Orgasmic Pleasure Box

I’ve tried a few subscription/curated sex toy boxes now, but none have made me say oooh quite as loudly as the Orgasmic Pleasure Box from Scarlet Rouge did. The Fella chuckled at that little oooh and called me a brand whore, and my response of ‘up yours, bucky’ earned me a pair of nicely reddened butt cheeks.


But he did have a point. When I untied that red ribbon and lifted the lid on the stylish, metallic red box, my little eyes lit up when I was faced with the delights inside. But before I tell you about the pleasures to be found in my box *chortle*, I’ll tell you a little about Scarlet Rouge themselves.

So whether you want to unlock a new fantasy,
open the door to new discussions with your partner,
or easily introduce hot new experiences to your sex life,
Scarlet Rouge can deliver all the gorgeous gifts to get you started

That paragraph is taken straight from the intro leaflet, and it does pretty much sum up the service that Scarlet Rouge offers. Whether you’re looking to buy an individual product, a one off themed box, or are considering signing up to a subscription service, Scarlet Rouge have you covered. You have the option of either a 3, 6, or 12 month subscription tailored to your relationship with your partner, and their themed boxes include toy boxes like the £60 Hot & Cold Box for those into temperature play, and fantasy boxes such as the Burlesque Box, which provides everything you need to dress like a bombshell and put on a sexy show for your lucky assed partner.

So, the Orgasmic Pleasure Box.

The tag line for this collection is: no more faking it! The aim of it is to assist those who struggle to reach orgasm, and to provide an avenue of discovery for couples who want to go deeper into exploring intimacy together.

In the box:

LELO NEA 2 Personal Massager

I’m not going to go into too much detail with the NEA 2, as I already have the original NEA and intend to do a comparison review in a couple of weeks, which I will link to once it’s published.


But I will tell you that the NEA 2 is one of the cutest vibes I own. It’s nicely packaged, though not as discreetly as its precursor, it’s usb rechargeable, and comes with a storage bag and a sachet of lube. The quality is exactly what you would expect from a brand like LELO, and the vibes it offers are pretty damn good!

My NEA 2 is pink, which I admit, I pouted over a bit, because my original is the same colour, but it’s also available in blue and black. I think the colour you get in your Orgasmic Pleasure Box will be pot luck, as well as dependant on stock levels, but there may be an option to ask when you place your order.

Sliquid Organics Tranquility Sensual Massage Oil 125ml

When I first read the label on this bottle, I had a bit of an episode. The theme is Tranquility, and the fragrance is Coconut Lime Verbena. I laughed cos I got the Put the Lime in the Coconut song stuck in my head, but that reminded me of Lance Sweets from Bones, and then I remembered Sweets is dead, and that made me sad. But then getting this oil poured over my damp skin and massaged in by a pair of big strong hands made me smile again, so all was good in the end, lol.


Getting back to serious business, this stuff is amazing! It’s not the oiliest of oils, so needs a good splash if you wanna get slippery, but it feels lovely on the skin, and doesn’t leave any greasy nastiness in its wake. And that scent! It’s delicious, and if I could have eaten myself, I would have. That said, it’s not actually lickable, so ingesting it isn’t advisable. The scent is one that lingers too, so you can smell gorgeous all night long if you apply it after a bath or shower.

The label tells me it’s paraben and DEA free, and made from skin friendly oils such as almond, coconut, and grape seed. There’s shea butter in there too, so that could be why it leaves me feeling like I’m in the skin of a goddess.

An important thing to note is that it’s not compatible with latex, so if you’re getting your kink on with a latex outfit, or covering your hide with a latex condom, keep the oil away.

Sliquid Silk Hybrid Lubricant 125ml

More Sliquid, and I totally approve. I’ve said in most of my reviews that I don’t really get stressed about what lubes I use, and probably won’t until the day I have a vag-cano type, vulva situated forest fire, but if anyone asks for a recommendation, I never hesitate to say Sliquid.

