Satisfyer Pro Penguin

Now that the cold weather is on the turn, I’ve migrated back to the little hovel that is the office in our spare room. As happy as I am to be back in there, there is one thing that annoys me about it; all my sex toys are in our bedroom. Well, not all of them. There’s two in the office. A Doxy lives under my desk and my Satisfyer Pro Penguin is stashed in the drawer.


If you’ve read my Satisfyer Pro 2 review, you’ll know I love the thing to death. Pretty to look at, waterproof, powerful enough to make my knees knock…was there anything about it they could improve?

Well, a package arrived out of the blue at the start of the year and in it sat four new Satisfyer models. My eyes were spoilt for choice. All of them are lovely, but my favourite has to be the Pro Penguin.


I love the way this little thing looks. It’s cute and made from super smooth silicone in purple, pink and white. To me, it feels better quality than the Pro 2. There’s a sturdiness to it that makes me think it could survive a few knocks. It probably can’t, but it gives the impression that it’s toughie. I reckon that’s because it’s made of all silicone while the Pro 2 was mostly ABS plastic. It’s amazing what silicone can do, isn’t it!


The Pro Penguin is also supremely discreet for such a power packed toy. From end to end it measures up at a mere 5”. Around the chubby handle, you have approximately 6” of girth, and the ‘head’ is about 5”. Truly handbag sized, you can easily carry this one with you if you fancy it.

When it comes to similarities, the Pro Penguin and the Pro 2 have them in spades:

  • Magnetic usb charger (2 hour play from a 3 hour charge)
  • 11 intensities
  • Two buttons; one ON/OFF, one to cycle up through all 11 intensities then back down
  • Waterproof

Now, where this toy differs from the Satisfyer Pro 2 is the way the body of the Pro Penguin angles away from the body of the user. The suction head fits around the clit then the handle slants back. It might not seem like much, but it’s a massive improvement, in my opinion. See, with the Pro 2 I found my labia and belly could get in the way in some positions. Not all the time, but there were occasions where the head would lose contact with my clit because of my mons being all up in the toy’s face, or because my labia would push it away when I redistributed my weight.


That doesn’t really happen with the Satisfyer Pro Penguin. Once I have it situated comfortably I can move about quite happily because the shape of the toy isn’t clashing with the shape of me. What’s more, I can not only access the controls without having to move it away from my body, but I can see them too. The white silicone belly of the Pro Penguin glows when its switched on, so even in the dark and even with my body shape, I can see what I’m doing.


Another awesome thing about it is the fact that the head is more streamlined on this model. There’s no chunky silicone to snuggle into your vulva as you get it comfy around your clit. It goes straight on and there’s nothing pushing at your labia or making it hard to find a comfy spot. Even with my legs closed, it finds my clit first time, every time.


That’s why the Satisfyer Pro Penguin lives in my desk drawer. With its quiet, muffled operation, comfortable shape and ease of use, it’s a little powerhouse that I can reach for whenever I start feeling a bit squirmy. I come just as quickly as I do with any other pressure wave toy, so thanks to its two-hour battery life, ages pass between charges. It’s always ready when I need it, and that’s a wonderful thing.


Cleaning is even simpler for this model of Satisfyer than it is with the Pro 2. It’s an all-in-one affair. The head doesn’t come off the toy. That means the whole piece can be swished in a sink of soapy water, or spritzed with toy-cleaner and wiped down. I’m usually a freak for storage, but this one lives in the bits and bobs tray that hovers over all the shit in my desk drawer. It has its own little compartment, right at the back, and its charger lives in the one beside it.


If you’re a fan of pressure wave sex toys but found the Pro 2 (or Womanizers) to be awkward or uncomfortable because of your shape, give the Pro Penguin a try. You might find that angle feels like it was made for you. Just taking an interest in bagging your first toy of this kind? The Pro Penguin would be a good place to start, because not only is it amazing, but it’s one of the cheapest rechargeable pressure wave toys out there.

If you want to give it a go, click the banner below.


The Satisfyer Pro Penguin was sent to me by the Satisfyer in exchange for an honest review. This in no way influences my opinions, which are now, and will forever be, my own. Affiliate links have been used in this post.

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