OVO S3 Rechargeable Body Massager

Before I started blogging, I had never heard of OVO. I’d probably seen them dotted about online, but back then I struggled to see anything but the brightest stars of the sex toy universe. It was all about the Doxy, and the Womanizer, and stuff from Tantus. But I was sent a box of OVO products to review last year, and I was impressed. So, when I was offered another box this year, I jumped at the chance. Included in that second box was this, the OVO S3 Body Massager, and I’m ready to lay out my opinions.

Nobody could ever accuse OVO of making cheap, crappy products. Every single sample of their work that’s graced my playtime – be it this mini bullet or this touch-wheel controlled vibrator – has been well-made. Their designs are simple, their materials body safe and decent quality.

Made of delightfully silky purple silicone, with two super polished ABS plastic inserts, the OVO S3 is a weird little thing. It’s quite difficult to accurately describe its shape. If I look at it head on, I really do see a duck wearing mirrored sunglasses. It reminds the Fella of a fly’s face, which I can kinda see. But if you turn it over, it looks like a kid’s toy plane. Like I said; it’s weird.

Like the title of this review says, the S3 is a body massager. You can use it on your genitals, sure, but it was designed to do more than that. It’s an arouser. Something to wake up the body from head to foot before going in for the kill and sticking it on your orgasmic bits.

Size-wise, you’re looking at a pretty compact piece of kit. From end to end it measures up at around 5-inches. At the tip, the width is just over 1.5-inches, and it’s 0.5-inches high. The arched handle is 2.5-inches wide, with a height of 2-inches.

It’s been ergonomically shaped for that purpose. Some silicone toys drag when stroked over dry skin, but the OVO S3 doesn’t. It glides, and depending on how you hold it, each surface of the toy offers something slightly different. Some surfaces are good for stimulating wider expanses of body, and some are better for targeted masturbation:

  • If you hold the S3 so that your middle finger rests between the ‘wings’ your thumb can find the single control button with ease. The smooth, flat side can then be stroked over larger areas, such as the back, butt, thighs, etc, taking advantage of the majority of the toy’s surface
  • Cupping the panelled ‘hump’ in your palm puts the gently swollen tip in contact with the body. This is great for putting pressure on more sensitive areas, like the nipples, backs of the knees, crooks of the arms… and of course, the vulva
  • Angling it so that the very edge of the toy touches the body is a great way to get some pinpoint clitoral stimulation. It’s slim enough to feel comfy between thick labia, small enough to find exact spots, and firm enough to apply pressure when needed
  • If you have a penis, you could give the S3 a shot as a vibrating stroker. The wings don’t move so there’s no making a wider gap, but resting it along the back of the penis and stroking against it while it buzzes away is fun! I know, cos I’ve done it to the Fella a few times

The OVO S3 is a rechargeable vibe. Right in the base, there’s an almost invisible hole, and that’s where the charging pin goes. It’s USB, so can be charged anywhere. Bear in mind that the pin doesn’t go right in, so don’t go jamming it. There’s a little bit of metal left on show, and that’s just fine.

Like I said above, this is a one button does all toy. Holding the button for a few seconds switches the toy on/off, and quick clicks take you through the two constant speeds and five patterns. Just like the toy’s design, it’s operation is simple.

So, it’s versatile, lightweight, and easy to get in all the spots you might want some vibes and gentle massage. But are those vibes any good?

Sadly, no. No, they’re not.

It’s a crying shame, but the vibes offered by the OVO S3 are, in a word, rubbish. They’re very weak, and so high pitched it’s maddening. Have you ever held a sheet of tracing paper to your lips and hummed? That’s how I rate these vibes. Even on the highest speed, I can barely feel it on my nipples, and I get the itchiest of surface tickles from it on other areas of my body.

Using it for masturbation is a no-go for me, I get absolutely nothing from it, no matter what I try. I can’t get anywhere near orgasm with it, not even when using it with a dildo. Not even if that dildo is a favourite g-spotting tool that is almost guaranteed to make me squeal. Yep, it even hinders other toy’s efforts to make me come.

One of the suggestions on the box is to use it as a lay-on vibrator. Literally, putting it on a flat surface (like a bed) and lying on top of it so that it lines up with the vulva. Yeah… no.

I tried it, but it was the biggest waste of five minutes of my life. As soon as my hefty flaps pressed against it, those weak vibes became less than nothing. I smothered it. The S3 is not a good filling in ] chubby Ella/memory foam mattress sandwich.

But, as is often the case, there’s a silver lining for the OVO S3, and it comes in the shape of my lovely Fella. Because he likes it. There’s something about itchy, tickly vibrations that really floats his boat. He loves it when I tease him with this toy, and (as mentioned earlier) when I use it as a makeshift stroker. Whether it’s his balls I’m playing with, or the head of his cock, or even around his anus, he loves these bloody vibes.

And I love using toys on and with him, because pleasing him pleases me. Anything that makes his orgasms stronger, longer, easier, or sometimes even harder won, is always gonna get a smile from me. It might be a wry smile, or a begrudging one, but it’ll be a smile, nonetheless.

For cleaning, OVO recommends using sex toy cleaners. I’m a fan of those and always will be, but I’m just as happy to wash a toy in a sink of soapy water. Because the OVO S3 is waterproof, I can do that. As it’s not insertable, it doesn’t get as gunked up as other toys can, but attention around the ABS plates is still advisable. If you ignore those bits, you will get silvers of dried lubes/body fluids.

So, yeah. Of the half dozen OVO products I’ve had the pleasure to review, the S3 impressed me the least. In fact, it disappointed me and my power hungry clit. But, as the Fella’s love for it goes to show, not every body will respond the same to every product. I didn’t rate this vibe, but if you like gentle vibes (and not just on or around your genitals) it could end up being your next fave. If you want to find out whether or not it is, click the banner below!

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The OVO S3 Body Massager was sent to me by OVO in exchange for an honest review. This in no way influences my opinions, which are now, and will forever be, my own. Affiliate links have been used in this post.

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