Roll Play Large Butt Plug

Dust. Dust, debris, lint and cat hair. Be aware that all of these things feature in this review.

My first foray into butt jiggles came in the form of Fun Factory’s B Balls. I fell in love with the sensation, but as is the way in this day and age, I eventually wanted bigger. I wanted something that would offer more of a stretch, but would also provide those titillating tickles I’ve grown to adore. Although I did find a jiggly dildo that is ace for anal, I never found a wearable plug that gave the same feeling.


When I spied the Roll Play Butt Plug range, I was initially disappointed. They all looked so small, but when I looked closer I discovered they made one in large. As you’ll find with many other brands, large actually means medium-ish in this instance, but as the circumference was an inch more than the larger of the two beads on the B Balls, I snapped one up. I’ve had it for a while now, and I’m gonna tell you why I love it.

First, a quick word on the packaging: basic and inoffensive. Ha, you thought I was kidding when I said quick, didn’t you? But I wasn’t, that’s literally it, there’s nothing more to say.

The large Roll Play butt plug is pretty damned fantastic. It has an insertable length of 4.5”, a circumference of 5.24”, and weighs in at 120g, making it suitable for intermediate anal players and above. While I have a thing for wider, squatter, more bud shaped plugs, the Fella prefers longer, egg shaped ones. This means the Roll Play plug offers us both something – his shape and my jiggles. The taper is quite subtle, giving it a slightly dull tip, but a helping of anal lube makes insertion problem free.


The black silicone is smooth and silky with an almost invisible seam, but as glorious as it feels to the touch, it has a downside. It’s mank-netic. Within seconds of taking it from its box, it sucks every particle of dust and lint, and stray hair in the room toward it as though it was a black hole. It didn’t come with a storage bag, but keeping it in one doesn’t do much to keep it clean anyway, so I put mine back in its box after cleaning it with antibacterial toy cleaner and letting it air dry.


The plug is super comfy to wear. As I said, it’s easily inserted using a little lube, and the 1.5” neck allows it to sit happily in place with no nipping or chaffing. The flared base is 2.5” by 1.75”, so there’s no fear of it being sucked into the unknown either. That safe base boasts a suction cup which is surprisingly strong, so if you’re into riding butt plugs, that should make you smile.


I’ve worn this butt plug out and about quite a few times, and it’s invisible beneath my clothes. Though the jiggles are noticeable even if all you’re doing is regular paced walking, if you want a little excitement, take the stairs instead of the escalator or lift. Coming down the stairs at a fast clip is especially stimulating. I will say here that the jiggles can be heard in quiet places, so think about that before running up and down the stairs in front of folk, because they will ask if you can hear that funny noise.

Wearing them during sex is pretty amazing too. The harder we fuck, the wilder the ball bounces around inside the plug, and feeling the combined sensation of the plug and the Fella’s cock rubbing together inside me, with the clattering of the ball and all that vaginal stimulation is pretty much a sensory overload that slays me every time.

This is one of those products that isn’t a girl toy or a boy toy, all you need to enjoy it is a butt. Beginners might get a bit watery-eyed at the stretch, but anyone looking to move on to something bigger that isn’t just a basic plug could do worse than giving this a go. Click the banner below to buy.


The Roll Play Large Butt Plug was a purchase. Affiliate links have been used in this post.

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