NS Novelties Unicorn Tails Butt Plug

If you’re a regular visitor to Scandarella, you may remember the review I wrote a while back for a Crystal Delights Pony Plug. A tiny butt plug with a gorgeous, flowing multi-coloured tail. I got a bunch of messages about that piece, and while most of the folks who got in touch loved it, almost all of them said the price point was too high. And a good few of them said the plug was far too small. So, I looked for an alternative that’s inexpensive, good quality, and just as lovely as the pricey one, and I think I’ve found it. It’s the NS Novelties Unicorn Tails Butt Plug.

It’s obvious from the photos that this isn’t a like for like toy. Unlike the Crystal Delights offering, this plug is made of silicone. Super smooth, seamless, jet black silicone. It’s the kind of stuff that doesn’t need a lot of lube to get its slick on. Just a thin coating is enough to make insertion nice and comfy.

Something else that helps with insertion is the shape of the plug. I’ve long been a fan of the rosebud shape, but if I was recommending a plug to someone with little anal experience, I would steer them toward a taper like this. The super slim, slightly pointed tip penetrates with minimal tugging and the stretch is gradual, so it’s easier to take it slowly if you need to.

My own issue with the premium plug was the size. Smaller than a small thing, it was easy to keep hold of, but it didn’t feel like it was even in there unless the Fella was tugging on it. With a maximum girth of 4.5”, the NS Novelties Unicorn Tail Butt Plug isn’t any chunkier, but at 4” total length (3” insertable) it is a bit longer. An inch odd isn’t much to the eye, but it it’s noticeable to the butt. Shifting around moves the plug inside the body and it’s long enough to reach the anal walls. This always makes a plug feel bigger than it really is. But the size is still perfectly manageable, so the toy will still be great for the absolute beginner.

Now for the tail. This is the part that everyone – including me and the Fella – loves about the Crystal Delights piece. On the NS Novelties Unicorn Tails Butt Plug, the tail isn’t as luxurious. It’s not as bouncy or as thick. But, in my opinion, it is just as lovely.

The tail is fixed into the base of the plug super well. I did spot a tiny trace of glue on the synthetic hair, but it was easily picked off and has left no marking or matting. When the plug first arrived, the hair was twisted into a tight rope. I had to give it a good shake and a finger rake to separate the tail into bouncy curls.

And those bouncy curls are beautiful and bright. It pretty much is a rainbow tail, with red, yellow, green, orange, blue, and purple blocks of colour. Once bushed out they mix and mingle, making for one gorgeous, swishy butt decoration.

From the base of the plug to the tips of the longest curl, the tail measures around 16”. It hangs directly from the base rather than fountaining out so there is a bit of it that gets a bum hug from me (I have a big butt though, so ymmv) and the upper part does try to stay clumped together. But around the bottom of the tail, there’s a spread of around 8”, which tickles the bottom of my cheeks and my thighs as it dangles.

It really is a comfortable piece to wear. As I said above, insertion is pretty easy using minimal lube, which is a good thing seeing as though there’s a tail involved. I try so hard not to get lubes and fluids on my tails, purely cos washing them will be a bind. That’s why I only usually wear tails up until a certain point during play. If we’re doing rear entry positions the Fella will often just lift the tail up for access. The tugging and tickling does feel really good, but these days I prefer just to remove the plug altogether.

I love how tails make me feel. When I wear a good one with plenty of width I don’t feel completely naked. It feels cute, a bit naughty and a bit alien. Like I said in another review, humans shouldn’t have tails, so it looks strange. And that’s what makes it so hot, from a non-pet player’s perspective.

Now, cleaning. Silicone plugs are easy to clean. Soapy water, toy cleaners, wipes…they all do the trick, but silicone almost always holds on to butt smells. It’s a fact of life. The tail is polyester and, according to the packaging, can easily be washed with soapy water. Well, it can be. I’ve done it once just to see how it went. It cleaned up fine, air-dried fine, but I lost most of the curl. So, I did what anyone would do and popped in a few foam curlers for a couple of days. I had a good laugh when I removed them, cos it actually worked quite well. I still don’t like cleaning tails, though, so I’m gonna avoid it as best as I can.

So, yeah. While this is clearly not a £90 butt plug, it is definitely worth buying if you’re after a bright unicorn tail. The colours are super bold (bolder than Crystal D’s colours), the tail is nice and full, the plug is comfy and it’s all easily cleanable. Really, stick it on your list of things to but, tail lovers, you won’t be disappointed.

If you’re ready to snap one up right now, click the banner below and head over to Latex, Leather & Lace. They even have some solid colour options to choose from if your inner unicorn doesn’t do rainbows.

The NS Novelties Unicorn Tails Butt Plug was sent to me by Latex, Leather & Lace in exchange for an honest review. This in no way influences my opinions, which are now, and will forever be, my own. No affiliate links have been used in this post.

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