Nomi Tang Getaway Plus

Until recently, my experience with Nomi Tang products had been limited to the quietly fabulous Infiniti Dual Stimulator. Even though it’s one of those toys that needs a heap of manipulation to hit both intended spots at once, revisiting that odd shaped vibe a couple of months ago rekindled my lust for it, and I was soon checking out the other products the brand had to offer.

Anyone who’s been with me since Scandarella’s launch will know that one of my favourite g-spotting toys of all time is the LELO Ella. I’m not usually one for comparing brands in reviews, and I’m not gonna do a whole lot of comparing here either, cos the Ella is a dildo and the product I’m reviewing is a vibrator, so comparison would be silly. I mention it only to give you an idea of how high my expectations were when I was offered the opportunity to review the Nomi Tang Getaway Plus.


Firstly, the packaging.

Again, regular Scandarella readers will know that I’m a bit of a fiend when it comes to packaging. You can keep your killer clam shells and boxes covered in boobs, butts, and bollocks. I like simple, clean and classy, not to mention solid and durable, and I reckon Nomi Tang have aced that one.


The Getaway Plus comes in an understated glossy white box with a pic of the vibe on the front and a flash of foiled pink branding on the back. No, it isn’t discreet, but that bit is destined for the wheelie bin, so not to worry.


Inside of that glossy carton is a solid white cardboard box, lined with white satin covered foam beds that keep the toy and its usb charger safe and secure. There’s an info leaflet in there too, but that just kinda flops around, trying to get lost every time I open the box. No bag is supplied, but as the box is robust and the definition of discreet, it serves as a permanent storage option.


The Getaway Plus itself is a lovely looking thing. Made from velvety black silicone and gold ABS plastic, it has a heavy, solid feel to it that I’ve missed in some vibrators I’ve tried recently. I had my beady eyes trained on the gold accents, looking for bubbles, sharp seams, anything that could be a weakness in the finish that would lead to an eventual parting of the ways between it and the plastic beneath it, but there is none.

The silicone is flawless too, and so smooth. I adore the way it feels in my hand, but not the way it smells in my nose. There’s something hinky about it that I just couldn’t put my finger on. The Fella suggested old tea (gross), packing peanuts (miles off – they have no smell), and new trainer soles (I kinda agreed with this one) but the closest his guesses came for me was when he pointed at our bondage overflow drawer and said fake leather. He used to use a Yankee Candle car gel called Leather, and the Getaway Plus’s silicone smells similar.


Anyway, I’m sure you’re not here to read about boxes and whiffs, so on to the vibe itself.

At eight inches in total length – around 4.5 of them insertable, the Nomi Tang Getaway Plus is a decent size. It’s a wee skinny one, though, with a maximum girth of just 3.5 inches. The shaft is subtly curved, with a flattened, almost sharply lipped g-spotting egg shaped head. The surface of the head is 1.5 by 1.25 inches, making the whole toy smaller than the LELO Ella. It’s more akin to the Picobong Moka in terms of size.

I’ll say now that I don’t like the handle. It’s one of those peek-a-boo ones that’s supposed to make the toy ergonomic and easy to hold, but it doesn’t. Not for me, anyway. I can never get my fingers and thumbs situated comfortable, preferring to hold the Getaway Plus in my hand the way I held a joystick in my youth. That’s much easier for me, but it does still have it’s drawbacks.


Enter the controls.

The Nomi Tang Getaway Plus has the second weirdest controls I’ve seen this year (the top slot is still held by the OVO E3). The ON/OFF button is a standard push-in affair beneath the silicone, and the modes are operated by it too. The weirdness comes in with the intensity control. A short golden strip sits beneath the ON button, and it’s a slider. Yup, the intensity is controlled via a touch sensitive panel that you slide your finger up and down to either crank up or chill out the vibes.


As well as its constant vibration function, the Getaway Plus offers four patterns. Each of those patterns is adjustable in intensity using the slider – toward the base turns it up, and toward the shaft turns it down. Once you’ve found a combination that does it for you, press the NT logo at the top of the slider for five seconds until the LED behind it turns red, and that lock it. That way you can ensure there’s no fear of it going up or down on you at a crucial moment, which is a godsend if you hold it the way I do! To unlock, either press the NT logo for another five seconds until the turns blue again. Pushing the ON/OFF/FUNCTION button unlocks it too.


Now for vibe quality. For me, the Getaway Plus sits just past the midway point between rumbly and buzzy, and it’s bloody powerful. The lower settings are especially rumbly, penetrating below the surface of the skin instead of hovering on top. When it’s in my hand on the very lowest speed, I can feel the vibes in my wrist. Cranking the intensity up does sacrifice the rumbles for power, but it feels good enough when used as a clit vibe to have me winging my way to orgasm in good time. Not record time, but I have no complaints.

But the Nomi Tang Getaway Plus isn’t a clit vibe, it’s meant for the g-spot, so how does it hold up when in contact with mine?

In a nutshell, brilliantly, and not just because I’m familiar with the shape. Yeah, I know exactly how to make the flattened head sit comfortably behind my pubic bone to spoil my hotspot, but the vibes offer a new edge to a well-loved sensation. The lowest settings feed a subtle rumble right into my g-spot, complimenting my currently favoured rocking motion, and even though some of that lovely penetrating quality is lost as I increase the speed, I cum long before the buzzing starts to become uncomfortable.


But that lowest setting, though. I’m sorry for blathering on about it, but there really is something about it that I love. Nipples, clit, g-spot… even my perineum and anal opening like to be teased with it, but it isn’t anal safe so there’s been none of that risky butt business going on in the Scandal household.


As I mentioned earlier, the Getaway Plus is usb rechargeable, and that goes on via the self-healing hole in the end of the handle. I’d normally have mentioned this in passing, but I thought it deserved a little paragraph of it’s own (aka, I forgot) cos it takes 5 frigging hours! Yup, 5 looong hours, give or take a few minutes, and you get up to 2 hours playtime from it, depending on pattern and intensity. It isn’t as bad as some products, but considering it’s just a vibrator and not a thruster, electrical zapper, or anything fancy it’s a pain waiting that long for it to finish.


Final note, it’s waterproof up to one meter, according to the info booklet. The deepest I’ve had it was about 6 inches of soapy water for washing. Drying with a soft cloth keeps the gold nice and shiny, and the satin lined box keeps it dust free safe from damage.


I really do like this vibe, and not just because it’s similar to one of my faves. Yes, the shape is great, but the vibes have it going on too. If you’d like to see if it works for you, you can get one here.

The Nomi Tang Getaway Plus was sent to me by Nomi Tang in exchange for an honest review. This in no way influences my opinions, which are now, and will forever be, my own. No affiliate links have been used in this post.

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