Omeha Soy Wax Massage Candle by Desirables

Here at the Scandal household, massage candles are one of our most purchased ‘consumable’ products. As the receiver, I love the heat, scents and relaxation a good candle brings. As the poor sod with the arthritic thumbs, the Fella appreciates a decent bit of glide. And one of the nicest candles we’ve tried this year is this gorgeous Omeha Soy Wax Massage Candle by Desirables.

Presented in a simple frosted glass jar, the Desirables candle is perfect for gifting, and at 120ml (4oz) with an approximate 15 hour burn time, it keeps on giving for quite a few sessions.

While it’s solid and unlit in its jar, the wax looks creamy and kinda like a soft cheese. In the mix along with the soy wax there is mango seed butter, sunflower seed oil, a blend of fruity, floral and woody oils and a helping of skin softening Vitamin E. All natural ingredients, no nasty chemicals, and suitable for vegans. Nice!

Now, the Fella and I argued for days about what this stuff actually smells like. The fragrance we received is called Omeha. I get a largely citrusy hit from it that has such a sweetness to it I can’t help but think of lemon soufflés or orange cakes. However, the Fella gets nothing but flowers. His sense of smell is shockingly bad, though, so I do wonder if his nose only picks up on scents he knows. One of the ingredients of the Desirables Soy Wax Massage Candle is ylang-ylang, and that’s an oil we’re both familiar with.

What we do agree on is that, even unburned, the wax smells gorgeous. I want to lick it (I can’t, it isn’t edible), he loves to breathe it in, and we both want to rub it all over each other… yeah, we like this scent.

We’ve had this candle since February, and have only just finished it this past week. I’ve left little marks on my calendar so I could keep track of how many uses we got from it, and on counting them I can tell you we got six. Three of those were just back and shoulder rubs, but the rest were top to toe either front or back. I have plenty front and plenty back, too, so I’m impressed with how far this stuff goes.

To use, you need to light the candle in a safe space (ie; not next to an open window with blowy curtains like this fool *points at self* did) and let the wax melt for around twenty minutes in a cool room. The instructions say fifteen, and that does ring true for the first burn and warm nights. But the Fella tells me that, unless he tilts and rotates the jar, a small ring of unmelted wax forms around the edge. A slightly longer burn time gives that ring more of a chance to melt on its own.

What you end up with is probably a centimetre of molten wax. Blowing the candle out and giving it five or so minutes before pouring, dripping or spooning the resulting oil onto the skin gives you a lower temperature. That’s what Desirables recommend in their instructions. The Fella tends to blow the candle out and pour immediately, but he always tests the hot oil on his own skin first, just to make sure he does no damage to mine. If you have experience with bondage candles, you’ll likely be okay with this approach, but don’t forget the patch test.

Once it’s on the skin, the wax is kept wet by body heat and friction. It helps if the room is warm, too, because colder rooms do make start to solidify a little quicker. For me, there’s warmth, smooth strokes, slippery nips and happiness, but things are a little different for the Fella. He says that, for the first five to ten minutes everything is easy breezy, but because his hands only cover so much of my skin at a time, neglected spots end up coated with almost dried wax.

When he passes over those spots a sticky drag starts to form, making it harder work for him. Moving the stuff around lifts it from my skin and he ends up with little flaky rolls of wax dropping off his hands onto him. He’s never mentioned this happening with other candles before. Despite that, he doesn’t have a problem with using the Desirables Soy Wax Massage Candle. He likes the scent and the feel, so he only marked it down ever so slightly.

After play, I’m happy to put on a vest and curl up in bed for sleep. The scent is sometimes a little cloying, depending on how hot the night is, but it doesn’t leave me feeling uncomfortable. My vest doesn’t stick to my skin and my hair doesn’t stick to my shoulders. My body just feels pleasant, warm and soft. I do find that, when I wake up, I really feel like I need to shower. Well, I usually do anyway, but I tried to keep the scent so skipped the shower and my bra strap felt awful around my back.

I do like this candle, very much, and the Fella does too. If you’d like to give it a shot yourself, click the image below and head to Desirables to check it out.

The Desirables Soy Wax Massage Candle was sent to me by Desirables in exchange for an honest review. This in no way influences my opinions, which are now, and will forever be, my own. No affiliate links have been used in this post.

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