Noje Pleasure Wand Heads

If you’ve been popping in and out of Scandarella for a while – say seven months or so – you may remember the time I discovered a range of mini wands that (to me and the Fella) were powerful enough to make the We-Vibe Tango glance nervously at its championship belt and sweat. Well, the Noje W2 & W3 are still mis amores, but their makers, Blush Novelties, weren’t satisfied with just putting out a bunch of brilliant dinky wands. Nope, they upped the ante and created a duo of attachments that transform these toys. Let me tell y’all about the Noje Pleasure Wand Heads.

When I heard about these heads from Blush Novelties’ resident badass, Ducky Doolittle, I was super excited. I loved the Noje line anyway, but the idea of interchangeable heads really got my motor running. Even as I was thanking Ducky for arranging for Peepshow Toys to send me a set, my mind was all over the prospect of laser accurate clit contact, nuzzlin’ double prongs and turbocharged tongue like flickers – all with the power of my beloved Noje behind it.

As I said above, the heads come in pairs in the same Nintendo-esque packaging as the rest of the Noje line. When I pulled them out of the box I did my little oh they’re so cute squeak. Then I was into the box and screaming with frustration cos my fucking Noje Wands were flat. Both of them. It was a very tragic day.

I guess the gods of work before play had their eyes on me that afternoon, cos waiting for the vibes to charge forced me to slow down and actually pay some attention to what I was holding in my hands.

Just like the basic round heads that come with the wands, the Noje Pleasure Wand Heads are made of white platinum cured silicone. They measure around 2” in height, have slightly stretchy, thin bodies to fit over the wand and denser parts for firm stimulation. I’m not sure how many styles Blush plan to make, but for now, we have the Hugger and the Flicker.

With a pinch and a pull, the original head slides off the Noje Wand with absolute ease. The new heads pop on just as simply, and they settle perfectly every time, kept in place by the raised rings on the ABS plastic wand head and the indented rings on the inside of the silicone. Once you’ve got your chosen piece fitted you’re set. Here’s how I got on with each.

Hugger Head

The Fella calls this one the devil’s horns. I call it Finn the Human. But what it is, is a double-pronged stimulator. Designed to snuggle either side of the clitoris (or nipple, or any other body bit you wanna put it on) and deliver vibes to your hottest spots with killer accuracy. Except, in my past experiences with this shape, all I get is fucking annoyed. That’s not to say it’s the shape, though. As I discovered with the Hugger Head, it’s more to do with the power of the vibe.

Yep, my first session with this head taught me that I really – really – like this kind of stimulation. I felt vindicated, cos I knew I should have always liked it, but weak-assed toys kept trying to convince me I didn’t.

After waggling those silky, rounded peaks between my labia until they were hugging my clit, I switched the Noje on. Just the first setting was enough to make me pull it away and drop it on the bed. The power of the wand travels through the silicone head so perfectly and that surprised me because I hadn’t expected it to be so intense. See, I wasn’t near wet enough and that caused the sensation of the two tips buzzing on both sides of my clit to feel like a sharp nip. Not a bad thing in some situations, but definitely not good on a sleepy clit at the very beginning of a wank.

Adding a bit more lube changed everything, and now I officially love the Hugger Head. Everything I try with it works. It feels good when stroked over my vulva. It feels amazing on my clit, and I get to reach its two most sensitive spots – just to the right and just beneath – at the same time without my clit feeling mashed flat or the stimulation too broad. Using one prong directly over my clit is awesome, and so are passes over my perineum and cheeky little dips into my vagina.

Before I unpacked the heads, I had worried that the prongs of this one would be too soft and that when it came to the point where I need to grind a toy into my clit to make it over the edge I’d end up losing the accuracy and therefore lose the orgasm. But the prongs are pretty firm, and they can stand up to any pressure I can give them. They don’t push apart, they don’t bend or flatten. They just carry on directing the Noje’s powerful vibes to where they’re needed until I explode.

Flicker Head

This head intrigues me. It’s a two-part design, with a solid silicone nub on one side and a soft, flexible fan on the other. I’ve seen larger versions of the fan aspect and I’ve always wondered what they’d feel like. If the Flicker is anything to go by, they probably won’t feel all that good.

Before I whine about the flappy bit I have to say something about the nub. It’s good, but not magical. I mean, it does its job, transfers the vibes without any of the deadening effect you so often get from attachments that are chunks of silicone. But, for me, it doesn’t do anything that the original Noje head doesn’t do.

In fact, if anything, it makes it a bit more difficult for me to achieve constant contact. If my hand twists I can end up half on the nub, half on the base with the fan getting involved and annoying me. I find I’m constantly checking to see if I have it the way I want it and it’s distracting. I dunno, I guess what I’m saying is, in comparison with the Hugger, this part of the Flicker isn’t anything special.

That said, I know that the nub isn’t the point of this head. It wouldn’t be called the Flicker if it was. No, the business end of this one is the sweeping silicone fan. It’s super thin, probably only a millimetre or two, and when the vibes are switched on the little fucker flaps for all its worth.

When the Fella fingers my clit slowly he does it in circles, over and around, not always touching. I come this way, but it takes so frigging long. If he wants me to come quickly he does it in a side to side motion with a light touch, right over the top of my clit. It makes my legs shake and I come fast every single time. Clearly, I respond well to this kind of stimulation. So even just the idea of something whipping away at my clit while simultaneously bombarding it with powerful vibrations is enough to make it twitch.

And it kinda works. But not at all in the way I wanted. First off, I need a third hand. My clit is buried between my labia. To part them in a way where the fan has freedom of movement takes both of my hands. If I’m playing with the Fella that’s done and done, but if I’m alone it’s a problem. I have to awkwardly spread my lips with one hand and aim the fan at my clit with the other.

The part I thought would feel delicious on my clit kinda feels like running the dull side of a knife over it. If I use the featherlight touch this thing needs in order to actually move (any pressure stops it dead) it feels sharp. Side to side is not nice at all.

However, turning the whole wand on its side and letting the fan flick up and down tells a different story. If all of my inner labia, clit and vaginal opening is exposed, stroking it from top to bottom feels so fucking good! It reminds me of oral sex, especially if there’s a lot of warm lube involved. Then concentrating the tip on my clit as I get closer brings me to orgasm. I’ve found that switching back to the side and letting it flick against the right-hand spot on my clit prolongs the orgasm and gives me the leg jerks that I love so much.

The Flicker was definitely one I had to learn to love, but love it I do. Not as much as the Hugger, though.

If you have a Noje Wand you should consider giving these heads a try. They take something simple and turn it into different things. Those things can be a little complicated at first, depending on how easily you can access your clit, but once you figure out how to make them work best for you they’re great! They’re inexpensive, easy to clean (with soapy water, either on or off the wand cos its all waterproof), easy to store… Blush did well with these for sure!

To pick up a set of your own, click the banner below and head on over to Peepshow Toys.

These Noje Pleasure Wand Heads were sent to me by Blush Novelties via Peepshow Toys in exchange for an honest review. This in no way influences my opinions, which are now, and will forever be, my own. Affiliate links have been used in this post.

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