the Satisfyer Pro Traveler is that, even though it’s been given the Szalinski treatment, not one iota of power has been sacrificed. The Satisfyer aggression is still there, the robust, relentless, sometimes harsh stimulation still bleeds from the small mouth of this small toy. I still hold it against my body and half squirm, half cringe at how fantastically unrefined the sensation actually is. I still prefer the smoother stimulation my Womanizers have to offer, but that doesn’t stop me coming hard whenever I use a Satisfyer.

Satisfyer Pro Traveler on its side, protective cover removed, on pink and white background

Something else I love about the Satisfyer Pro Traveler is that I can use it hands-free rather effortlessly. All I have to do is decide on a setting, position the mouth over my clit, and let my knickers hold it in place. The drawbacks are being unable to change the setting and having to scramble to turn it off quickly. The pros are having my hands free to stimulate other parts of my body. To flip a page, to click a mouse, to fiddle with the Fella.

Those who enjoy masturbating in the bath can do so with the Satisfyer Pro Traveler. With earlier models, some folks had issues with their toys taking in water and ending up fucked, but I’ve never had to deal with that. No, I don’t often play in the bath cos it’s cramped and restrictive, but I do thoroughly wash my toys in a sink of soapy water. And I do a bath test with most submersible toys for reviewing’s sake and have never had any disasters.

Satisfyer Pro Traveler with charging cable and instruction booklet on pink and white background

The Pro Traveler is currently Satisfyer’s cheapest rechargeable model and in my opinion, it’s one of their best ever. I love that it’s travel-friendly, I love that it’s so compact and sturdy, and I love that it’s as powerful as its larger range mates. I’ve long viewed Satisfyer as a cut-price Womanizer rip-off, but this model (and some of the other, newer ones) has changed my mind.

If you’d like to add a Pro Traveler to your collection, click the banner below and go bag one for less than £45 with free shipping.

The Satisfyer Pro Traveler was sent to me by Satisfyer in exchange for an honest review. This in no way influences my opinions, which are now, and will forever be, my own. No affiliate links have been used in this post.

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