Silk is a hybrid lube, meaning it’s a blend of water-based and silicone, supposedly giving you the best of both worlds. I find hybrid lubes do last longer than water-based, but they don’t stain or take 7 hours to wash off like silicone lubes do, and thus far, I’ve used Sliquid Silk with silicone toys with no ill effects. It’s truly scentless and looks like runny cum, but it isn’t sticky, and doesn’t dry sticky either. We’ve used it with toys, and for both vaginal and anal sex, as well as masturbation, and we have no complaints.

LELO Premium Cleaning Spray 60ml

I’ve seen this LELO spray every time I’ve shopped for toy cleaner, and its price has always put me off buying it. I go through a fuck ton of cleaning sprays and wipes, so paying more ££ for less MLS never appealed to me. Now that I’ve tried it, I can honestly say, I won’t ever buy any.

It’s a good cleaner, and leaves my toys smelling fresh (if a bit dentisty), and looking shiny and new, but it’s just a cleaner. The Fella may call me a brand whore, but even I’m not gonna pay more money just to have a fancy label on a bottle of spray I’m gonna have to throw away sooner than I would have to with my cheaper, store branded cleaners.

6 scented candles & a sex tips card

These are a nice touch. Candles are a lovely atmosphere setter, but you must be aware that they’re room scenting tea-lights only. Don’t mistake them for massage or bondage candles and splash them all over your partner, cos you’ll burn their frigging skin off, and they’ll probably kick your arse for it. The tips card explains the purpose of the box, and I don’t want to share the tips cos I’m not into spoilers, but I will say they’re generic, so you’ve probably seen them before.


Now, I can totally see how the contents of this particular box could benefit those among us who are the proud owners of a mighty clitoris, as the LELO NEA 2 is first and foremost, a clitoral vibrator. I can also see where a partner would come in to play with the massage oil too, but I’m not seeing anything specifically aimed at helping a man reach orgasm, and yes, contrary to what the media would have you believe, some men do get erections from hell that leave them struggling to cum.

As is more widely covered, and unfortunately maligned, some men also struggle to not cum, and I think that, in a couples box intended to assist those who find orgasms a challenge, some kind of anal toy or endurance training stroker would have been an awesome way to include the bepenised.

The other aim of the box is couples exploration, and I think it’s fabulous for that purpose. Even though I think a stroker of some kind would have been a nice addition, many men can and do enjoy vibrations. The Fella certainly does, especially on his balls and frenulum, and on my cheek during oral too, and sharing a lovely toy like the LELO NEA 2 with him is intimate and fun. Lube improves all sexual acts, and massages are so much sweeter with an oil, so add the mood setting candles, and Scarlet Rouge have provided the basis for a great getting to know you session. They’ve even thought about clean up too, and that’s ace, in my opinion.


Filled to the brim with quality, high end products, I reckon the Orgasmic Pleasure Box would make a lovely gift for a special occasion, especially anniversaries. Thinking back to when the Fella and I first met, I’d have been stoked if he’d whipped something like this out on our first night in our new home when we first moved in together, so there’s an idea too.

But at the end of all that, the question comes down to cost. To buy this beautifully presented box of delights, it’ll cost you £100 from Scarlet Rouge, and I had a search around to see if I could find them cheaper. The result of that search is…

Buying the themed box will save you around £10.

It’s not a massive saving, no, but when you think of the presentation that goes into all of Scarlet Rouge’s boxes, and how much nicer it would be for the intended recipient (whether it’s a partner or yourself) to actually receive a package that looks like it comes from a fancy boutique, that £10 begins to look way better in your pocket.

Finally, as much as I like this box, and Scarlet Rouge themselves, if you’re not a UK resident, it’s not gonna be a good deal for you, given the additional costs of postage, packaging and possible customs. But if you’re in the UK, go for your life! I totally recommend it.

The Orgasmic Pleasure Box was sent to me by Scarlet Rouge in exchange for an honest review. This in no way influences my opinions, which are now, and will forever be, my own. No affiliate links have been used in this post.

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