Noje W2 & W3 Mini Wand Massagers

Recently, I spotted a video on Twitter starring someone I greatly admire. Ducky Doolittle is now the very friendly face of Blush Novelties, and I watched quite rapt as she introduced the new Noje line. I loved the looks of the cutesy little buggers, so when Peepshow Toys gave me the chance to review a couple I nodded like a dog on a dashboard.

Noje is a line of rechargeable mini wands. There are three shapes, each available in three colours. They’re rechargeable, waterproof and astoundingly inexpensive. The two I chose were the Noje W2 – a stubby, chubby wand – and the Noje W3 – a slender, slightly longer curved version.

Each of the mini wands from the Noje range have the same basic make-up:

  • a coloured ABS plastic handle with a white base

  • a white ribbed neck that gives flex to the head

  • a 1.5” high head with a 4” girth that’s covered with a removeable white silicone sleeve

  • a single push button control

  • a small charging point for connecting the magnetic usb charger

The colours available are very sweet. I opted to have my W2 in Rose and my W3 in Sage. The third option is Wisteria, which is soft purple. There’s a pearly sheen to these coloured handles, and beneath the white sleeves, the heads match.

Firstly, the chargers. I’ve never made a secret of the fact that I dislike magnetic chargers, but these ones are weird in the most wonderful of ways. There’s a miniscule pin poking from the centre of the charger, and it slots into a hole on the toy. Because of it, you can knock the wand, pick it up and move it, and rather than disconnecting the charger just spins. The pin combined with the magnet keeps it in place. I can’t believe what a difference such a small detail makes, I think its fab!

Just below that charging point, right at the base of the wand, is the single control button. It powers the wand on and off, and lets you scroll through the five intensities and five patterns. Depending on how you hold your chosen Noje, the button placement can be a bit tricky. As it’s so small, my finger tends to curl quite naturally around the base. In the final throes, I’ve inadvertently pressed the button and changed the vibes.

If I could click back one that wouldn’t be the end of the world, but because I like setting number five (full constant speed) I have to hit the button 10 more times to come back to where I was. That’s killed a couple of orgasms for me, but I’m slowly teaching myself to hold it in a different way to avoid altering the vibes at the worst moment.

Before I tell you about those vibes, I’ll tell you about the shapes I chose.


At 4.25 inches from end to end, this is the smallest of the Noje vibes. I liked the looks of this one because it looked palm sized. And with a maximum girth of 4.5 inches, flattened to a one inch thickness, that’s exactly what it is. It’s so light, with what little weight there is concentrated in the middle of the handle, I find it simple to use. Other vibes this size are usually bullet shaped, and while that’s great for pinpoint stimulation, they can be a ballache to hold. Not so with the Noje W2. It’s substantial enough in size to remain comfy for the entire time you use it, and the fact that the vibes don’t travel through the handle at their full strength means there’s less chance of you getting pins and needles from it.


This one I chose because of that curve! I have large outer labia and a fleshy mons, so sometimes I find small vibes get swamped. The length can be swallowed up by my squishy bits, giving me literally centimetres to cling to with my fingertips.

The Noje W3 is 6 inches long, following the curve from the back. At 4” in girth it’s slimmer than the W1, but it’s rounder and my fingers follow the curve quite comfortably. And because of that curve, I end up with more handle poking out from between my labia, and the control button isn’t buried. I can see it, even in the dark as the whole white section of the handle lights up, so changing settings is a breeze.

This one is by far my fave of the two, because it just works better with my body. Like I said, small toys and big bodies often don’t go together, but the W3 and my lumpy self get on just fine.


Okay, I’m about to make a bold statement, people. A statement that shocks even me to the very core, because I never thought that I’d ever have cause to say it. Are you ready? Noje vibes are more powerful than the We-Vibe Tango.

There, I said it. And I mean it, too. The Noje line has the rumbles that my clit goes wild for, and those rumbles don’t turn buzzy bee crap when you hit the fifth intensity. They stay true, feeding my hotspots with all the orgasmic goodness a body can take. I fucking love it, I really do.

Now, I confess, I did doubt myself. I mean, I’m a Tango until I die kinda gal, but I was getting more from the Noje than I would have expected. So, I tried both on the Fella. It was a blind test, and I did it on his nose, his hands, his knees, anus, perineum, cock and balls. I had them all over him, and each time I asked which felt stronger, changing the order I tested them in just in case he was wise to which was which. The Tango came out on top once, on his balls.

He did the same for me, too, and I chose the Noje every single time.

Just oh my God, peeps! I never thought I’d see the day when I found such a small vibe that could give me what the Tango does, rumble for rumble. But I have, and I’m fucking delighted. Blush Novelties have hit the back of the net with this one.

It’s worth noting that these mini wands have a super short battery life. The info states that you get up to an hour of play on a 1.5 hour charge, but if, like me, you whack your vibes up to full speed and leave them there for the duration of your wank, you’re gonna have twenty five minutes. For me, that’s time enough for a couple of orgasms, maybe three if my clit is feeling mighty and doesn’t retreat behind the hood. Those who come quicker, or those who come once then lose interest will get a few uses out of that 25 minutes.

Like I said above, the Noje line is waterproof, so once you’re finished playing just give it a quick rinse in soapy water and store however you will once it’s dry. Pay attention to the charging point when you clean it, though. Gunk can easily collect in that little hole, and I worry that it might rust if I don’t dry it thoroughly. That’s why I give it a quick poke with a cotton bud.

So, yeah. The new stars of my toybox are the Noje W2 and W3. They’re attractive, easy to use, powerful, rumbly, and half the price of a We-Vibe Tango. Yeah, that’s right. A full priced Tango will set you back anywhere up to £60 ($75) but Noje wands are a mere £28 ($35.99). If that isn’t a bargain I don’t know what is.

If you want to get your hands on one or two or even three (and I would recommend that fans of the Tango or those curious about it do) click the banner below.

The Noje W2 & W3 Mini Wand Vibrators were sent to me by Peepshow Toys in exchange for an honest review. This in no way influences my opinions, which are now, and will forever be, my own. Affiliate links have been used in this post.

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